Nintendo Wii U: Netflix Is Officially Coming To The Wii U

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has inadvertently announced that popular online video streaming service Netflix is coming to the Wii U. Whilst Netflix themselves have yet to comment on what we can expect of the service on Wii U, it’s rather apparent given the systems horse power that we should expect full 1080p movies streaming on the device. Who’s looking forward to watching HD Netflix on Wii U?



  1. Not a surprise, and it will definitely make up for the lack of an actual DVD player (not confirmed, but hey, it’s Nintendo). Sadly I live in Puerto Rico so I cannot have Netflix over here. *shrugs*

    1. I know right! It’s stupid! Puerto Rico is US territory, and we should be able to stream movies.

      I come to Puerto Rico every summer to visit my family and friends, Netflix works back at home in Texas and I was really looking forward to watching movies with my family, but it won’t work in Puerto Rico >:(

  2. Is it that much of a surprise? I mean, the Wii did, didn’t it?

    I can’t get it over here in Ireland so I must immediately hate it…damn stupid Netflix…hmph.

  3. It sucks doesn’t having blu-ray or playing DVD movies. I have a lot od DVDs and now I building my blu ray colection. It’s really bad to have Wii U + Blu Ray Player instead of only Wii U :(

    But i was obvious that Netflix would come to Wii U, I was thinking about it these days. Thank God Netflix is coming to Brazil :D

  4. Great! Even though it’s STILL not available on 3DS! I was hoping I’d get to take advantage of watching movies on a portable system before our free monthly trial was over D:

    1. Netflix on 3DS sounds like it wouldn’t be used for playing 3d movies. You’d need to negotiate a separate deal with the movie producers. That’d be Nintendo’s thing. Didn’t they announce 3d movies on the 3DS last year?

  5. No DVD player or blue ray does not bother me, I already have a blue ray player, which is much better than any one nintendo could of put in wii u and better than ps3 most people have a DVD player as well there is no need to have one in a consol

  6. I’m more excited for it to be on the 3DS- that’ll be super cool.

    And people who bitch that Nintendo systems don’t play DVDs or BluRay need to stfu- waah, you’re buying a game system, not a DVD player.

  7. And since it’s Nintendo, we can expect it’ll be free HD instant queue off the bat (not counting Netflix subscription expenses, of course). And it’ll be able to go on the TV AND the Wii U controller I can assume. Sounds peachy keen.

  8. I do not want the Wii U to have a blu-ray or DVD player, as it would only boost the cost. Also, having a movie player in a system that plays games makes it wear down quicker.

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