Nintendo Wii: Capcom Would Love To Bring Resident Evil To Wii U

Raccoon City producer Masachika Kawata has explained to CVG that Capcom would love to bring the Resident Evil franchise to the Wii U. Whilst no official decision has been made, Kawata stated that it’s something he would ‘love to do’. With Capcom providing a lot of support for the Nintendo 3DS, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if a Resident Evil title did eventually come to Wii U. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

“Whether or not we actually will develop a Resident Evil title for Wii U, we’ll put that aside as obviously I don’t know yet,” said Kawata.

“But for me personally, I’d love to do just that. It’s a very, very interesting piece of hardware. Whenever I see new game machines and their new possibilities get into my head, the ideas just start flowing. I’d absolutely love to make a Resident Evil on it. I really love the idea of being able to play the game even if my wife or my kids come and steal the TV. That’s great, brilliant.”

“As a game designer, when I see Wii U, my first thoughts are: ‘Oh wow, I could do this or that, or what would happen if I try to make a game like X,Y or Z.’ My motivation instantly goes through the roof and I want to try a lot of interesting new things. Nothing’s been decided specifically for Resident Evil but it certainly would be interesting.”



  1. I can feel his excitement through his words. I imaged him sounding like a 13 year old that’s jacked up on Mountain Dew.

  2. I don’t even care which of the Nintendo platforms they put it on, but Breath of Fire damn it. It was always my favorite Capcom series.

    …and a more sandbox-y BeatDown…and God Hand. That’s it.

  3. Awesome Capcom! Thing is I hope they bring RE5 to the Wii U since they promised if RE5 sold a lot, they would bring it to the Wii…but they didn’t. Or make a Mercenaries Reunion game with ALL or most Characters from the series and make stages from all the series for a new mercenaries Reunion…like RE Mercernaries 3D.

  4. Sure, that would be great. Then I could play through it once and have it be useless, provided Capcom’s direction continues.

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