Nintendo Wii: Dissatisfied Wii Fans Push “Monado” To Amazon’s Number One Bestseller

North American Wii owners who’re dissatisfied with Nintendo’s decision not to publish the highly regarded Xenoblade in the United States have made a stand on Amazon. The team known as Operation Rainfall have made Monado the number one best selling game on Amazon. Monado, which is the original name for Xenoblade, is currently available to pre-order on Amazon. Lets hope Nintendo take note!



  1. Yes! NOA has to notice us fans soon, if they haven’t already! I think the Operation Rainfall campaign is a good one. We’re peacefully protesting, not hacking or attacking. And we’ll be boosting the USPS once all those letters go out to Reggie in July. Everyone wins! XD

  2. I did my part. Usually I get Nintendo games at the store because they are release on Sundays, but I’m supporting this. I wasn’t going to write a letter to NoA, but I’m going to now. There’s no reason for them to hold back such a release.

    Zelda is my all time favorite series, but I’m telling you, if we don’t get ANY word of confirmation for those 3 big RPG’s, I’m boycotting Skyward Sword. It’s my most anticipated game this year on any system, but let’s see if they notice us by doing that.

  3. Hmm I would like to try this game. If people protest for this game, it must be good.

  4. Would simple protest such as this get game releases in Australia? Will it get a game release in any country where it is deemed not a finacial gain due to taxs and restrictions to produce it there?

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