Nintendo Wii U: PlayStation Chief Boldly Claims That Wii U Isn’t A Threat To The PlayStation Brand

Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, has told Forbes that Nintendo’s Wii U unveiling at E3 hasn’t prompted Sony in the least to think about bringing out a new PlayStation console. Tretton claims that the console isn’t a threat and said that “if you’re looking at high def gaming, that was 2006 for us.” Clearly Tretton wasn’t the least bit impressed with Wii U, but with PlayStation 3 sales figures declining in the West I suspect he should be slightly more worried than he’s letting on…

“I think there’s ground to be carved out for everybody. But I didn’t see anything about Nintendo’s announcement that said ‘Oh, we’d better get working on rolling out a new PlayStation here pretty soon.'”

“Our attitude is kind of ‘welcome to the party.’ If you’re looking at being a multimedia entertainment device, if you’re looking at high def gaming, that was 2006 for us.”

“PlayStation 3 is really just hitting its stride. And technologically, I don’t think it’s possible to provide any advancement beyond what we have,”

“What we’ve seen from the competition is trying to add features that already exist in PlayStation 3. We invested heavily in that, we rolled a very heavy rock up a steep hill, through the launch period. But now I think that all pays off, and we’ve got a long run way behind it. So, I wouldn’t look for any discussion of a next generation PlayStation for quite some time.”



  1. Yeah, watch as the Wii U blows Playstation 3 out of the water, hell you couldn’t even de throne Nintendo in the Handheld department, time to give up there Jack

  2. They aren’t in any rush to unveil a new Playstation because they need time to rip off what the Wii U has to offer just enough without it being a total copyright fiasco. Don’t get me wrong, I love my PS3, but while this guy was rolling his rock up his steep hill Nintendo was rolling in massive profits, I’m betting it all on the Wii U.

    1. The main reason is that they are trying to regain the millions they lost with the ps3. Microsoft has the same issue with the 360. Guess who doesn’t have this problem and actually made a TON of profit with their console. Nintendo :D. Things couldn’t have gone better for they.

    2. Dude Nintendo only sold millions of units because of casual gamers. Even the hardcore nintendo fans only raelly own 5 games all of which are remakes. I mean you cant even play a dvd on your Wii. What you are saying maks no sense, Ps3 has been out since 2006, if anyone is ripping off anyone its nintendo. I think Wii U is going to be crap. Look at all that hardware, its gonna cost a bomb. But atleast Nintendo nerds will be able to play modern games….not the 10th installation of zelda / metroid and mariokart.

      1. The reason I’d rather have a Nintendo system if it can do good online and have the 3rd party games it so sorely needed is because of those 10th installations of zelda, metroid and mariokart. The fact that these games make it to a 10th installation is a testament to how awesome the series are. And it’d be a lot better than Generic Shooter 746-B. Honestly how many FPS can you guys play, I’ve gotten my good fill on 360 FPS’s but after awhile its time for something else.

        Who are Sony fans trying to kid? You’d crap your damn pants if Zelda or Metroid were allowed to be ported to Playstation.

  3. really sony doesn’t know shit about anything aside from ripping off other companies ideas. i think that this upcoming generation will be their last. and at long last, sony’s reign of terror and lies will be over.

    1. Wanna know something Ironic? When Nintendo first made a rivalry… (Sega) They had done a lot of things to throw Nintendo under the bus… But Sega eventually flopped… and Now look at Sony… They’ve done a lot of things to throw Nintendo under the bus… and now they will eventually flop… Sega starts with a S and has four letters… Sony starts with a S and has four letters… Coincidence… I THINK NOT.

    2. Really? Then if your logic is true then nintendo ripped off screen in the controller from dreamcast, online from Xbox/PS3, dual analogue sticks from PS1, CD drive from PS1, HD graphics from xbox/PS3, the power button from every console…. Seriously, this is the argument you’re using? And to you people that say “sony is going to flop,” and “they’re reign of terror will end,” do you have any evidence? I do not hate nintendo, I grew up with them and still own they’re systems, but Nintendo fanboys are just the most unreasonable.

      1. all consoles have those things (except hd) so that doesn’t count. SONY WILL FAIL!!!!

      2. What? What are you on. CD drive came from Sega CD first, not Sony. Dual analogue was ripped from PS1? Well in case ya didn’t notice, the analogue stick was ripped from the N64. The original PS1 controllers didn’t have them until the N64 came out. Not to mention they took the idea of shoulder buttons and the 4-button diamond layout from the SNES.

    1. lol ‘bottom of the pile’.. when the other systems come out with at least the BASICS like Bluetooth and Blueray, well talk.

      1. Basics? Hmm.

        D-pad? Nintendo. Analogue stick? Nintendo. 4-button diamond layout? Nintendo (SNES). Shoulder buttons? Nintendo. Touch screen? Nintendo. Motion controls? Nintendo. Rumble feature? Nintendo.

        You’re seriously trying to claim Sony has been a pioneer in technology for games because of Bluray? Even Microsoft pioneered online play which is a way bigger achievement than Bluray

  4. jack tretton at it again with nintendo. by the time the wii U comes out, PS3 sales will continue to decline, or be it not improved as much as it did.

  5. also, they copied the wii and still lost. another thing. the wii SPANKED the PS3 this generation!

    1. *laughs my ass off* – yeah, I was going to say that. Sony is only good for giving out people’s credit card numbers to hackers.

      (And they gave out MILLIONS of credit card numbers.) – sure – defend sony. Support the hackers. Your call.

  6. This made me laugh. Competitors copy Sony? Hah! Then explain the PS Move (aka WIi-mote ripoff). Also, considering how badly the Wii ousted PS3, I think this prick should be worried. And somehow, the fact that the Wii U is far more than the sum of it’s graphical abilities entirely passed through this clod. This machine is about innovation, the advanced graphics are just a plus.

  7. it’s obvious he’d say they don’t give a crap :P he’d never say “yeah we’re worried about the wii u launch. we’re screwed.”

  8. I’m sure all they’ll have up their sleeve next is – better graphics and hardware specs. Not much innovation, just doing the sane thing except slightly better

  9. No next-gen PlayStation for quite some time? That’s what Nintendo said, now look at them.. your working on the next gen we all know it.

  10. Next year, When Nintendo gains all of the best hardcore games, when nintendo convinces all third parties to work on their Wii U, and they see the great improvement over the PS3, then and only then, will Sony get to work…

    Only to realize it is too late.

    It is the same with the PSVita, 960p? Touch Screens? 3G?
    Are you sure it is not an iPhone?

    Sony only copies, while other companies innovate, it’ll end up being its downfall. When ignorant people finally realize Sony’s unoriginality, and they stop thinking Sony’s cool (Where I live people in general are incredibly ignorant, and only think PS3 is worth it), Sony will bankrupt.

    1. You did not just seriously compare Vita to an IPhone.. lol Think about that one again for a moment. Just the array of BUTTONS set it a little bit apart, not even touching upon processing power.

      For those of you who think Sony is copying? Its just childish, Most things evolve from previous tech. Take KINECT for an example. Not a copy of the PS2 Eyetoy at all? There was even a game for it called Kinect!

  11. It is amusing to see Sony’s reaction to Nintendo’s new stuff. Every single time they say something like what you just said, and a just a few months later they’ve come up with something similar. Every. Single. Time.

    I remember reading Miyamoto saying they didn’t want to reveal anything about the new controller before Wii was announced, because they’re always copied. Then mentioned how the joystick and rumble-feature was copied. Right after they showed us Wii, Sony said their controllers would have gyros in them for motion controll. And then sometime after that; Sony Move.

    My conclusion is: Sony are arrogant bastards.

  12. lol it isn’t a threat? its a Wii 2, Wii owned PS3 and yet PS3 had HD, wii owned 360 too by almost the double of sellings wtf, this guy doesn’t know what he is talking about, even if the wii u gets beaten on graphics or capacity it would own both sony’s console and microsoft’s console, jesus, he can’t talk like that when his console got owned by a less powerful console.

  13. 1. Wii – 86.01 million as of 31 March 2011 (2011 -03-31)
    2. Xbox 360 – 55 million as of 4 June 2011 (2011 -06-04)
    3. PlayStation 3 – 50 million as of 31 March 2011 (2011 -03-31)

    Suck it Tretton.

  14. I have a ps3 and love it but its all the same. I’m tired of cod. The only first party game I love is uncharted. And honestly why do people complain about nintendo going with a similar name and look for the wii u? Look at the playstations. All 3 looked like bricks when they came out. And the controls have been the same thing over and over again. I never bought the move. It failed. Hardly any games use it now. It was just a flop and sony knows it. They already said they’re working on it so how can he deny it? Sorry sony but stop copying everybody else.

  15. I font know why people are hating Sony that sakes haven’t declined they’ve been increasing. ThR exclusives are amazing and uncharted 3 will blow everything out the water. More impressive software like Bartlefield 3 is being handled well on the PS3. Wii U a threat I think not. A big Nintendo fan but I love my PS3. Another reason why Wii U isn’t going to be a threat because it don’t have Blu ray and DVD playback, besides the fact games are still impressive in the PS3. Now watch a Nintendo fanboy hate on this comment ‘Haters gonna hate that’s their job!’.

    1. “Another reason why Wii U isn’t going to be a threat because it don’t have Blu ray and DVD playback”,

      Yeah because no one already owns a dvd or blu-ray player or 4. As for the sales of consoles, as someone mentioned earlier, the PS3 with HD graphics and a Blu-Ray player was outsold by the Wii which had neither. The Wii U will put the final nail into the PS3’s coffin.

      Call me a Nintendo fanboy all you like, rather be a fanboy of innovators than one of copycats who can’t admit to being beat.

    2. *laughs* well, I’m glad sony can rely on you and 10 others to keep them in business.

      Between giving away personal information to hackers and getting they’re asses handed to them in over-all profits, – I’m sure they have nothing to fear.

  16. I don’t like to criticize playstation as a company so I don’t looks so much like a fanboy, but goddammit they give me so many reasons to do so!

  17. nintendo tiene mas de 100años trabajando con juegos innovando dando lo mejor nunca a dejado a sus seguidores en ningun aspecto, sony no es mas que una compañia que nose de donde salio que con lo poco que la conosco solo ha copiado, dicen tener sus juegos “los mejores” god of war no es mas que parte del motor de diversion y grabdeza de lo que es zelda ojala alguna vez hagan algo que sorprenda les falta muuucho sony = 0 NINTENDO =1 siempre va a ganar!!!!! look here friends the NINTENDO!!!

  18. So Sony isn’t worried about Ninty’s new console! What with the PS3 comin bottom of the pile and the PSN fiasco, Tretton’s statement sounds like Sony tryin to pull the wool over its core userbase again! If there next console bombs like there current one then I can see Sony pullin there computer entertaiment division! As for PS3 sales, if it didn’t have Blu-Ray playback then I think it would of been discontinued along time ago due to poor sales!

  19. He’s technically right. As the Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight likes to say, “An object at rest, cannot be stopped!”

    1. Wii – 86.01 million, 75% of which (64.5 million) play online
    2. Xbox 360 – 55 million, 50% of which (27.5 million) play online
    3. PlayStation 3 – 50 million, none of which play online.

    1. I play online everyday. So do all my buds. It’s the PS3’s best feature. I dont know where you get your info..

  20. i used to have respect for playstation until ps3 what happened to all the good games like spyro and crash and stuff like jak and daxter and ratchet and clank?

    1. me and you both….ratchet and clank was awesome on ps2….deadlocked was too halo-ish for me though lol

  21. He has a point. The Wii U isn’t a threat. Its a next-gen console but with current gen capabilities but with an interesting control method. It also doesn’t play DVDs or Blu-Rays and is aimed at a complete different market yet also panders to the ‘hardcore’. I think what you will find is that people will still play their ‘hardcore’ games on the PS3 and 360 unless the Wii U controller brings something brand new to the way they play rather than a different viewpoint or something. Wii U supposedly has the technical grunt of a PS3, which is very nice to see but Tretton has a point, that is 2006… its of no reason for sony to push for the PS4 sooner just because Nintendo are there, they want different markets and demographics and as with before people buy Sony as blu-ray players too as the new Xbox wont be able to play blu-ray either.

    People should stop on this silly console wars hate and just accept that each console is strong at its own thing. Wii U will sell well, maybe not initially but after people have their hands on it. The Wii blew both Sony and Microsoft out of the water but neither of them see Ninteno’s Wii as a threat because it didn’t deliver what their target market wanted. It’ll probably be the same with this despite its added grunt. The proof however for many will be entirely on its online capabilities and online play model as people seem to forget that the singleplayer/main story of a game is more important to how well a console is than the multiplayer it offers.

    1. I agree! Wii U is not a threat. Playstation was killing itself before the Wii U was even announced.

      (and console wars are how people buying this shit communicate. You lose the “war”, your sales go to hell.)

    2. Agreed, I actually hate this site now. It’s way too full of trolls, I have a Wii and a Playstation 3, I’m planning on getting the Vita and Wii U but these people are just so close minded

  22. Nintendo is gonna kill sony,ds i admit has trlerrible graphics compared to psp but still killed it,that may be for vita and 3ds as well,wii had bad graphics and other stuff but still killed it, it will be the same thing with wii u it will do the final blow to ps3 and win when ps4 comes out.Treton has to know it will impact the ps3 sales and ps4 sales in any shape or form,terrible buisness man and douche

  23. Hmm well the Wii made overall sales when it comes to consoles and so did the DS. I am sure the Nintendo Wii U will blow the competition out of the water.

  24. I would be scared if each console was an upgrade from the last and I had clearly copied another console

  25. wow… looking at all your comments i no longer feel like i should comment at the risk of sounding stupid ಠ_ಠ

  26. Playstation… tisk tisk tisk, the vita sounds stupid… im an xbox, and mainly a nintendo fan… my gamestop guy was awesome, lol i told him a needed to get a 3ds game for a friend and me and he said get loz and if i don’t ill be the worst friend ever… he didn’t need to convince me to get it

  27. Come on people, Nintendo comes with great ideas and “Wii U will suport only one control with screen”, “The Wii U will not read DVD or Blu Ray becouse costumers already has things to read it”. Come on… That`s stupid from there part! It looks to me that Nintendo don`t whant to overrun PS3.

    1. No they just don’t want to make it an over-priced machine like Sony did, considering that most people already HAVE a DVD/Blu-Ray player. If you don’t have one by now, a Nintendo console isn’t going to finally open your eyes and go “oh, YEAH… I should buy DVDs instead of VHS tapes!” lol.

      And it’s already been said that the Wii U actually CAN support multiple controllers, so… yes, it definitely CAN compete with PS3.

    2. Net flix is crushing physical media to the point even cable tv is competiting. What is funny is net flix offers hd streaming also. WOW no need for blu ray WOW.

      Also the wiiu can use multiple controllers just like how the hd readon can support 4 monitors. Does nintendo force it’s customers to get expensive things, nope. Yet you may see options for another wiiu controller but the classic controller is fine with the wii mote.

      Also the ps3 doesn’t support any thing like the wiiu and the lame remote play is not the same. You can not interact with the main console you can only view a video stream or only download arts of a game.

      Also Sony has admitted their next console will not be much more than the ps3. Face it they ran out of ideas.

  28. I don’t blame Tretton for not being that worried, since considering what we know at the time, despite having a deal with Netflix, the Wii U isn’t looking much like a multimedia device centered around gaming (ala PS3).

  29. Sony always loses ’cause they never learn to swallow their ego.
    Plus they can’t even afford to distribute the PS4, nor do they have any innovation like Nintendo, LOL.

  30. Cause u ppl keep buying mario thinking its something new…how much more innovation can u get, an ipad with controlers on the side, be serious, innovation won’t come til hollographs

    1. “we people” are blowing “playstations” people out of the fucking park on sales. “we people” own the console industry.

      Maybe if playstation could create something people would buy 5 times, they wouldn’t be a financil cripple.

    2. Innovation is bringing something new to the table. We have never seen a touch screen in a controller for a console. What does Sony “innovate”? Better graphics and hardware. Is that really why you buy a console/game? And I guess Sony thinks the Wii controller is stupid too considering they stole it’s design.

  31. 1991: Let’s take that “Super disk” thing we were werking on with Nintendo and go into business!
    2000: HA now we rule the gaming market with our new system.
    2002:GCN? PS2 has no match! Xbox? Please.
    2006: Wait, we have better graphics than the Wii, better internet too. WHY ARN’T WE SELLING?!
    2009: HA! We rule the HARDCORE gaming market.
    2011:3DS? PS Vita has no match! Wii U? Please.

    1. Yeah, you conveniently left out the part where the N64 TRUMPS the competition.

      Not to mention, I’ve heard WAYYYYY more about the 3DS than the Vita from friends/other sources. Plus, Vita is just a DS-copy.

      Oh, and you forgot that casual gamers are now an integral part of the market.

      The better players for online FPS games play on 360, newb.

      There’s a 9 year gap in the time that they BETRAYED Nintendo, then started having success.

      By “Wii U? Please,” you must mean “Please, God, help Sony create a new system that is innovative. Which, we know they won’t….

      And… *working

  32. This sounds like the same crap the president of blockbuster was saying about netflix and instant streaming ,he convinced himself that that was not the future and instead of investing time and money into upgrading their time and money into new technology they decided to stick with the old , and where is blockbuster now , please Sony wise up

  33. While Nintendo may have had 30 million more sales, Sony’s PS3 cost at least twice as much. Sony easily made more money. They have free online services while the XBOX 360 you have to pay. Sony has much cleaner and smoother interface, XBOX 360 got red light of death 50% of the time. If you want good graphics it is a no brainer, and it has blu ray which looks amazing.

    1. So you don’t mind paying more? Good because that’s what you’ll be paying when the PS4 comes out. 600 dollars at launch is gonna sound nice. Free online services? Dude okay, a professional, Multi-billion dollar company got hacked by some teenagers in one night. It took them months to fix it. Blu-ray is expensive when most people have DVD players. Sony is making you pay hundreds more than the competition but you don’t mind giving all you money do ya? Sony fanboy.

  34. I bet they said it boldly because they were like if we show fear than we are F?@!$ but in the back of there head there scared and the fact that he said we have to get working on a new PlayStation SOON means they want to copy nintendo.But the Wii U is a competitor and a threat to Sony and Microsoft and the 3DS IS a competitor to the Vita and the VITA looks like crap!

  35. LOL @ all the Sony fanboys crying now after touting that the “PS4 will be out soon and will destroy the Wii U!” lol! Oh man… epic. Sony just keeps dumping on it’s fans left and right :)

  36. multimedia in 2006 my ass! sony’s multimedia got hacked, is very crappy (especially compared to the 360), and what about your new console? nintendo will be ahead of the game like microsoft was with the 360. Lets see how good sony can make something on their own that’s original.

  37. I like how his reply is “We did everything first in this gen” when the 360 had high def gaming BEFORE the PS3 (360 came out first), and Wii had motion control first. So what if Wii U is doing something that PS3 did before it. It’ll be another selling point for Nintendo’s console.


  38. The only reason Sony is even in the video game conversion was because Nintendo made a bone-headed decision to not use CD-ROM for the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation capitalized on that error by grabbing major third party support. Sony had come up with nothing original, they copied things that Nintendo had been doing. When Nintendo came out with the Wii, the murdered the PlayStation 3 in sales despite being graphically outdated. Now Sony rips off Nintendo again with the Move.

    While my comments may come across as a Sony hater, that is not my intent. I own all of Sony’s game consoles because of certain games that I cannot get on Nintendo’s. I mainly purchased the PSP because of it’s multimedia features, but ended up playing GameBoy Advance and DS a lot. I also mainly purchased the PS3 because it is the most advanced Blu-Ray Disc player on the market and is a great video game system. I will probably skip the PSVita (or get it after it drops in price) because I am not intrigued so far.

    Now getting to Sony not being worried about the Wii U, it was a foolish statement. Considering that the graphically inferior Wii wiped the floor with the PS3 in sales and popularity, Sony made some poor choice of words. The only smart thing that was said was “I don’t think it’s possible to provide any advancement beyond what we have.” I have a difficult time imagining graphics a generation beyond PS3/XBOX360/Wii U. Besides, every PlayStation (not portables) to date have had a different optical media (PS1: CD, PS2: DVD, & PS3 Blu-Ray), does Sony have a new optical media more advanced than Blu-Ray? Sony can act tough and say that they are not concerned about the Wii U, but it will continue to dominate.

  39. that guy is in denial sure he would say that but truly he is burning…. they cant do anything about :) hahahaha first they lost all their exclusive titles to 360 now they are all coming to Nintendo there is no reason to get the PS3

  40. Hey I just found the coolest live action Mario youtube series. The actors are only 13 and younger and Mario and Wario are blond but they are epic. Watch then at

  41. As someone that works in retail and more specificly electronics, I can say first hand that they should be worried. The Ps3 has sold poorly from day one and still struggles to sell consoles and games even today. It sells very few accessories at all.
    Not to mention that Sony actually released about 1 month ago? Maybe a little less, that they were currently working on the 4th Generation of the Playstation. It was announced when they were explaining what they had spent money on to investors I believe. So what exactly is Jack Tretton on about in terms of “not getting to work on the next playstation”.

  42. do sony make their own games compared to nintendo? well, not that i know of. if it weren’t for the playstation, sony’s reign in the hardware market would be well and truly over.

    thank goodness for nintendo, who ever since the early 80s, are still around and are the ONLY surviving video game and console company around.

  43. Not to mention that Nintendo destroys Sony not just in consoles but handhelds too:
    Nintendo DS – 146.42 million, as of 31 March 2011
    Game Boy Advance – 81.51 million, as of 31 March 2011
    PlayStation Portable – 70 million units as of April 27, 2011.
    Check mate Tretton. Even last gen’s portable is murdering Sony’s current one. Sony fanboys just got owned.

  44. Well see bout that chief Wii U is going to kick some butts… ooh and don’t forget that IT ONLY DOES OFFLINE!

  45. JESUS!! jajaja I will love to state all this points into a Sony conference, xD jjajaja watching how sony twist on their failure!! greatly awesome jajajaja guy u give me reasons for live every day jaja

  46. “HD in 2006”
    Good point, the wii shoul’ve had supported HD from start, but he is saying this as if the only new thing from the Wii U is the HD graphics, which is obviously not.

    The new controller has a lot of potential and I am sure it will have a lot more uses than the admittedly gimmicky Wii controller.

    EA Sports Representative already said that the Wii’s online was great, SEGA is showing support, the Wii U has been reportedly 50% more powerful than ps3, and this is just with early development kits.

    Then comes the whole “lolnintydoesnthavedvs’s”
    While adding a DVD player or Blu-Ray player to your console is nice, it will made the final price higher, Ninty cannot afford that, as remember, that unlike Sony and Microsoft Nintendo’s profit DEPENDS MAINLY ON VIDEO GAMES, Sony and Microsoft both all have different sources of income, they can afford to make their consoles multimedia since they will profit on the long run, Nintendo knows what they should and should not do, and they clearly have showed it.

    Plus the 360 is a lot better Multimedia console than ps3 anyways.
    People seem to forget than Wii’s problem wasn’t graphics it was processing power and online.
    This two issues are going to (hopefully) be a lot better than the Wii’s.
    Now I am trying to be as unbiased as I can, I actually like the ps3 more than Xbox (mainly cause of its exclusives) But the CEO is obviously considering the possibility of a new console.
    Saying “yep, we making new console lol”
    Would make PS3 sales decline ever further, why get a ps3 when knowing that its successor its on the way?

    The very same thing happened with Wii on the last year people.

    Also Nintendo has F-Zero franchise so instant-buy lopl

  47. I think wii u will outsell the ps3. But I also have a question which makes me think the vita has already failed. If my psp refused to charge, I can go buy a new battery anywhere. Now the ps vita won’t have a removable battery so if it messes up do I have to buy a whole new one? Not smart sony

    1. Yea.. and this is why the iphone, Ipad, and other similar devices have failed? Your an idiot lol

  48. Why do people care about DVD and BlueRay? The only time i watch a DVD is when i rent it and guess what i own a proper Blueray/DVD Player stereo system! DVD player for DVD games console for games…herp durp

  49. Bahahaha! Sony: the Wii is nothing for us! *some time later they rip off the wiimote*(and add a little glowing ball derp!)

    Sony: We have grown up stuff we will dominate! *the wii outsells the PS3 by far*(Super Mario and Link gives Sony the middle finger)

    1. This is exactly why I chose a PS3. While Xbox and Wii fanboys are digging through sales figures, Were all playing online with people who aren’t all whiney brats and little kids.

      1. Yeah but dude, your system has it’s own whiny brats… the Sony execs. I like the system, but Sony is so prickish at every turn.

  50. “Our attitude is kind of ‘welcome to the party.’ If you’re looking at being a multimedia entertainment device, if you’re looking at high def gaming, that was 2006 for us.”

    …Jack Tretton says as he tried to pitch his Wii remote rip-off at E3. Seriously, motion control gimmicks were 2006 for Nintendo, so I guess Nintendo’s attitude must have been “welcome to the party”, lol.

    “PlayStation 3 is really just hitting its stride. And technologically, I don’t think it’s possible to provide any advancement beyond what we have,”

    Well, uh, that’s too bad, seeing how it’s a proven fact that the Wii U is a technological advancement beyond what you already have…

    “What we’ve seen from the competition is trying to add features that already exist in PlayStation 3. We invested heavily in that, we rolled a very heavy rock up a steep hill, through the launch period. But now I think that all pays off, and we’ve got a long run way behind it. So, I wouldn’t look for any discussion of a next generation PlayStation for quite some time.”

    Once again it’s surreal to see Sony implying that Nintendo is ripping off basic features from the PS3 as they try to move their blatant Wii remote rip-offs. Well I guess they’re more saying Sony is behind of everyone and has just caught up but didn’t want to give credit to their other competition so that makes sense, but still it was poorly said and they’re really not in as much of a position to speculate as they seem to think.

    Whatever, in the end I’m happy Sony (and hopefully MS, too) isn’t planning on releasing their next gen console as it gives Nintendo time to play catch up. I just hope the Wii U doesn’t end up like the Dreamcast, as I am already a little bit thrown off of it personally, as I would have preferred fewer gimmicks, fewer Wii remotes, and more new controllers. I guess only time will tell, but the Wii U either has a good advantage in where its releasing or a terrible disadvantage.

  51. I’ve never seen such terrible fanboyism in my life. It’s fine to have an opinion on something, but you guys are just being entirely classless about it…
    By the way, they are machines, you don’t have to have a mental breakdown because the mean Sony president made fun of your new favorite Game Console.

  52. Goddammit Sony. I like the PS3 and really all your systems, but I fucking hate you as a company. You rip off Nintendo while insulting them at every opportunity. Freaking Sony. There is no excuse for your childish behaviour. If it weren’t for MGS4, LBG, and the like, I wouldn’t even want a PS3. I plan on getting one, but Sony isn’t making me WANT it.

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