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Nintendo: Analyst Tells Famitsu That Nintendo Will Attract The Most Attention At This Years E3 Conference

Eiji Maeda, senior analyst for SMBC has told Japanese gaming bible Famitsu that he expects Nintendo to attract the most attention at this years E3 event. To be honest this won’t be too difficult as Nintendo has already announced that it’s showing off its highly anticipated successor to the Nintendo Wii at the event along with a plethora of games. Nintendo will also be revealing some brand new 3DS titles along with upcoming games such as Kid Icarus and Super Mario 3D. We should also see a lot more of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii.

“Nintendo is definitely the company attracting the most attention at E3 this year, their Wii successor in particular. The Wii was a success because of the make-people-smile aspect of it that is such a key part of Nintendo’s goals, so it’s likely the new system will follow similar lines,” Maeda said. “Networking and online communication has become a vital part of any home system, and I think they will offer some kind of new service related to that. The Wii presented a comparatively large number of hurdles to getting online, and I think Nintendo will try to up the percentage of connected consoles with the new system.”

“Nintendo aims to sell 16 million 3DS systems in 2011, and they’re going to need to introduce titles that can bring them toward that goal,” he said. “Some of the titles they’ve announced, like Mario, Mario Kart and Animal Crossing, will pretty much have to come out within this year, and the 3DS’s E3 presence will likely revolve around those titles. It’ll be a platform for Nintendo to re-emphasize the 3DS’s abilities.”

– Eiji Maeda


17 thoughts on “Nintendo: Analyst Tells Famitsu That Nintendo Will Attract The Most Attention At This Years E3 Conference”

  1. Every year before this I just watched the conference on YouTube/Gamespot/etc. later.

    This year, I’m getting up early to watch it live!

  2. I’m sure Nintendo attract the most attention every year? They do with me. I always watch Nintys press conference first.

  3. well yeah, Its Nintendo x3, Project Cafe will be the best thing ever, till Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 come out

  4. It’s my dream to rent out a room at my local dollar theater and stream a Nintendo conference on a giant screen.

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  8. I had a dream a while ago I go to E3, with a friend, and at the door they tell me I can’t go in. I try sneaking in a plethora of ways, but ultimately fail. What pissed me off was, I could see Reggie, and later Miyamoto, through the door (it’s like a theatre in the dream) but I can’t stand and watch because apparently the door guard hates my guts and blocks my view. I could see glimpses of Reggie and Miyamoto play Skyward Sword, and then I hear everyone clap as the new console is shown. And the most annoying thing is, I try looking at it optimistically in the dream saying, “I’ll be the first to demo it out on the show floor!” But somehow I get in the conference room AFTER the conference is over and get locked into the room. That’s how my dream ended; stuck in the room, with the new console 50 feet away, separated by a wall. [rage]

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