Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo President Reveals The Range Of The Wii U Controller

We already know that the Wii U’s controller can be used instead of a television screen, but what exactly is the range of the device, and can we use it in other rooms in the house? Thankfully Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has discussed these questions, though he noticeably opted not to reveal specifics with regards to the actual range of the device. Do you think you’ll use the controller in other rooms of the house, or will you mainly be playing the console on the big screen TV?

“We are not saying we can get away from the living room at all. What I’m saying is that we shall be less dependent on the home TV set; more specifically, the images and all the others are processed within the inside of the console of the Wii U, not in the controller. So, for example, you cannot just take away the controller and continue playing.”

But Iwata added that it would be possible to continue playing in another room in the house, provided the walls aren’t too thick!

“[It will have] a certain range. Also, it is possible for you to be in a separate room from the living room where the console of the Wii U will be located. However, dependent upon the thickness, for example, of the wall, we cannot tell if you will be able to smoothly play on that.”



  1. Typo!

    It says “proved the walls aren’t too thick!”
    instead of “provided the walls aren’t too thick!”

    1. This. If I can play on the throne I could care less about playing anywhere else in the house.

  2. I think what we really want to know is what type of communication they’ll be using. Bluetooth was used in the original Wii but I doubt it would be fast enough to stream video, WiFi seems kind of unlikely but it would have the range, IR is definitely out since it needs a line of sight and Iwata said it could go through thin walls, maybe ad-hoc like the PSP?

    1. Probably still bluetooth because it’ll need it to communicate with originial wii controllers and the wii fit, unless it has Bluetooth as well as something else…

  3. Eh they better be careful, I have a feeling the other two will pick up on this short coming much like they did with the first wii remote

    1. The PS Vita, according to IGN, might already have. Besides, the DreamCast was the absolute first console to have started the concept… although wired.

      1. They are going to let certain PS3 games be transferable to the PSP and Vita. Kojima is backing up this concept with his own Transfarring.

        However, no game on Sony systems yet can interact between the 2 screens the way Wii U can. The Vita (as far as I’ve heard) also isn’t Move-compatible and can’t act as a PS3 controller alongside the traditional Dualshock and Move.

        I’m not doubting that the Vita will steal chunks of the gamer market from Nintendo because PS3 games can be taken outside, but Nintendo is doing enough things that they aren’t with this controller to secure themselves.

  4. What’re you talking about? I think both the TV and the controller’s screen are useful in their way. Just hope I’ll be able to take my controller into my bedroom, if I were to get the Wii U. (How thick the wall shouldn’t be, I’m wondering.) And speaking of which, does anyone know how far apart the controller can be taken away from the console itself? I’d really like to know.

  5. I would like to point out that the Wavebird reception was much further than advertised, as was the Wiimote for non-pointer functions.

    Next time you’re watching Netflix, step into another room and start whatever you’re watching again. Then go outside around your home and do the same thing. It also works when pausing games. My mind was blown the first time I tried that.

    Don’t try to hide multiroom functionality from us, Nintendo. We know you’ve done it before (sans screen).

  6. I don’t think the game experience will be the same (or even meant to be in some cases) when the controller is taken away from the tv. What I think, is that when you only use the wiiu-controller, it’s for basic stuff (browsing, etc) and less impressive gaming. It’s not meant to take with you for the complete experience, so we probably won’t. It’s not like the vita, and no one should want that. The vita doesn’t change the way you play a ps3 game (besides portable of course). The wiiu changes the controls and view completely. It’s different, but it’s nice what both systems are doing. Although you need to be a ps fanboy to fully enjoy the vita/ps3 connection (it’s kinda cumbersome and you need 2 systems)
    Although I would like to see my 3ds as a wiiU controller, I don’t think it’s very handy/useful.

  7. could u have like 2 controllers of those and play 2 players like any other control or just 1

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