Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Wii With Mario Kart Wii Or Wii Sports Pack Retailing For £99 At Amazon And GAME

The Nintendo Wii’s recommended retail price in the United Kingdom has been slashed to a mere £99.99 at a number of retail emporiums including GAME, Amazon, GameStation and Asda. The immensely popular console comes either with a copy of Mario Kart Wii or Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort depending on where you purchase the system. Anyone going to pick one up today?

“The opportunity to buy the Nintendo Wii for under £100 is a fantastic chance for those who previously haven’t experienced the Wii.  We are delighted to offer this deal to our customers.”

– Nintendo



  1. So the wii is the interactive game of the decade, blah blah blah, everyone says that. But why should you buy the black wii with the Sports Resort package? First, I’ll say this is my second wii, (lost my first one in a split up), so the wii itself isn’t a new thing to me, so I’m reviewing this package deal.

    Well, I bought the black wii to match my tv and other electronics, and was planning on painting the base black to match (does come silver), but after setting it up, it matches the silver speakers built into my 2 TV’s perfectly! That ensured the 5th star for Nintendo.
    Getting a basic wii years ago, you’d get a basic sports disc that was short lived, this wii sports resort is a full set of games and challenges, this could keep you busy for quite some time. The inclusion of the Motion Plus is indeed a nice touch also, this is the full package for 1 player.

    My recomendations – may as well pick up a second Motion Plus Controller and Nunchuck with your order so 2 people can play from the start, and unless you like changing/charging batteries all the time pick up an Induction Charger like the one I got: Wii Energizer Flat Panel 2x Induction Charger

    It’s a wii, you love them or hate them, but this package and color option are well worth the money.

    **and don’t forget, Amazon sometimes gives rebates with these, I got a $[…] game credit when this purchast finalized, very useful!!**

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