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Nintendo 3DS: Famitsu Details What We Should Expect From The Nintendo 3DS eShop

This weeks publication of the Japanese gaming bible Famitsu apparently details what we will see when the long awaited Nintendo 3DS eShop launches sometime later this month.

Nintendo have kept rather quiet on when exactly we will be seeing the proposed May firmware update which brings with it the Nintendo 3DS eShop and the Nintendo 3DS web browser. Hopefully we should hear more about it soonish.

3DS May Firmware contents:
Nintendo eShop
3DS Ware – Rockman Dash 3 Prologue (200 yen), Petitcom (800 yen)
DSi Ware – import DSi Ware from DSi to 3DS
3D Classic – classic titles in 3D, Excitebike, Legend of Zelda and Xevious will be available
Virtual Console GameBoy – Ikari no Yousai, Phantasm
Virtual Console Game Gear – Sonic & Tails 2, Sonic Drift 2, Dragon Crystal, Columns
Virtual Console GameBoy Color – Super Mario Land, The Legend of Zelda DX (Demo)
Virtual Console PC Engine – games TBA
Demos – 3D Video Player, 3D Game Trailer/Previews Channel, Fuji TV and Nippon TV Previews

– Famitsu


18 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Famitsu Details What We Should Expect From The Nintendo 3DS eShop”

  1. I don’t see the web browser on that list. Not like I’m ever going to use it, but still.

    1. Looks like he only talks about the 3DS eShop contents. But I do believe the internet browser will be included.

      1. That’s what I was thinking, but looking at that list, it’s heading is May firmware contents. not specifically eShop, And also, eShop is one of the things on that list.
        But it’s likely they just haven’t put it up for some reason or another, or the list just wasn’t fully done. But if for some reason the browser isn’t released with everything else, that’s probably a good thing right? Because it is just a browser after all, so if it’s taking them long to finish (assuming they’re not just neglecting it) then surely they must being putting in useful/good features?

  2. That Legend of Zelda DX seems to be Links Awakening so I’m happy if it means well see that soon (though I wonder why it says demo)

  3. do you know if the games like ‘3D Classic – classic titles in 3D, Excitebike, Legend of Zelda and Xevious will be available’ be free in the 3DS menu like the OK GO video or will it be in the eShop needed to be downloaded?

  4. If it was listed in the Game Boy Color section, the Mario game has to be Super Mario Bros. DX. Super Mario Land was never a Color game.

    I know Land is on the way (It’s in the freaking manual), but it doesn’t seem to be listed here.

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  6. Didn’t need to know what the firmware will include. Just give me a date as to when I can download it, so I can see for myself….

  7. I hope they let me download some gameboy legend of zelda like four swords and it can be played multiplayer if someone else has it or and legend of zelda

  8. Legend of Zelda? As in the original game? But there are rumors going around that say that Link’s Awakening is being made into a “3D Classic”. But if they’re going to release Link’s Awakening on Virtual Console, then that seems unlikely.

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