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Nintendo 3DS: Limited Edition Zelda Ocarina Of Time Soundtracks Have All Gone In Europe

Many eager gamers have desperately been trying to register their copies of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D only to find out that they’re greeted by an error message stating that “An error occurred when your data were being validated.” What this actually means is that Nintendo has allocated all the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time soundtrack CD’s to the first 2000 customers who registered the game. So if you’re trying to register the game now to get the CD then unfortunately I’m afraid you’re out of luck.

A forum member over at ONM decided to phone up Nintendo and ask what the issue was, only for the reply to be that all the 1000-2000 slots for the free soundtrack had now been filled despite no mention of a first-come, first-served basis, but instead the website just saying that users who want the chance to get their hands on a copy of the soundtrack must register their game code before June 30th.


Tip: Harry Zing



    1. Still available, at least, I didn’t get an error code when I registered. I assume that means I get a copy?!

      PS. US didn’t get a damn thing with pre-order BUT, the game is STUNNING! Character and cut scene graphics have indeed been updated, the visuals of the sun and moon are amazing…

      Nintendo, I have to hand it to you. Mighty fine job on making Hyrule 3D. It’s like playing it again for the first time.

      And OMG, the use of the gyroscope? Genius.


  1. I sincerely hope they’re going to have a few more than 2,000 of those soundtracks in the US… There’s kind of a large audience for the game…


      1. Yes. I hope you don’t have a popup blocker on for Nintendo’s site. I got a popup that said, “you won’t get this offer again.”

        Yep. Email nintendo and cross your fingers.

        (or call them on Monday)


      2. Good news everyone! This is straight off of club nintendo’s website (north america):

        “Register The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time™ 3D game and complete the registration survey to qualify.
        Everyone who completes a survey for The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time™ 3D game by midnight, Pacific Time on Monday June 20, 2011 will receive the soundtrack CD. You will receive an email confirmation within 7 days to confirming we have placed your order.
        Please ensure the address on your account is your valid mailing address, so we can send the CD to you.”


      3. Nintendo has some real communication issues, period.

        This info wasn’t given to the NOA reps before we all decended on them earlier today.

        Still, If it is true, I’m glad NOA is at least making good on things.

        Also, Zelda OOT 3D is amazing, you know me, I’ll complain at everything, but playing this game… It’s simply beautiful. Without the posters ( which I didn’t get), and without the CD (which only God knows if I’ll get), the game is worth buying. It’s truly breathtaking.



  2. Ugh. And of course there are problems in the US. I got my game 10 minutes after my GameStop opened, registered it 10 minutes later, and no effing thing came up. Most likely not getting it like many other people who got this problem.


      1. NOA is only open Mon – Friday 800-255-3700 (US only) I think 8 or 9 pacific is when the line opens…

        Don’t quote me, but I’m pretty sure.


      2. Nah, people are getting through. If that is their regular time they probably stayed open since this was a big launch


  3. Yeah they said during the e3 conference it would be whilst stocks last :/ It was pretty obvious they’d all go in a day or two.

    What annoys me is about a week ago I was looking on the official site and it said you could only be eligable to get a free soundtrack if you live in the US or Canada. But now it turns out you COULD have got one for living in Europe but they’re already gone!? What a piss-take!


  4. I tried registering mine and no confirmation pop up came up. Then again that was at 11am EST and the cd was available starting 12am PST. I bet all the west states sucked them up. D:


  5. They said it was first come-first served at E3.

    But I got mine on Friday morning no problem. Even got an email confirmation.

    I did ring up Nintendo on Friday since it wouldn’t let me log in and they told me there was only 100 for UK + Europe.


  6. Upon completing the registration for the Zelda CD in Europe (UK to be exact) I was taken to the Wario Page Not Found page.

    The offer displayed on the pages clearly said register before 30th June to receive a copy of the soundtrack. There were no indications that it was while stocks lasted.

    This is pretty shoddy stuff, Nintendo.


  7. I registered my copy as soon as it came through the door, but it wouldn’t let me “submit” my address! I was extremely disappointed and have emailed Nintendo about this, but they’ve yet to get back to me…


  8. What the hell?! The site is only back online since today, before that you couldn’t even register. I registered this morning and got the same error. What a goddamn lame excuse. I got my game on Wednesday 2 days before the release, but doing to those fucked up hackers they removed the site and now I’m screwed. Will call them tomorrow as I mailed them, but didn’t get a reply. I’m seriously pissed.


  9. You camplain that this happened! At least you had a chance to get it! Here in Brazil we don’t have Nintendo Club or anything like this :(

    It looks like that in Japan also got out of stock.


  10. Total bullshit of an offer if that’s true. GAME have screwed me then, dispatched it on Tue apparently yet here I am still waiting to get the bloody game!

    What is the point in Nintendo saying you have until 30th June to register it?!? They obviously weren’t expecting to sell very many copies if they only allocate a shit amount of soundtracks.

    Off to illegally download it then!


  11. as said by several people above, there was no mention of it being limited stock on the application page just to register before 30/6 to get a copy. pathetic

    btw, not everybody watches e3 presentations or reads all of the news so miyamoto saying it was limited edition means nothing. everybody’s expectations were based on what they read on the website


  12. Gamestop promised a poster with the game, but they didn’t give me anything! As for the CD, you need to complete the survey first. Then you’ll be taken to the main page where you can see surveys that you have completed. Give it a few seconds, and there will be a pop up window for the CD. I’m getting mine!!!


    1. (I didn’t get my poster either)

      Also, not to rain on your parade, but I did all of what you said (survey and all), then called nintendo out of paranoia, only to find, the “offer survey” didn’t work. I wasn’t registered for the CD.

      You might want to call them my friend….


  13. Whoo, i got my copy on Thursday, registered first thing Friday morning and they will send it within 8 weeks.

    I wonder why it takes 2 months for them to send over a CD though, just like products bought with star points… it takes an eternity!

    Im totally in love with this game again!


  14. You were all making me paranoid, so I called Nintendo.

    I got the popup/ splash screen, I accepted, No errors.

    Guess what? They don’t have me on file to get the CD. They said tere must have been an error and they will contact me in a day or so.

    Hence, why my screen name is “Jaded.” I followed every step without a problem – still they said I am not registered to get a CD.

    G. Damn it Nintendo. Fix this.

    (if you live in brazil, there is a free podcast that has most of the music so yoi can listen on your ipod ;)


  15. I registered it at 12 AM Pacific Time, the earliest you could. I qualified for the offer, but I accidentally pressed the back button. I e-mailed Nintendo, and they replied, saying they’ll send it to me.

    I am so lucky.


  16. I’m scared, OoT hasn’t arrived yet where I live and I’m afraid that when i’m able to buy it it will be too late…nintendo knowing how big the Zelda audience is, should make even more soundtracks, 2000 copies is certainly not enough and will actually get people upset.


  17. Hahahahahah. I brought my laptop with me and got mines as soon as I left Gamestop. :P Is it out in the US yet? I’m hearing a lot on the forums saying that they’re out of stock/no pop-up


  18. I registered the game on the 17th, the day of the release in EU. I am going to get the cd in 8 weeks!?

    Weird it isn’t mentioned on the nintendo site that it’s a limited offer..

    Hope you all get the cd somehow! Don’t give up on it!


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  20. Ok

    We can all carm down.

    Called Nintendo UK and there was indeed an issue with their web site

    No limited numbers and they will post instructions on the web site on how we will supply our address to them

    Happy Days



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