Nintendo 3DS: The Free Release Of Zelda: Four Swords Is the Original Gameboy Advance Version

Nintendo has confirmed to online gaming publication Joystiq that the free version of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords isn’t the Gamecube version, but is in fact the original version of Zelda: Four Swords which was bundled with A Link To The Past on the Gameboy Advance. The free download will be playable on Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS via the DSiWare store in September. Who’s looking forward to getting their hands on this classic game for free?



  1. I am more excited for he fact that a Gameboy Advanced game is coming to the eShop! Hopefully this means Gameboy Advanced support in the future!

    1. Obviously this means gameboy advanced support if its a fucking gameboy advanced game that their announcing.

      1. They’ve been pretty quiet about GBA support for eShop, only confirming GB/GBC and other 8bit handheld games. Besides, this is on DSi’s shop, not the eShop. 3DS is getting it on account of DSiWare being compatible.
        Get the stick out of your ass.

        1. Actually, almost everything on the Dsi-shop is on the eShop. So get the stick out of YOUR ass and stop being arrogant.

  2. Does it require both consoles to have it installed? I mean, I have a 3DS and a regular DS, can I play it like that with my brother?

    1. It needs either 3DS or DSi (& or XL) to play on. I don’t think it will work with the DS (Phat/Lite). Not sure if download to play works between those systems, but you can always try, it’s free afterall.

      1. I see, I can download info from the Phat DS system to the 3DS, but I’m not sure if Four Swords will be Download & Play or just wireless play.

    1. YEAH! I think the same way! I have just one friend who I see often with a 3DS but he’s not a fan of the series. I wish we can play TLoZ: FSA with more annonymous people around internet =D And with friends too os course

  3. That’s too bad. I’m pretty disapointed! The gamecube version was great, while the GBA version sucked, imo.

    1. The GBA was more multiplayer focused. There were monsters that were only killed when 2 links pulled the sides apart, the puzzles were also more interesting. The only downside was the general lack of story and of course length. At least understand that Nintendo are giving this game away for FREE so don’t be a greedy little shit and get what Nintendo have generously given.

      Also, the requirements for 4 swords adventures was horrid. You needed a gamecube, a gameboy advance AND 4 of those connector cables.

      And think, the dungeons are randomly generated in the GBA version. Getting harder with the more keys you got. The game altered depending on how many players there were.

      It’s also a terrible opinion. You have not given a reason on why you think it sucked, if you can reply to me with a good reason why a free multiplayer game sucks then I will be quite impressed. (The GBA version was a free game that came with A link to the past as a bonus. You did not pay for both so that answer is invalid.)

  4. awesome, so glad it’ll be in the eShop, since this is GBA this is good news, hopefully more GBA titles will make their way to the eShop as well. I need to get me some money to get Link’s Awakening as well.

    1. Well, technically it’s DSiWare and not 3DS VC content. I wouldn’t get your hopes up just yet. In the future when they clear out the popular titles in the GB/C backlog, maybe.

  5. Seriously? It’s a free download…why take the time to post if it’s just to state how disappointed you are or complain. If you like it, download it for free and have fun! If you don’t like it just ignore it and go about your merry way.

    Personally I’m not about to complain about a free game! I can’t wait to get my hands on this one again!

  6. I never got a chance to play Four Swords on the GBA since I didn’t know anybody who owned the game. if this is online then that would be interested but if not then I don’t care. i still own the GBA version of the game.

  7. online! nintendo,online…when are you guys going to understand that’s what you should’ve done 3 years earlier, and now that you have a great console you give us recicled pop corn,shame on you!

  8. Awesome. I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to get this if you didn’t have a DSi. (I traded mine for a 3DS.)

  9. this sounds cool but come on nintendo until september they are so chaisty why they didnt do it for today or for next month until september

    1. You don’t seem to understand the process of game development and/or porting. They either need to build an emulator, or restructure the code so that it runs on the DSi/3DS near-flawlessly. That, and they’re ripping it out of another game so they need to add new bits, namely the starting screen.

  10. Seeing as Download Play should be a given (it’s not a VC release, I can’t wait for this. I never could get the necessary additional players for this game. Then a “friend” gypped the cartridge off of me, so I never could…until now! ^_^

  11. A couple things.
    This is ONLY coming to the Nitendo DSi. If you watch the E3 conference they announced the free soundtrack CD when you buy and register Zelda OOT 3D on the Clubnintendo website (So that was the freebie for the 3DS). Then they announced Four Swords free for the DSi in September. It would make sense that it would work on the 3DS since you can transfer DSiWare titles from the DSi to the 3DS, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

    I think Nintendo wants to remind people that they are going to continue to support the DSi line along with the 3DS and this is an example of that.


    I think if it were on the 3DS we would see internet access to play with others online and maybe even a 3D effect being used as with Excitebike 3D Classics. Oh well.. Free is free..

    Also, it’s N

    1. Did you forget that DSI ware titles can be downloaded through the E-shop? DSI ware titles had online as well.

  12. When In september does it come out?

    Like the 15th? Pr 16th? I’m on eShop right now and I am looking for it. xD

    1. The E-shop is updated with new games every Thursday. Just keep checking each week I suppose. Also, remember this is a DSI ware download, so also check the DSI content, but a game like this would have a highlight so there shouldn’t be too much need.

  13. It comes out on sept 28th in case anybody was wondering, and it will have local multiplayer, (2-4 3DS’s or Dsi’s)

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