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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Facing Stiff 3D Competition From Gameloft

Popular mobile developer Gameloft has disclosed that it has seventeen 3D games planned for mobile devices. These games aren’t simply disposable mini games but are titles such as Assassins Creed and Avatar all developed in 3D without the need for glasses. With more mobile developers and handset manufactures jumping on board the glasses-free band wagon, and offering games at an extremely cheap price point, do you think it’s time for Nintendo to consider changing its software pricing?



41 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Facing Stiff 3D Competition From Gameloft”

    1. This. Plus, a touch-screen only system wouldn’t be opportune for 3D, especially if that’s the same screen you’re touching. Aside from blocking the view, it would also leave too many prints and scratches. Sure it can happen on the 3DS, but a screen protector can resolve that.

  1. No! Mobile devices will never replace the true gaming feeling….not only battery issues which are involved, but also gameplay wise. Everyone who states different is not a true game too me. Sounds harsh but Ive tried multiple times….they are mini games…or bad ports (Plants vs. Zombies).

    PS>>> IMHO!

  2. Absolutley not. Copiers out there can try all they want, but will NEVER find that they can beat out the Big N.

  3. Everyone always hops on Nintendo’s stiff boner. They always innovate, then everyone copies, then they get all the respect cuz theirs is so called better. If it wasn’t for Nintendo, the world of gaming and innovation would be a sad world

  4. Why would I pay a monthly bill for 3D games on a smart phone when I can buy a 3DS from a company I love and pay only for the games I want to buy? -_O

  5. time for everyone to lower the cost of games, not just nintendo. $40 is way too much for new 3ds games. $60 is way too much for new ps3/360 games. and i bet wii u games will be $60 new…or maybe even more.

    and why are most pc versions of some ps3/360 game cheaper than the console versions?

  6. Err, if Nintendo drops the prices on their software, the production values/length/fun are going to plummet as well. Why it is that people can’t seem to grasp that games cost as much as they do because they cost *a lot* to produce *and* they need to make a profit.

    Sure, NIntendo could follow suit, but then every game would be on the order of an Art Style, etc. (good games, sure, but gamer cannot live on bite-sized gaming alone), since Nintendo doesn’t have the luxury of selling into a massive handset market.

    1. see that makes no sense because if the high cost really reflected to cost of making the game, then why are some pc versions of console games less (as an example)? for those games, the power they use, like graphics, are higher than console versions.

      anyways, you have it two ways:

      either a game is as expensive as hell at launch but not as many people buy it
      a game is cheaper so more people buy it

      either way, they still get the money

      ps vita games better not cost $50 or i’m just not getting one. the rising cost of games is getting ridiculous

      1. The on pc you don’t have to pay for development tools or do expensive r&d on a closed exotic system. If your game you can buy c and just make it all from scratch and not even pay a publisher. That’s why.

  7. I find it funny how Americans think $40 for a 3DS game is a lot. In my home country of Finland, 3DS games cost €60 (that’s over $80).

    1. then you have it worse. so…back to the other person, does it cost more to make games for Finland than the us? they’re the same game, how can it cost more in one country than another? it’s not reflected on cost, it’s greed

  8. So… Why is that former Sony guy sueing them? It is totally stollen from him, after all

    Oh, What… He only sued Nintendo because they are jelous that Nintendo is better.

  9. Isn’t gameloft the ones that make rip-offs of a lot of games? Unless they are able to pull off a creative design in their games, I doubt they would beat the big N. Also, even if those are not mini games, they just turn out to be short experiences with lacking content, therefore they can offer them for cheap. Games like Pokemon for the original GBC offer more content than phone games. That will eventually hit the 3DS’s virtual console for a cheap price to compete with these phone games. Also, no matter how impressive a game may be in a phone, gamers on phones look for cheap/free mini games rather than actual games; that’s why games like Angry Birds always sell more on phones.

  10. Depends on how good these games are.
    End of the day, I can’t really recall the last time I played a portable game that wasn’t. Less than incredible from Nintendo. Not to sound like a fanatic. I’m just saying, most times you get what u pay for. I’m not paying for 3D, I’m paying for good games that just so happen to be in 3D

    1. I agree, it is pretty expensive. Some Irish retailers still sell it at €275… I got it at €215 with Street Fighter free, though. :P

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  12. a 3ds game costs £30 pounds in the uk game loft just wants to rip them off.
    1.gameloft 3d phones will cost like £500 pounds and a 3ds costs £200.
    2. the phones will run out of battery in like half a hour the 3ds runs out in 3 hours.
    3. the games on the phone will be crap and expensive. The 3ds games are good and cost not as much

  13. Um, Gameloft already made those games (Avatar and Assassins Creed), so were those just examples of what could be? Because both those games were awful. I downloaded both demos on my phone, as well as several full versions of other game loft games during a sale. They all suck.

    That’s not to say Mobile gaming is awful, just Gameloft. Games designed entirely as mobile games, like Angry Birds, those tunnel games, and other such fun diversions are great.

  14. hi there way too much money at $60 that should be a bundele 3d game 3d movie and a 3d music video too realy put out as much 3d content as possable

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