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Nintendo Wii U: Miyamoto Confirms Zelda HD Is Coming To Wii U

Shigeru Miyamoto has finally confirmed that an HD Zelda title is currently in development for the Wii U. Miyamoto wouldn’t announce whether it would be a launch title, but he did say that that game would introduce some interesting new gameplay experiences, which include some of the features that were introduced in the spectacular E3 Zelda demo. Who’s excited?

“This is an HD system, our first HD system, and we want to create a real HD Zelda game for it,” he said. “You will see a lot of these in-depth and deep experiences in terms of visual style. You will also see some play styles that are fun and interesting because of the play structure.”


74 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Miyamoto Confirms Zelda HD Is Coming To Wii U”



    Seriously stoked now. I just hope it doesn’t take five years. What am I saying?!? I’d wait five years for a Zelda title!

    1. What are you, high? That would be horrible. TP is the worse Zelda in the series (barring the CDi incarnation). Granted, being the worst Zelda game still means being a very well made game and all, but of all the Zelda games, TP is definitely NOT the one they should do in HD. In fact, they shouldn’t remake ANY of them in HD until they make an entirely new one first. After that? I’ve always wanted to see if they could do with A Link To The Past what SquareEnix did with the NES/SNES Final Fantasy games (make them 3d). THAT would be amazingly dope!

      1. I agree tp wasn’t the best game, but I still think it was pretty good and there were a lot of good things about it, but I wouldn’t say it was the worst

      2. Twilight Princess was frickin amazing, and while it may not you’re favorite (I really dont understand how any Zelda fan could even kinda dislike that game), I feel like most Zelda fans would DEFINITELY way rather have a realistic more serious Zelda in HD than another kid friendly cel-shaded one. What the hells the point of a game in HD if it looks like a cartoon?

  2. Release date…. 2015. Lol just kidding. But I’m super excited. The Zelda franchise is alive and well.

  3. A Zelda being made for a Nintendo console!?!? Shock horror!!

    In all seriousness it sounds promising that if they’re working on it already it could be a launch title, or at least be close to launch. That’d convince a lot of people to actually pick up the console I think.

  4. weird. i thought miyamoto said he’d give up on making zelda games if skyward sword didn’t turn out to be the best in the series. i knew he wouldn’t :)

    1. well let buy on holiday skyward sword first all zelda fan too because he might cancel this hd game and dont forget skyward sword will be release on holiday and if we get it on christmast all zelda fan of course he will still make Games many of course

  5. That tech demo looked stunning! I didn’t think they would turn it into a real game. However, don’t expect it to be a launch title. They made that demo using early dev kits, so that wasn’t final. Plus, designing a new Zelda game takes ages, so it might be a while before we get it.

    Having said that, that HD Zelda looked far better than any other fantasy game I’ve seen this gen! The detail pf the Temple of Time, Ghonma, Navy, and how well they animated Link and his hair! And the water lookedlike real water.

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  7. im not gonna jump on board till i see gameplay

    its all well and good to say that they are making Zelda, SSM4 ect

    also …. this being nintendo i’m a little afraid that they might mess this up and make it a ‘toon link’ style game

      1. You have Oot and MM, realistic somewhat serious style games, then we have the Spaceworld 2000 Zelda demo and what do we get? A cartoon. Just didnt sit well with people.

        Besides, we already got 3 cel-shaded games, step aside and let us have some TP artstyle.

        Plus whats the point of showcasing 1080p HD graphics with a cartoon?

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  9. lmao, Nintendo just confirmed a Zelda game for their new system? I love how they feel the need to announce something so obvious XD

  10. I know this has to be done to win back some wayward fans, so I’ll go along with it. It looks great and I can’t wait to see what this materializes as.

    At the same time, I love when they experiment with different artstyles. I do believe having a game based on the E3 2011 video is necessary, but I don’t want to see every Zelda game looking like this from now on. It would become boring visually (not accounting for gameplay, obviously). I could even accept this look in a game with a Twin Peaks atmosphere à la Link’s Awakening, but it’s very risky for a game to visually hang its hat on looking like this.

  11. I at least hope that they have it look like the demo and not make it something completely different. Remember back when the Gamecube Zelda was shown and it showed Link and Ganondorf fighting and then the next thing we saw was Wind Waker. Yes, Wind Waker is a great Zelda game and shouldn’t be judged by its appearance. However, I favor the more realistic Twilight Princess and this HD style.

  12. Wow VERY excited! I knew they had to make one for the Wii U. I hope they work hard to bring this game with the launch of Wii U.

    1. why do you guys think its gonna be at launch (1) when the Wii U releases a few months before a new Zelda game (2) Zelda games take about six years to make (unlike call of duty) and the system is not even fully developed

  13. Oh my god, I can’t wait. Zelda on HD, remake of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword’s Motion Plus play!!!! If there is anything better to be made, do it NOW!

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  16. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. Awesome. Just please make Link left-handed like he should be. I don’t know why I’m so anal about it, but when it comes to traditions being broken (for example, a Final Fantasy game getting a sequal, like Final Fantasy X-2), it turns me off, and I’m sure I’m not alone on this.

    I was glad Twilight Princess came out on Gamecube with his native handedness. I understand why he is right-handed in Skyward Sword, however. But please let him be left-handed like he should for the rest of the series (except when it has the Wii remote in use, which I doubt with the Wii U).

  18. I`m betting they do what they did with OOT for the 3Ds, except this time it`ll be Twilight Princess.This would keep people at bay while they make an original Zelda game. As long as they add some extra content and optional control schemes to it, i`d buy one.

    1. why would they make twilight princess over if it was already on both the game-cube and Wii and the Wii U will play Wii games

  19. i beleive Aonuma…. said he wants a realistic zelda….and wanted skyward sword to be as well??? so it will probably be that…but i can see them taking an HD artistic style…and trying to put their twist on it…im thinking like a silouhette with bright colors detail…hard to describe my vision

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  21. At the current rate that they are developing console Zelda games, we will get this around 2016.

    I’m a freshman right now, but I should have my Masters by then and be working on a Doctorate! Which means no time for Zelda.

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  25. im just as excited as all the other commenters!! :D but i must be honest, since skyward sword took 5-6 years to make, and this one only started production about a month ago, its likely to release in 2014-2015 :( im sad about that cos i really cant wait but also really dont want to see it sooner than that cos i want them to give it their 100% when making it cos the zelda series deserves their 100% effort :D

  26. Nintendo owns zelda so i know they would want it to be a release title or shortly there after release. only time will tell but for Nintendo its all about moving there units. sky ward sword was great and helped to move more wii units just not sure it should take that long to make.

    1. oh my god a new zelda game can’t wait…although I hope that it will be a new story…hopefully something with dark Link involved (or at least a TP sequel)

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