Nintendo 3DS: Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D Soundtrack Offer Extended In US

Nintendo of America has announced that the company plan to extend The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D soundtrack availability to midnight tonight. In order to get the legendary soundtrack Club Nintendo members will need to register the game and complete a short survey. Clearly this is fantastic news for those Club Nintendo members who’ve yet to redeem their free CD. Has everyone registered their copies?

“Due to strong demand and technical issues, we are extending this offer. Members who register the game by midnight, Pacific Time on Monday June 20, 2011 will receive the soundtrack CD.”



  1. I had finished the servey before they made this announcement and was convinced I lost my chance. So now that i ts back on, do I wait for them to send the confirmation email orr have I lucked out completely? Seriously wanted this soundtrack.

    1. That was exactly my question too, man. I finished the survey first thing yesterday and got no pop-up, but their new message implies that we’re all getting it as long as the register date is correct and we have an addie?

      Maybe Sickr can get a word from Nintendo on it!

      1. If you have ANY question about it, call Nintendo Customer service at 1-800-255-3700 and you can check with to see if it went through.

        I called earlier, found I had a different issue, and got it resolved. Nintendo Customer Service is awesome.

        1. THANK YOU for posting that. Apparently it didn’t seem like I was going to get the CD till I called. Now I should be getting it. Phew!

      2. Ha, I called Nintendo twice today to find out exactly where my review copy of Ocarina of Time has got to. I don’t think they will appreciate me ringing them again so soon. You would be best speaking to the standard Customer Services.

        1. It seems to be a toughie getting through on the phone at random, spent a while waiting on queue until I had to go back to work. From a NoA tech replying to questions on a different forum, apparently:


          Due to strong demand and technical issues, we are extending this offer. All members who register the game by midnight PST/11:59pm PST Monday June 20th, 2011, will receive The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Soundtrack CD.

          The process is automatic; you will not see a pop-up or other messages about the CD.

          If you have registered The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D game successfully, you do not need to contact Nintendo’s Consumer Service department to have the CD sent.

          Thank you for your patience and interest,


          So we just wait, I think, it seems, according to this internet!

          1. The suspense of waiting to see if we got such a limited edition item is really killing me.. something tells me I’m gonna be checking my email inbox for the next week and a half :(

  2. Damn it. If I had known it was extended, I would’ve got my copy of OoT today despite being low on money til payday

  3. i lost the thing to register it and i don’t want to break open my friends copy today before i give it to him as his present just to get a free cd… maybe he wont mind?

  4. I have a long list of “fails” for nintendo this year… I’m happy to add a few “Wins”

    OOT 3D kicks ass

    They are making good on the soundtrack offer.

    Thanks N. :)

  5. What is the point of pre order the game if I could not have the chance to get the soundtrack??? I live in Venezuela and I still have to wait like a week for the game to arrive here so… I pre-order it since april and I will not have the chance to get the soundtrack… Maybe Nintendo could make it a Pre-order bonus =(…

  6. They should’ve had a collector’s edition even if we had to pay more. That way, everyone getting that would have gotten something like a especial packaging, the CD, maybe a game world map on a piece of cloth, a bunch of Zelda stickers or maybe even a Link/Zelda plushy!

    I guess their idea was to give out a couple of thousand CD’s, but the demand for both the game and the CD got so strong that now they are forced to print more. Everyone now gets a free CD if you register by midnight! It’s a given that once the CD’s roll out, the songs will be up for download everywhere, but having the physical CD as a collector’s item is something you cannot download. I hope they learn the lesson for Skyward Sword.

    Now, I demand a collector’s edition for Skyward Sword with a Linnk/Zelda plushy! I’d pay $100 just for that with a badass art work for the box.

  7. Nintendo came through for me! :) My confirmation for the CD arrived sometime while I was slumbering and the order inquiry is on my Club Nintendo account. They’re supposed to be shipping the week of July 5th, no doubt do to the heavy volume of CD’s they now need to acquire.

  8. I got OoT yesterday, and registered it for the sake of coins… I thought that by then I wouldn’t get the CD. Then I read that if I registered it by midnight pacific time… I completed the registration for the CD more than the coins. Glad that NoA pulled through for us… Thank you Reggie!

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