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Nintendo 3DS: First Shot Of The Red Nintendo 3DS Out In The Wild

We’ve seen a few promotional shots of the Flare Red Nintendo 3DS but this is the first time we’ve seen an actual unit. There’s still no word from Nintendo as to whether the Flare Red 3DS is coming to the West. It’s currently scheduled to be released in Japan on July 14th and comes with a reasonable ¥25,000 price tag. Hopefully Nintendo Europe and Nintendo America will announce something fairly soon. Who wants one?



41 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: First Shot Of The Red Nintendo 3DS Out In The Wild”

  1. i dont see why a lot of people want a red one… im fine with black but if they let you trade in a black for a red for free i might

  2. Kalandapandahormindatag shakalatamari

    I have had a blue ds, a red ds lite and a black dsi so i haven’t bothered getting the 3ds yet. I’m waiting for a new colour that i haven’t had like yellow, green, purple, white maybe? Or even better, i may get one of those limited edition ones that get bundled with games. Let’s hope for an animal crossing bundle.

    1. I’m surprised you are holding out buying a brand new handheld system considering that you have already purchased three versions of the same system.

  3. My friend won’t get one until she can have a red one. Apparently I have to wait for her to get one before I can get one, otherwise we can’t play Ocarina at the same time. BAH

  4. They F’n better drop that in the west! we want them to u know and it means more $ for u guys. It would be stupid not to release it in the West!! I will be very mad if U don’t :/

  5. I know my friend wants one… I really liked that orange and purple one they had, but I’m fine with my Aqua Blue

  6. i think there should be designs and colours based on different nintendo characters. for example red for mario, green for luigi and yoshi, red and yellow for samus, dark green for link, pink for kirby and there is a pic of them for example.

    that would be cool.

  7. you know what i want? a decent bundle pack for the 3ds. then maybe, just maybe, i would pay a whopping 250$ for a portable game system which has not only gone backwards in time with size and battery, but has no decent games. give me my new pokemon “grey” lol and give me a grey 3ds to go with it. perfect bundle right there!!!

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  9. blue > red for me, happy with my blue one.

    OOT and quality VC is all the games I need for the time being. Almost done with master quest, and can jump into Link’s Awakening.

  10. Looks nice. Wish they had it at launch but im good with my black one. This will probably be out in the states by september or october. It should come bundled with super mario 3d.

  11. Red was my favorite color of the main three they showed off last year. My favorite was the orange though. The orange just had a golden look to it but the red color suits the most games. It’s still quite awhile until I have enough money for one, so I hope the red’s out by the time I do. If not I’ll be getting the black one.

  12. North America is going to f’ this up, I’m sure of it. If they’d sell it Herr, then I would actually buy one. Otherwise, I will just wait for the next 3ds iteration.

  13. I’m fine with my black one, I am still waiting for an orange one though, that is a color I haven’t seen in a handheld, I would defiantly trade or purchase one for an orange one.

  14. I’m waiting for the colour to be changed on the analogue pad; To a colour that does’nt become dominated by sweat-stain yellow over time.

  15. It’s my son’s Birthday today – I bought him a black 3DS but he wanted a red one. NOW I read this?! :I

  16. You know, I’ve always wondered why they wait so long in releasing different colors for systems. Is it really that difficult for Nintendo to release a new color?!? It’s not like they’re changing any hardware at all. I dont see how waiting a year to plop a different color of paint into their factory machines will make them any more money…

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