Nintendo Wii U: Activison Says Wii U Is ‘Friendlier’ To Core Gamers

Activision Publishing chief Eric Hirshberg believes that Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U console is most certainly going to appeal to the hardcore gamer.

We already know that Nintendo are doing their utmost to appeal to a broader demographic with this console, but it’s reassuring to hear this from such a large developer and publisher as Activison. Let’s just hope they don’t litter the Wii U with simple ports, and instead look at different ways to utilise the console’s unique controller.

“It looks like this is a platform that’s going to be even more relevant to the kinds of games we make.”

“They’re committing to HD, greater processing power, digital infrastructure, connected universe at the back end… Those are all the things we need to make a state of the art experience for a lot of games.

“So we were thrilled to hear their plans and I think that anyone that bets against Nintendo does so at their peril. They’re a pretty great company.”

“I was very excited about some of the things that I saw in the Wii U because I thought it was an innovative take on the next gen controller and the next gen console. I was really excited to see Nintendo taking their console into something that I think is going to be friendlier to core games.”

– Eric Hirshberg, Activison



  1. Oh, but the Sony/Microsoft fanboys will still whine and complain that it’s not good enough, even though it’s better than both their respective systems at the moment. The fanboy cry at the moment seems to be, “Yeah?! Well… uh… Sony’s/Microsoft’s next consoles will be out in a few years, and they’ll be a bajillion times better! So THERE!”

    Idiots. Fanboys in general just… need to go away. Learn to embrace all platforms and you’ll enjoy more games. I, for one, am excited for this :)

    1. This somewhat former Sony fanboy is damn impressed by Nintendo getting it right. I still love Sony and was impressed by their e3, but I’ve had a 3ds since launchday and was blown away by the games they are going to deliver, the others dont have exclusives that good.
      This doesn’t get brought up as much as it should but Nintendo’s hardware is of top quality, reliable. My Sony and xbox stuff I don’t really trust to last after the year warranty, but with Nintendo I don’t even think about it. I dont think I’ve ever had a Nintendo break down on me like I have with the others.
      And now they have an HD console with great online and a controller that I dont need a tv for,
      incredible, e3 win, cannot wait, anyone who says otherwise, is a cynical jackass!

    1. I absolutely agree about Sonic Generations. I’m personally saddened at the sight of SG 3DS sitting alone in the corner with no bigger console brother to play with.

      I know SEGA doesn’t want to do any ports for the Wii U, but they really should’ve made an exception. Besides, is it THAT important for all versions of Sonic Generations to line up with the anniversary?

  2. I’m finding that these core gamers who have been decrying Nintendo for lack of HD for years are still not satisfied with Wii U, although Nintendo is doing everything that they’ve wanted.

    Me? I just want a solid HD Zelda/Brawl/Mario experience with some COD and Assassin’s Creed on the side. It’s all about the games.

    1. Once Wii U gets a hot exclusive 3rd-Party game, the only complaint will be that it’s not on “better” consoles. That complaint is much easier to ignore.

      I could say the same about 3DS and a 3rd-Party game from an American developer (we’re set as far as Japanese developers).

  3. Zelda HD is going to be sick. I can’t wait until the day this console and game is released.

  4. Every one knows this yet we have a lot of web sites that will suffer from the wiiu being big. These are the ones crying about any thing. With out Sony they could not survive as a fan site.

    These are not fans.

  5. I think that nintendo will ever be able to make a good console and that it won’t be as good as xbox and ps3!

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