Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo President Says The Wii U Controller Will Be The TV Remote Of The Future

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes that the Wii U controller could be the television remote of the future, due to its many uses which stretch beyond traditional gaming. Clearly it will inevitably depend on adoption, but if the Wii U becomes as big as Nintendo hope it will be this could be the perfect companion next to your television remote.

“For example, there’s video chat or they may want to do web browsing while watching the screen on the big TV and managing operations with the screen in your hands.

“For the past decade or so, many attempts have been made to link the TV and the internet, but so far, nothing has been popular… [But] when you look at this controller, it’s one foot away from your eyes – it has almost the same distance of the PC and other smartphones. In other words, this device is capable of handling such activities for you to input the letters in the palm of your hands.

“In the future, if the TV and Internet can be used together, the TV will have a remote with a screen – and it will look very similar to how the Wii U controller is today,” he added. “While on one hand we are trying to reach out to the hardcore gamers, we are also trying to make something that can be used as the TV remote of the future.”



  1. I could see this working out. Especially if Nintendo can work out a deal with a major cable/satellite company to make it worthwhile to use Wii U as a controller.

    Some features I could see…
    -Guide function displayed on wii u remote
    -on demand controlled from wii u remote
    -link wii u directly to cable box (via hdmi or usb?)

  2. Isn’t that what the Vizio tablet is for? Not to mention Vizio makes TV’s as their main product…. if it works for Vizio THEN it might work for Nintendo.

  3. Its just like how the Logitech harminy ine remite works…put in the mfg of your electronics, and dl to remote…presto. Xannot wait for this.

    1. Its just like how the Logitech harmony remote works…put in the mfg of your electronics, and dl to remote…presto. Xannot wait for this.

  4. I don’t think he means you’ll change TV channels with it. It’s just used to switch between all the things you want to do on your TV, such as gaming, browsing, and watching TV. Meaning the Wii U will have a good browser, video chat, picture viewer, etc built in.

  5. Makes no
    Sense they would talk like they want to be the hub of the entertainment center yet they want us to buy and use someone else’s product for DVD?

    They are missing out the whole stream a DVD straight to the remote. Maybe it can’t do that? Maybe that’s why it has been left out?

    1. DVDs are becoming obsolete. Wii U will have Netflix. Add that to the growing number of online videos and local network servers makes DVDs expensive and unneeded.

  6. that could work well. in the states, comcast has an ipad app that lets you check listings, set your DVR and browse on demand stuff. I could easily see a wii-u-ware app for download that’ll have similar or more functions

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