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Nintendo Wii: Sonic Generations Was Cancelled On The Nintendo Wii Due To Graphical Limitations

Believe it or not Sega cancelled the fantastic looking Sonic Generations for the Nintendo Wii due to the systems graphical constraints. Sonic Team believe that the game “wasn’t a good fit” for Sega’s concept of “reimagining the series’ classic zones in vivid, high-definition graphics.” Clearly this will come as a disappointment for many considering the huge Sonic fan base on the Nintendo Wii. Do you think Sega was right to cancel Sonic Generations for Wii?

“The primary goal for the console versions of Generations was reimagining the series’ classic zones in vivid, high-definition graphics. The Wii hardware wasn’t a good fit for that concept, so we abandoned development on that, and decided that for our Nintendo audience, we would make a fresh start with a N3DS version of Generations.”

– Takashi Iizuka, Sonic Team


83 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Sonic Generations Was Cancelled On The Nintendo Wii Due To Graphical Limitations”

  1. Serves the Wii right.. We’ve been in an HD world for a long time and Nintendo should have adopted early as they do with most stuff.. I’ll buy HD over brand-name anytime.. So for me it would be 360>Wii, although now I’ll just be getting it for the 3DS.

    1. Sonic Colours wasn’t in HD and wasn’t on a HD system. Still looks fucking fantastic.

      Some of my favourite games of all time are only SD. HD is nice, but it isn’t the be all and end all of game quality.

      1. But if the Wii did support HD, Sonic Colors would have looked even more amazing. And the game I play the most often is A Link to the Past, which is far from HD.

    2. That’s really absurd to say. Graphics whores are ridiculous. Graphics isn’t everything you know you really should expect more game performance rather than graphics. Also for me it’s Wii>360 because who was the first major company to bring entertainment to our homes Nintendo. Who made the first 3D inert console Nintendo. Who’s always had better innovation and ideas? NINTENDO and who’s systems have lasted longer than the other consoles NINTENDO. And who made the first 3D no glasses system Nintendo. So maybe you should rethink your whole opinion!

      1. I was only referring to getting the game on the 360 rather than the Wii not that the 360 was better and now that I don’t have to choose, I’ll just get it for the 3DS. I’m not a graphics whore, but I bought an HDTV and it would be nice to have hardware that supports it. I watched Netflix on the Wii at home while I had my Xbox and Roku in my dorm and I did not like having to watch HD-native content in 480p. The only games I really play on 360 are Assassin’s Creed, everything else is exclusively Nintendo.

      2. who was the first major company to bring entertainment to homes? Well the Atari 2600 came out in ’77 and the NES came out in ’85 so there were a few systems before Nintendo joined the business my friend, and Maganvox created the first home video game system (the Maganvox Odyssey) in ’72 so they even beat Atari to the punch.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo and they are my favorite company, but they were far from the first.

          1. I knowwwwww I only have a wii and that sucks cuz now they aren’t making sonic games for the wii
            I love the wii, i love the sonic games, i would LOVE to play sonic generations, BUT I DON’T HAVE AN XBOX OR PLAY STATION UGH seriously pls make one for the wii I DON’T CARE HOW LONG THIS TAKES I DON’T CARE IF THIS IS TOO LATE TO SAY I HAVE BEEN WAITING
            i really want sonic generations on the wii
            i don’t even have a 3DS
            now i’m gonna have to get an xbox or play station but my parents are probably going to say “no because WE ALREADY HAVE A WII SO WHATS THE POINT FOR AN XBOX OR PLAY STATION?”
            I almost cried the wii is great don’t underestimate it

      3. Actually SEGA had the Saturn before the 64 was released.
        But I support the “Graphics aren’t everything” cause.

        1. I Support It To I Believe What Makes A Good Game Is Graphics Sound Replay Value And Having Fun Having Fun Is The Best Way To Make A Good Game If Your Not Having Fun Its Not Really A Game Take Mario For Example Mario Has Great Sound Effects And Music Its Got A High Replay Value Meaning Your Likely To Play It Again And Again And Again Its Got Loveable Characters And Awesome Story Plots ( Im Talking About Paper Mario )

          Sonic Generations Does Not Have To Rely On Graphics ( Sure Graphics Make A Great Part Of The Game ) I Dont Think It Matters Whether Graphics Are Great Or Not I Believe Having Fun Is What Its All About I Also Think Sega Should Have Tested It Out Have People Test It Out ( Just People Not The Game Designers ) And See Where It Would Have Gone From There I Think Sega Should Have Given The Video Game A Chance The Wii Version Should Have Been Made And Still Available In Stores

    3. You’d choose a visual gimmick over great games? Go search up the term, “Gimmick.” HD is unnecessary, which is why it’s a gimmick. You can play any HD game without HD (on an SDTV, for example), and frankly SEGA is just using this as an excuse for not bringing Generations to the Wii. I’d say it’s because of processing power, but they’re bringing it to the 3DS so I can’t use that trump card.

    4. So in other words you’d choose a piece of crap game in HD over a good and fun brand-name game. Smart thinking. >_>

  2. If this had come out before Colours I would have accepted that because of what happened with Unleashed. Considering that it didn’t and that Colours proved that Sega could have adapted Unleashed better for the Wii if they had tried harder, this really isn’t a good enough excuse.

    This honestly just comes off as laziness.

    Was Colours REALLY not good-looking enough to pass as a decent game even without true HD? Are we really THAT picky when it comes to visual quality? It simply HAS to be in HD or else it’s a bad game even if it still looks fantastic?

    I’ll never get it.

  3. i do believe it was right. the wii doesn’t get some of these great multiplats BECAUSE of the lack of HD. i was planning on getting this game on 360 anyway so i’m kinda glad it won’t be. maybe they can port it too the Wii sucessor.

  4. I could see their point until they say they will make it for the 3ds. Really??? So the 3ds is all super hd compared to the wii?

    Not that I’ve seen.

  5. Sega, I am disappoint.
    Sure, Sonic games have never been my cup of tea and I wasnt looking forward to Geberations, but I really think this was a huge mistake

  6. Wait, so they’re skipping out on the Wii because of its graphical constraints… And switching to a handheld device instead? Is the 3DS really that good?

    1. The 3DS has more power than the Wii and whilst i think it shouldent have been droped for Wii I still like the idea of sonic 3DS.

  7. It´s perfectly clear. They have skipped the development for WIi and moved it to the Project Café. But they can´t say that, yet. Wait for E3 and it will be one of the playable games at the show , probably. Or at least showed on the demo reel.

    1. I do feel the same way. I am thinking that the reason some high profile games arent being announced for the Wii is because they will be on Cafe.
      Really hope that, so we can really see the 3rd party support for Cafe.

  8. This is just an excuse, as always happened with third parties.
    In the Gamecube era, they didn’t publish most games on GC even if it was much more powerful than PS2 (and just a little less powerful than XBOX), now with Wii they say that it’s not powerful enough, they always have something to be disappointed for.
    Why won’t they stop complaining and start releasing some decent games (and I’m not talking about SEGA, but in general).

  9. More inspiration for nintendo to make a new console. When sonic developers tell nintendo that THEIR hardware is not good enough, you know something is wrong. We need more power, but with the same innovation we all know and love.

    1. Except that it’s coming for the 3DS.
      So… it’s not telling Nintendo ANYTHING.
      All it’s saying is that it doesn’t want to do it for the Wii.

      Which… I think they were more focused on the idea of pleasing the current audiences. And with a new home console around the corner, and the 3DS being the main substitute for many Wii owners: the Wii itself wouldn’t rack up the sales that SEGA would want this game to get.

  10. I got Sonic4 on Xbox instead of Wii just so it looked nicer, although Sonic Colours did look very nice indeed. I’ll either go Xbox or 3DS or even both depending if one has something to offer over the other etc.

  11. Thats fine, I don’t really like Sonic games that much anyway. I think they are vastly overrated. I’ll probably end up getting it on 3DS though.

  12. so let me get this straight, they’re not putting generations on the wii because of no HD graphics, yet they’re putting it on the 3DS, which also doesn’t have HD graphics and at the same time has graphics slightly lower then wii…..

    1. I agree with the concept of your idea, but ultimately in the 3DS version the modern lvevel designs play like Rush and Colors DS. In other words, the game has been DS-ified which isn’t bad because those are fun games and all the exclusive features are appreciated.

      Anyway, the portable approach is an excuse by most developers to not translate full concepts from a console, though Super Street Fighter 4 3D proved it can be done. Therefore, they wouldn’t consider it hypocracy to also not release the console game on the Wii. Plus, we all knew in the back of our minds that graphical limitations were the reason it wasn’t announced for Wii.

      I personally hope this amounts to them announcing Generations for Café past its initial release date as a launch title.

  13. I am sick of publishers copping out like this, they need to buck up their ideals and realize that real gamers don’t care about graphics as long as the gameplay and other aspects are solid. In my opinion if you care that much about graphics then you best take your consoles back to the store and give up games altogether because some of the best games were made on old consoles with graphics that were far from ‘real’. Its just SEGA giving up like schoolgirls because they know the rest of their game will be a little shaky without graphics to boast about. Don’t get me wrong I love the Sonic series, I just hate to see its creators become so shallow in the world of gaming where as quite rightly as some of you pointed out, Sonic Colours looked amazing, so what the hell?

    With SEGA yes I believe there is a solid chance they will release a Wii2 version, but I also agree with turtwig96 saying that they have the audacity to create the game however on the 3DS even with its less superior graphics. Whats the deal?

  14. So, they are developing the game based solely on graphics? That’s their focus? That’s pretty pathetic.

  15. I bet if I hand someone of my gaming generation today a copy of Super Mario Bros. they’d be like wtf is this shit, it looks so shitty, where is the HD? and then I’d slap em across the face HARD, it should be gameplay, story/plot first THEN graphics, yeah the Wii is graphically lacking compared to 360/PS3, but did that stop the Wii from selling better than both? No it did not

    1. But if you developed a (good) game with awesome graphics, it would be like a kick in the face the have to downgrade it. If companies would stop making suck ass games with good graphics, then the good games would shine through a whole lot more.

  16. Looking at the back and forth on Sonic Generations for the Wii over the last month, something doesn’t add up. Controls could be classic/gamecube only with the option of a free controller for a few extra bucks like what happened with Goldeneye 007 (imagine how excited little kids would be to receive a Sonic blue classic controller along with the game). Colors showed us that the Hedgehog Engine could be used effectively and make a really polished looking game. Unleashed on the Wii when taken as a whole shows the storage capabilities of the Wii while Secret Rings level 99 speed break shows the potential to go at speeds rivaling Unleashed for 360/PS3. They have a fanbase of Wii-only gamers for Sonic and they must already have part of a game because it was in production. Selling half a game for full price sounds like something Sega would do and people would probably defend it just like Unleashed for the Wii and Colors.

    It seems a little odd that Sega would go with the excuse they made for porting Sonic 06 to the Wii considering how much they have done with the Wii over the years to just suddenly find out they can’t tap into the stuff they want for Generations. One option could be that they are keeping it secret to figure out the Wii-only fans, whether they are more Sonic & Mario or Genesis Does What Nintendon’t kind of fans. We could go into conspiracies where Nintendo finally has enough power to prevent Sega from making money off a long awaited game (Genesisn’t might apply here). Or perhaps Sega wants to be ethical and doesn’t wish to exploit Sonic’s fans for money…yeah right.

    So I wouldn’t be surprised if Sega announces Sonic Generations for the Wii sometime in the future unless they can come up with a better excuse then “graphics” or “controls” or “different markets”. Either they disappoint us without a game, or give us the half they finished for us to fine mild enjoyment out of.

  17. I really doubt the 3DS has better graphics than wii, I mean wuhu island looks worst on pilotwings than in wii sports resort. So terrible excuse, but oh well I have a 360.

    1. Just because one game looked worse on the 3DS doesn’t mean it has worse graphical capabilities.
      It’s something called “rushing a product”.
      And before one would say “Well, then that’s a dumb move for Nintendo to do that with a launch title”, realize that Pilotwings Resort was made by Monster Games, not Nintendo. Nintendo just published it.

      Look up the specs for the 3DS and you’ll find out yourself that it DOES have better graphical capabilities than the Wii.

  18. That’s such bull, I still play sonic adventure 2 battle on my Wii… And now I have to buy a new console to play the better version? Why don’t they just effing make sonic adventure 3 already, the fact that they remade city escape proves that they haven’t dropped the adventure series, could generations be a hint at sonic adventure 3?

  19. This is SHITTY!!!!! I was looking forwerd to getting it for SOOOOOOOO long! I have Sonic Colors, Unleashed, Secret Ring’s, and going to get more! DANG!!!!

  20. why did they do that ? I want to play the game,but I don’t have a 3ds,a x box, and a ps3. :( I want to yell at Sega soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad right now. :) And beat them up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Sonic was a great game, I played Unlished and Secret Ring without a problem on Wii consoles. Now I have to buy extra stuff that I don’t have. But soon, I’m getting a 360.

  22. I love Sonic very much.
    I am very, and I do mean “VERY” disappointed to know that Sonic Generation won’t be release on Wii…

    I understand HD does affect the game play, but still Wii has its attraction…

    I own a Wii and a PS3, I try the same game on different platform. I don’t see the point that Wii is worse than PS3 or Xbox360…

    But I understand graph does manners a lot, so I am disappointed, had nothing bad to say about Sega…

    1. Um… This has nothing to do with Nintendo at all. If you’re going to be mad, be mad at Sega or Sonic Team.

  23. I can’t believe that this will not come out on the wii. Sonic has always been my favorite character and now I won’t be able to play this. Well, sonic until you come back to Nintendo, we part ways.

  24. I`m so happy about the release on Pc :) And for all other Sonic Games on Wi, i use the dolphin Emulator, and this Games are also in HD on Pc . So… why to use a dann Wi ?

  25. I am very disappointed that this game is not going to be a availible on the wii. My son is only six and loves sonic games. I was trying to find this game and couldn’t. I am not buying an entire new system for him to have this game. Not going to buy any other sega games either.

  26. This is crazy. Sonic generations should be put on the wii tomorrow. Graphics isn’t everything. Sonic Generations is a really good game, I’ve seen it on the Xbox 360.

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  28. Funny how, instead of a great game with good (or for today’s gamer’s standards) mediocre graphics for Wii, they made a shitty game with shitty graphics for the 3DS. Obvious choice there. Sonic Team proves their intelligence once more. At least they released it for the PC…

  29. I think you should still make a wii verition of the sonic generation game for fans like me that don’t have a 3DS or PS3!

  30. I’m really upset by this actually. I wanted to buy it because I find the Wii to be the most fun console to play my Sonic games on. Not cool, Nintendo. (Yes I did just make a Sonic reference, in honor of Sonic.)

  31. Also I know the game is never exactly the way it is in one console as with another, so even if I do get the 3ds version, it won’t be the same.

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