Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Talks Wii U Online

Charlie Scibetta, Corporate Communications at Nintendo has briefly spoken about what we should expect with regards to online functionality with the recently announced Wii U. Scibetta indicated that online functionality for Nintendo’s next console will be extremely flexible to suit every developer, but wouldn’t go into too much detail about how Nintendo plan to implement this.

“Online gaming is very important to us, and we’ve heard the demands, really, of the veteran gamers that want that. So, we’re going to be more flexible with gaming this time when it comes to online, we’re going to work with our third party partners. We’re not going to have a centralised ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of online gaming approach, it is going to be more the publishers figuring out what they want to do and then we’ll try to bring that to life and make sure our platform can support that vision. ”

– Charlie Scibetta, Corporate Communications, Nintendo



  1. Nice to hear that, however, I hope we 3DS users get similar treatment, I don’t mind friend-codes, just make the service less restricted.

      1. Does the 3ds habe friend codes?

        What do you mean by that mate? One standard code for the system and all the games?

        Can you add random people you have met in games?

  2. I hope they can implement a better control scheme for inputting info. I’d rather not deal with a shaky wiimote to type in information.

    1. There’s a touch screen that you could use as a keyboard, so I’m pretty sure that will be allright :).

  3. I’m not much of an online gamer. Thus all I ask for is the same old kinda fun with those familiar Nintendo franchises refreshed with a new interface (controller). And Nintendo doesn’t disappoint there.

  4. Will I guess we all know what will get hacked next when its released.

    1. I’m sure Nintendo won’t be that stupid. Sony didn’t even encrypt their files. I’m sure Nintendo will.

  5. Flexibility is good. I hope developers do something awesome with online. Maybe video chats while you’re playing online.

  6. This sounds terrible, nothing worse than a fragmented online service, it should be unified. If Nintendo aren’t able to build an online network they should hire someone who can.

    1. Thats exactly what Nintendo ARE doing. There was an article before it was released saying that an outsourced company where building the online.

  7. Hell no. Don’t you guys see what this means? It means we’re basically gonna have the same shit as wii, just sugar coated.

  8. I’m happy about the Wiiu and it’s gonna be better online but I wanted 2 hear about a new pokemon game like mmorpg for the Wiiu or 3GS I love pokemon but it’s starting 2 get boring and I’d love to play online like wow typ of deal

    1. yeah, I got bored with black & White pretty quickly. after playing with the pokedex 3D though, I can’t wait to see the next gen poke games on 3DS, if the battles use the same models then it would be epic, and probably be the closest thing to the anime ever :) back to online… one universal friend code for wii u as well would do me fine, it’s just like PSN but only on one system

    2. “but I wanted 2 hear about a new pokemon game like mmorpg for the Wiiu or 3GS I love pokemon but it’s starting 2 get boring and I’d love to play online like wow typ of deal”

      Exactly. Hell, even without going the MMORPG route there’s more that could be done with the Pokemon series to give it more weight and longevity. I honestly could care less about catching all X50 pokemon–collect all the regional badges and defeat the league and the main game is over.

      …I’d rather the league be an actual league-style bout (round robin) or even tournament. Have local in-game tournaments each month and a big tournament each season (with smaller pokemon bout cards on certain days in a city). Make it so that I’d actually want to keep playing–“Oh it’s Friday, I have to get to X city for the matches before 9PM.”. Have an in-game calendar like the Monster Rancher Advance games did.

  9. What would worry me is their entrusting of developers to know how to implement the online experience, but I’m reassured by Nintendo’s aim to “make sure our platform can support that vision.”

    I get a sense of control in those words, and that’s exactly what they need in that situation to make it work.

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