Nintendo Wii 2: Brand New Zelda Game In The Works Titled Zelda Universe

Could this be the first of many Nintendo releated E3 leaks? Well I certainly hope so, as the Entertainment Software Rating Board has just posted an E-for-Everyone rating for a brand new game titled “Zelda Universe.” The only description of the game is that it includes “violence”. With Nintendo preparing to show off its new console, dubbed Project Cafe, at this years E3 it isn’t too hard to imagine that this will be an online software title for the new format. What does everyone think?



  1. I think is probably something for celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, like they do with Mario.

    Seems Awesome!

    1. I agree, it probably is for the 25th anniversary, but it’s kinda backwards that they’d wait so long to say anything about it. So, I agree with you, and it does sound awesome, but give me LttP and some MC on a console and I’d happier than a Navi with something to say.

  2. I just hope no one’s playing with my emotions by releasing such information. Come E3 hurry up and be here already.

  3. that’d be so sick if it was like super mario galaxy but with zelda. the whole space theme would be really cool with it i think.

  4. I don’t see how it’s possible for it to have a rating before being revealed. Wouldn’t it have to just about be finished? Is Skyward Sword even rated yet?

  5. It’s something for the 25th anniversary. Not for the wii 2. A nintendo site should know this

  6. Oh God, this was unexpected o_o . Please Nintendo, make it a Wii game. Fans deserve more than one Zelda game original for Wii :(

  7. Ah. I read the comments. 25th anniversary thing seems much much much much more logical than a “new” game. Could easily be a collection type thing.

  8. I can safely say this year’s E3 will be more epic than last year (which was also epic).

  9. now im begining to wish i could afford a ticket to E3 this year (i have never been to interested in E3 before. social anxiety) also i hope we can choose a race (im totally going to choose zora)

      1. is already a website, the report is that a GAME has been registered E for everyone. You are the only person dumb enough to mistake the news of a new game with a pre-existing website.

  10. But it won’t really be a Zelda game if you can’t play as Link. I don’t think an MMO Zelda is such a good idea. Luckily, I don’t think that is the case.

  11. It’s a compile version of all classic Zelda games pre ocarina of time for the wii; kind of like super mario all stars

  12. Yeah, it is most likely for the anniversary. Probably a collection of some of the Zelda games. But I just hope they show off some cool stuff for this new console.

  13. Zelda MMO? As a console exclusive!? Also as a possible launch title!!!!!! I must be dreaming! O_o

  14. This is not a game. It’s the official Nintendo Zelda webiste. Yes, the ESRB rates official game websites. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble.

      1. You didn’t just burst my bubble. You took a chainsaw-wielding bulldozer, went through Bubbleville, and ruthlessly razed buildings and murdered women and children bubbles..have you no mercy for bubbles…..

        1. Oh no! 8>O I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make this bubble genocide. I’ll pour some bubble bath into hot water right now to make up for it.

          But yeah, sorry you took it so hard. :P

      2. That site has been around for years though. It’s the official Zelda website. It’s nothing new.

        1. I guess it was just recently rerated, and that’s what all the fuss is about.

          1. Oh, I just read your comment below. Yeah, I don’t know why a rating from 2008 is suddenly gathering so much attention.

      3. Zelda Universe is what Nintendo calls the franchise.. “Zelda Universe – The Legend of Zelda series for Nintendo Systems’..

  15. A real vilotent and full of blood Zelda Game! Yeah more realistic approach monsters cut and the internal stuff comes out!

    1. No. Violence is not the same as blood by ESRB standards.

      Plus blood is like an automatic T rating.

  16. My best guess is – and I know you are going to find this absurd – they rated the website.

    Yes, really. I am going to venture that guess.

    1. Also, the rating is from 2008.

      Makes me think that they were going to release something interactive online, but wound up not doing it.

  17. yeah… believe the ESRB for leaking a rated-E-for-Everyone rating for an unknown title known as Zelda Universe. When three years ago, they’re the same one who revealed a rated-E-for-Everyone rating for Ice Climbers Wii…

    Did that game EVER came out? No.

    I’ll believe it when I actually SEE it.

    1. well… look at that. It’s only the universal website for the Zelda series. Not a game.

  18. I’d say what happened is I think the ESRB just released an app and so someone searched for Zelda when they got it and saw the listing.

    If you just search for Zelda you’ll notice Universe is near the bottom with the games in release order from bottom to top. The earlier games are nearer the top due to their VC releases

  19. Sounds cool, but what exactly would a mmorpg for zelda mean? Do you get to choose your own race and character? My imagination would suggest that the graphics would be wind waker like… possibly have a vast sea with many islands and towns to explore. Or… maybe it would have Skyward Sword like graphics? (same island exploring stuff except in the sky instead). Then there would be other things like secrets, side quests, item/mask gathering to unlock new areas and dungeons (this would be like leveling up), a certain village to start off in (like how OoT had Kokori Forest, MM had Clock Town, WW had Outset Island, and TP had Ordon Village) on which you had to complete in order to get to the outside world. Mail sending (in the same way of MM and WW) as a way of communication to other players, multiple weapons (dibs on the Master Sword!), shields, bottles, tunics. Epic Final Bosses (such as Ganon and Vaati!), and a bunch of crazy awesome stuff that i can’t even begin to think of or even fathom right now! So yeah, it sounds cool…

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