Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Prepaid Card Spotted In US Store

A redditor recently posted an image showing off a Nintendo 3DS prepaid card which can be used to purchase items on the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS eShop.

The Nintendo 3DS prepaid card was found at a store in the United States, and if legit, shows that the firmware update which will include the eShop and web browser will be coming this month as Nintendo has previously stated.


Reddit thread


    1. Wow, didn’t realise it hit the front page. Great stuff : ) Hopefully this means the May firmware update is coming very shortly.

        1. Thought it couldn’t have hit the main front page as there wasn’t enough upvotes. Will have to subscribe to the 3DS subreddit. Already subscribed to the Nintendo and Pokemon subreddits along with others.

  1. A link to the picture but nvm i saw it, pretty cool. And hope they give us a date for the update soon :)

  2. I hope they don’t give us a date for the release. When Teddy Roosevelt’s dog was released in Nintendogs + Cats, I was overjoyed to see the SpotPass notification light blink, and if they don’t say anything, it would be all the more exciting when it DOES come out.

    1. I felt the same way when I got a StreetPass notification from walking past a 3DS display at GameStop…seeing the notification LED come up is pretty exciting

  3. Does anyone know about water damage to a nintendo ds game-card?
    what can i do to fix it? The game was Pokemon Black. I left it in my shorts and washed them but then i remembered it was in the pocket so i ran to the washing machine but it was to late it was wet. :(
    *cry cry* because i also lost my nintendogs+cats game(i think i accidentally threw it away in a bag or i left it at my cousins house, once you lose something there you’ll never ever see it again)

  4. hi there picked up 2 3ds e-shop pre-paid cards is ofical name not cash card or points card its a pre-paid card

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