Nintendo Wii: The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Could Be Nintendo’s Final Wii Game

If you’ve looked at Nintendo’s recent release schedule you can tell that first party support is drying up for the console. Saying that we’ve still got some great games to come such as Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Mario Party, Kirby and Pandora’s Tower. But it seems as though The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword could well be the final game from Nintendo for the Wii.

“Well, Skyward Sword as a title in general is not about… It takes good advantage of the Wii, but it’s really focused on motion plus functionality using your sword and your shield and the kind of tracking controls that are possible because of motion plus, not just with your sword but with a whole variety of different gameplay options that are all controlled by motion plus,” Aonuma said. “It’s a game that uses that as a central point of reference for gameplay and we really expand and iterate on that. As you mentioned, sure it’s possible that this could be one of the last titles for the Wii from Nintendo, but I certainly didn’t get the sensation that this is it – we’ve done everything we can. When making the game, it wasn’t even something I really paid attention to.”

“We just focused on really expanding with motion plus and doing everything we could with that feature since it was sort of the backbone [of the project]. But there’s always more to iterate on, so gameplay possibilities will continue to grow regardless of system.”

– Eiji Aonuma, Zelda producer



  1. There is still Mario Party 9 which has no release date at all. And mario and sonic london games.

    1. I already mentioned Mario Party and Mario and Sonic is produced by Sega. Would be nice to have some new Wii games from Nintendo before Wii U seeing as Zelda is due to be released later this year.

      1. they should really wait to release Wii U till christmas so they can focus on some good launch titles. plus they still have the 3ds and ds. They could make wii games like another wii,sports or something. They really need to take some time for the Wii U so it can have a successful debut.

        1. Nintendo will definitely wait until after E3 2012 to release Wii U so they can show it off more, but I think they will have a late summer/early fall release in order sell to the “must-have-it-now” crowd; and still have enough console ready for high sales in the holiday season. When Wii came out in November 2006, no one could get one without waiting in line, and most were not even be able to get one. That is not what happened to 3DS, which was still widely available during the launch week because it was in March (and because of few launch titles).

          1. The only reason there was plenty of 3dss on store shelves because it didn’t sell very well but I really hope that changes this holiday season the sales for the 3ds are still under 4 million worldwide and I think it’s mostly because there isn’t any awesome 1st party titles out for it yet except Oot and that hasn’t even sold a million yet…I really want the wii U and the 3ds to sell very well but it will be interesting to see how the vita does at launch

            1. Yes, It’s important to put it into perspective that the 3DS has only been on the market for 4 months (most consoles don’t even hit their peak until the 3rd year). It also sold slowly because most people don’t make these types of purchase until peak seasons, when people have money they plan on spending (such as holidays). A lack of first-party titles at launch is important to people who already own the system because they are the primary adaptors. But, for people who don’t get one until Christmas, Nintendo has their lineup set for at least 5 new first-party titles, 4 of which we’ll get before the end of the year. An average of one new first-party title per month. Considering that Nintendo alone will have at least 5 decent titles alone within the first 9+ months of the 3DS release, the only one to step up to the plate now is some aggressive 3rd party developers.

    2. “Mario and Sonic London games” was developed by SEGA and published by SEGA in NA and EU.

  2. That’s fine; I honestly don’t see the problem here. It just means that the Wii will have a great swansong from Nintendo before they focus entirely upon its successor.

  3. total bullshit, if kirby wii, xenoblade, the last story, and pandora’s tower aren’t coming then i have 3 words…


    1. Kirby Wii is obviously done and coming, but rest are locked out because of whatever reason Nintendo has. End of story. To use such unnecessarily vitriolic language toward a company that has supplied hundreds of hours of top-notch gameplay and innovation makes you sound like one of those spoiled bitches who whine about their rich parents not buying them the “right” Porsche for their 16th birthday.

  4. I had assumed this to be the case. Same as how Twilight Princess closed the Gamecube chapter. Although I’d prefer it if Nintendo would release major Zelda titles about a year into each console’s life, instead of at the end of it.

  5. Article Title (of source):
    Skyward Sword might be Nintendo’s last Wii title

    Photo Caption: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be the final farewell to Wii

    Actual Quote: “As you mentioned, sure it’s possible that this could be one of the last titles for the Wii from Nintendo, but I certainly didn’t get the sensation that this is it…”

    I really hate when journalists feel the need to twist words into a dramatic thing and then after reading the article you realize they’re just trying to get you to read it, and the facts are actually different. Maybe they have aspirations of working for fox news…

    And this isn’t really news, we already knew it would be one of the last titles for it. And just because it may be the absolute last: First, they never said when it comes out, so it can come out after Kirby, Last Story, Xenoblade, and Pandora’s Tower, so I’m not sure why people are getting upset about news that hasn’t even been announced, by an article that’s twisting the words of someone who said it may be ONE of the last titles, but he doesn’t seem to suggest it is even. Second, he states it “could be one of the last titles for the Wii from Nintendo,” not 3rd parties who may still release titles afterwards. Realistically, though, everyone WILL move on to Wii U around that time, which isn’t a bad thing.

  6. Since DKCR, Epic Yarn and Goldeneye there may be a current drought in effect, but I have actually been playing with my Wii (teehee) more then ever by playing all the past games I’d missed or not completed. Damn I love the Virtual Console.
    As I continue with this and add in Xenoblade (which I’ve ordered), Kirby and Zelda SS, then in the end (after the tenth SS playthrough) I still should have at least 6mths before WiiU.
    So what would I play… well since Sony, Microsoft and Apple don’t have anything to offer then I’m gonna be tapping into my GameCube collection and finally take advatage of Wii’s backward capability by playing Baten Kaitos and many others. easily killing a few months.

  7. Was Mii Motion Plus a wasted opportunity? I mean where the hell is a Star Wars WMP lightsaber game? Wii Sports Resort, Red Steel 2, Skyward Sword… I can’t think of anything else…

    1. They can’t even make a decent Star Wars game on any of the consoles nowadays if you ask me. (I thought the Force Unleashed games were meh)

    2. Developers were reluctant to use the one-to-one motion controls of Wii Motion Plus because not many people had them at first. They almost didn’t use this technology in Skyward Sword until Miyamoto told Aonuma what was up, and made sure it was the primary control for the game. However, it appears that The Wii Remote Plus’ gyroscope and accelerometer will be essential to the Wii U hardware. I can only assume that this technology will proliferate from the obscure to ubiquitous within the next year.

  8. Skyward Sword is scheduled to be released holiday season this year, and Wii U isn’t scheduled to be released until late 2012. I doubt Nintendo will go a whole year without making games. I am actually expecting Kirby Wii to be the final game made for the Wii. Either way any of us look at it, I think it’s safe to say that the Wii will go out with a bang.

    1. I doubt they will release Wii u in late 2012 and have nothing on the way til then. One of the developers mentioned it was to be release after their first quarter which is around E3 so I’d imagine it’ll launch around or after E3 next year. I hope so really I don’t think I could wait til next tgiving for it :-X

  9. If this is actually Nintendo’s last game for the console, that would be win. An excellent ending, I’d say.

  10. i still think the wii will last until early april of next year when the wii U finally launches.

    if skyward sword does become to be the last ever game released on it, then i think the best time to release it is during fall or by xmas.

    with the exception of this game, kirby and xenoblade which will all come out, there are still a few more games on the wii that deserve a release that still haven’t done so. which is dissappointing but the wii U, will hopefully make up for that.

  11. It’s not like he directly said that it’ll be the last Nintendo made game for the Wii. Even if it is, I’d rather see it go with Zelda than Kirby. I like Kirby but this Kirby Wii is too much like New Super Mario Bros Wii

  12. So after this Nintendo is done making games for the Wii but other developers is still making games for the wii (until it ends). i think that’s what it means.

  13. I think the Wii U is coming too early & the Wii has a lot of life left that Nintendo didn’t really game it. As I posted in another comment, the wii started with Wii Sports an I saw it like a demo, and i thought we were going to have more AAA games with those demo examples included. But Nintendo kinda stayed there in the Wii Sports scene. I think that the Wii was never given the change to give us a hardcore AAA RPG or even shooter. I never understood why we were given also new IPs & very unique experiences there. Operation Rainfall is the only hope for 3 new experiences on the Wii. :) I would have given the Wii at least 2 more years of life. We have awesome Wii games, but we could have more. n.n

  14. After E3 next year we will have to pour one out for our old friend the Nintendo Wii. We’ll miss you buddy, but don’t worry you’ll live on in your younger brother Wii U.

  15. I’m a pretty big Nintendo enthusiast but the Wii will be the last gaming console I will buy from Nintendo. It doesn’t have to be this way but their draconian attitude toward legitimate uses and copyright is too much for me. It could of been even more successful if they had free games, more channels, DVD playback, better third part support, lower prices for older games etc.. Sorry Nintendo but most users want more out their consoles then overpriced kiddie games with little to no replay value.

    Nintendo really went down the sh**hole once Microsoft bought Rareware!

    1. Looks like somebody hasn’t been paying attention. Rareware? What have they done of note since leaving Nintendo? Not much. Nintendo is so much bigger than Rare.

      Anyway it makes no sense arguing this point with you because I know you will buy a Wii U when it comes out.

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