Nintendo: New Pokémon Game To Be Revealed Next Month

Japanese magazine CoroCoro will be revealing a new Pokémon game in its next issue which is due for release June 15th.

Nintendo has already stated that they’re planning to bring Pokemon titles to both the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo 3DS. However, it’s only thought that the Nintendo 3DS will play host to brand new title in the series whilst the Nintendo Wii would play host to a Pokémon related spin-off.



  1. I gotta say that I follow nintendo news pretty consistently on twitter and facebook and I’m always pretty happy with what I hear…..that being said…. I’m a little disappointed with this news release. I’m a fan of the pokemon franchise and own pokemon black. Pokemon Black and white are by far the easiest titles to beat in the franchise. Now they’re gonna state they’re releasing another game already…. They coulda shoulda pooled their resources and waited to put out a solid game for the 3DS. I dunno, just seems to “cash grabber” of a mentality. I gotta say that this is also the first time I was thoroughly let down even with the starter pokemon…..for shame.

    1. im thinking more of a pokemon yellow/Cristal type game so probably going to be something like pokemon gray

    2. Or you’ve gotten better from all the times you’ve played Pokemon? White is my second Pokemon games, after Silver over 10 years ago, and personally I find it amazing. I can’t wait for a 3DS version. I don’t see what you’re annoyed about; showing it off next month doesn’t mean it’ll be released early; just that they have news on it. It has nothing to do with development time or the quality of the game.

    3. I agree with Abujaffer. If you’ve been playing Pokemon since Red/Blue/Yellow or even Gold/Silver you would’ve definitely gotten better by the time of Black and White. The main game formula of Pokemon hasn’t really changed since the originals. Just new pokemon (which are largely interchangeable with other pokemon in the type) and minor bells and whistles.

      …as a matter fact, starting from Ruby/Sapphire to now you’d be an expert. “Catch ’em all” is just something add more hours of gameplay I’ve always felt. You’ve basically beat the game once all the gyms and the final leaders are defeated. I personally thought that there should’ve been an actual Pokemon League in the game–tournament with trainers who you’ve faced before (and who improve with you).

      I still love Pokemon though. It’s just that the video game series as a whole has had potential to offer more and spread out since Ruby/Sapphire.

  2. Either Gen III (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald) remakes, Gray version, A new Pokemon SNAP, New Mistery Dungeon games or god forbid it more Ranger games


    1. I would like a new Mystery Dungeon. Never actually put time into the Ranger series–and definitely never cared for Snap. By today’s standards Snap would be something of a large Wii Shop game.

      I feel they know what the ace up the sleeve is that hasn’t been properly played yet as far as console play is concerned.

  3. Think about a game like pokepark wii, but you are a trainer. you could catch pokes’ and controll them. you could run around free with them and battle other trainers.

  4. Inb4 third version Unova. If it’s for 3DS rather than DS, I’m totally getting it.

    1. @ Noel – It’s not…it can’t be that hard. If it is, I’d settle for a 2D Pokemon RPG that has all the regions from the 1st to 3rd generations at least. Just add something new like…gym hours or return bouts from gym leaders–or even where you don’t HAVE to fight the gym leader in the gym all the time. I’m sure they travel about regularly XD

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