Nintendo 3DS: Sony Strangely Believe That The Only Way To Enjoy 3D Is With 3D Glasses

Oh dear Sony. Why must you continously slam your competitors? Anyway, Mick Hocking, boss of Sony’s 3D gaming division, has told Eurogamer that he believes that the only way to enjoy 3D is by investing in a ridiculously priced 3D TV and wearing 3D glasses. Clearly he doesn’t own a Nintendo 3DS.

“We’ve also seen with mobile devices, if it’s a mobile device you move relative to your head and it’s got a 3D screen, that will break the 3D effect. It won’t work very well. There’s lots and lots of work going on on auto-stereoscopic screens because people wearing glasses is something extra for them to do to enjoy the content. We’ve been saying over the last 12 months, if the content is good enough and compelling enough, the only way at the moment to enjoy full high definition 3D is on TVs with the glasses.”



        1. I wear glasses too and i play long hours on 3DS no problems, i think that we all have to remember that 3D effects are still just an illusion, and not every person can see illusions the same as everyone else.

      1. Yeah dude. If the 3DS gives you headaches, you’re pretty much hosed on enjoying any kind of “real3D”.

        Sorry about your luck.

      2. Me too :(

        i tried 3DS out and my eyes were burning and my head was hurting. that’s why i did not buy it.

        when i go to see a 3d movie w/ my friends & wear glasses i find i don’t get that as much and i can enjoy the movie at any angle i sit in. while with the 3ds i have to keep moving and moving because the image is one sided and keeps disappearing.
        eyeburn+eyepain+uncomfortable one sided 3d=not fun gaming experience. :(

    1. Actually, much as I hate to say this, but I have to agree with him. I cannot get the 3D on the 3DS to work for me. No matter how I attempt to angle the screen, there are always double images.

      At this point I’ve given up on 3D and just turned it off.

      1. Wait, let me clarify: I agree with him that the 3DS does not work well. I do not agree that you need a big TV and glasses. I just hate 3D in general.

  1. I get it with TVs because if you sit anywhere but the middle it won’t be 3D, but handhelds and mobile devices work just fine in 3D without glasses.

        1. Yea, one that barely works, has a lot of design flaws, batteries die quick and is way too expensive for what little it offers.

          I work at a major retail chain store, & when ppl ask me which portable they should buy, I definitely recommend anything but the 3DS, & I make sure they they get well informed of how worthless and overpriced it is. They actually thank me at the end when they walk out with something better.

  2. Yes, and how about people who already have to wear glasses?

    That shit is uncomfortable as hell

    1. I;ve heard that from several people. I only recently started wearing glasses, so I wouldn’t know. I hate going to see 3D movies anyway unless it’s a REALLY good movie and the 3D doesn’t just show up at certain parts. I’m looking at you, Tron!

  3. The guy was probably drunk and couldn’t keep his head to move with the device.

    Sony, please just stay on making your TVs and crappy Speakers.

    1. And bluray and AR and HD and CD and two analogs and oled so Nintendo can copypaste and call “innovative”

      Plz keep doing that Sony b/c ninty really needs a major heads-up. Thanks! :)

      1. LOL You’re dumb kid. They didn’t come up with HD for one. 2. nintendo made the analog stick and sony took it and tried to one up them with 2. 3. Sony copies everyone. PS MOVE for example. 4. As for AR sony didn’t come up with that so don’t say nintendo copied that when sony did. 5. Sony can’t innovate which is why they thrive off of taking other ideas. 6. You’re just a dumb fanboy who makes biased comments on stuff you don’t know everything about. 7. Bluray isn’t that much greater than HD and you really think microsoft or some other company won’t make better?. 8. CD’s were out before ps1 so you really think anyone else would not have thought of using it for game storage?. Sony is good and all and every company like nintendo and microsoft and sony have bads and goods but it is fanboys like you who make gaming look stupid and shows how immature and biased most people are.

        1. LOL[.] You’re dumb[,] kid.

          Nintendo didn’t invent the analog stick. The first home console to feature an analog stick was Vectrex released 1983. Even PS1 Dual Analog Flight Stick was released before N64, which is the console Nintentards claim was the first to use analog.
          (The irony is Nintendo did not have a ‘real’ analog stick until the Gamecube. The N64 stick is basically an inverted ball mouse using light pulses to determine degree movement. In other words [for stupid PPL], it is digital. Analog sticks use voltage to determine degree of movement.)
          Nintendo didn’t invent motion sensing, either. Le Stick did, released for Commodore 64 and Atari2600. By your dumb logic, that would mean Nintendon’t stole from them.

          The first released console to use a touchscreen was Tiger in 1997, as well as PDAs, such as: Pilot1000 & 5000 released March 1996, included a stylus like the one DS copy-pasted. Then Tapwave Zodiac in October 2003. DS was released until November 21, 2004.

          The first console to use memory cards was Neo Geo = Nintendon’t copy-paste.

          The first home console light gun was released for Magnavox Odyssey in 1972 = Nintendon’t copy-paste.

          The first “connected” D-pad appeared in 1981 on “Cosmic Hunter” on Milton Bradley’s Microvision = Nintendon’t copy.

          The first home console steering wheel appeared on PS1 V3 released September 24, 1999 and then N64copy lagging behind September 27.

          The first wireless home console steering wheel was released for the Xbox November 2006. Then Playstation 2: Logitech Wireless Driving Force, which also works for PS3 released in 2007. Along comes Nintendon’t with their copy-pasted version released April 10, 2008 – two years after Microsoft and one after Sony.
          (Welcome to the party, Nintendon’t, you’re late as usual.)

          Atari invented cartridge based games = Nintendon’t copy.

          It’s fanboys/fantards like you who give Nintendo gamers a bad name. Instead of being biased claiming everyone copied Ninty and Ninty invented EVERYTHING, do your research on gaming’s real history, and not your make-believe fanboy fantasy fetish of everyone copying Ninty.

          I agree with Donzaloog, you should do your research or really STFU.

      2. Somebody doesn’t know their gaming history and should do research before speaking or STFU.

    2. ↑Oh and also 3rd party games like Metal Gear, Capcom, Okami, Rayman because Mario and Zelda are so much fun and are the only games I need. :)

      BTW when is Grand Theft Auto coming for Wii U, ya know, just asking because Mario & Zelda are just that fun. :)

      1. Yeah mate sorry to break it to you but the only thing Sony didn’t copypasta was it’s Blue Ray but even then it more then just Sony working on it. Intact all those techs were developed by other companies and being involved and for analog stick didn’t exist in the first lot of Ps1’s that was a copy of the N64 controller and Sega. Your precious wireless controller functionally was Nintendo wavebird.

        Learn to know your facts before you go here and back up a company that has done nothing but copy others.

        1. Hey, mate/dumbass. N64 was NOT the first to have analog sticks.
          Vectrex was, released 1982.

          Even so, PS1 Dual Analog Flight Stick was released April 1996
          N64 was released June 23, 1996 so Sony beat them by 2 months.
          (source: History of Sony’s Analog Controllers)

          Moving on

          The WaveBird Gamecube was also not the first wireless controller used in gaming Atari2700, 2600 wireless joystick controller, and Atari CX-42 were. Wavebird also used RF technology, the same that was already used in CX-42 controller.
          Like any Nintentard/child you make up BS to defend your childs’ play thing. Pathetic.
          “My Momma says she invented electricity”

          Learn to know your facts before you go here and embarass yourself by lying to defend a childrens’ company that has done nothing but copy others.

          Goodbye, loser, I can’t take a lier/kid seriously, especially one who doesn’t know the difference between ‘than’ and ‘then’.

          1. It doesn’t really matter what company copied what gaming is the only industry where people argue who copied what and did what when nobody does that about tvs cars phones etc get a life it’s about the product that has the most wide appeal at the time and for this generation it’s nintendo that doesn’t mean Sony and Microsoft don’t have good products it just means nintendo appeals to more people…they are all 3 great companies with there ups and downs… How about this…fucking nintendo Sony and Microsoft all copied pong those bastards


              And then when they get proven wrong, they pull out the next trump card outta their ass: “WHO CARES WHO MADE IT FIRST?!?!”

              Hilarious. It’s like watching my 5 year old sister being proven wrong. First she cries, then she tells mommy, then she says “Who cares who’s right? My little Pony is better.”

              Haha cracks me up.

              1. I wasn’t defending anybody in the statement I just made I was just saying it’s retarded arguing over who invented what and I won’t say if Sony is better or nintendo is better because that would be an opinion with no right answer so ppl like ford some people like chevy same think wolverine shut the fuck up

              2. To be fair MLP:FiM is the best show ever created. And THAT is undisputed. No, I’m completely serious. Seriously. It is amazing. Anyways, Sony still does fuck with Nintendo altogether too much, and they need to shut their damn mouths. Their behaviour towards their competition is literally one of the few things stopping me from getting a PS3. I mean, look at their shit, always shit-talking Nintendo while “developing” things like PS Move. I mean, seriously? Out of the three “main” companies for developing game systems, Sony takes up 99% of the shit-talk. Also, I’ve noticed a lot of “HURR NINTENDON’T GEDDIT LOLOLKKFSD” which is really revealing a lot of fanboyism. Honestly, that (to me) took away all form of actual substance to the people who used the phrase’s arguments. Even though some people had good historical points, it was no show of intelligence due to the fact I could go to wikipedia and figure out the same shit. I myself stick with Nintendo for it’s fun games that don’t feel the need to pull the focus from the game at hand to add in gratuitous violence and graphical masturbation. I do enjoy a bit of Halo, or Gears, but not in all too large amounts. Also, lol at people using 3rd party devs to argue in Sony’s case, while I’ve not seen Sony actually produce any games THEMSELVES, and having fully 3rd party gaming. Correct me if I’m wrong on that point, I just haven’t seen any. WHILE I CONSTANTLY DRIFT FROM THE POINT CONSTANTLY… Nintendo always seemed like it was good to it’s fans, and always focused on what matters in video game development. They always tried to bring something cool to the table, whether it had been done yet or not. Honestly, I think that maybe a lot of these “first” things, the things people use to counter the “NENTINDO DID THIS FIRST” argument, just mayyyy be kinda… not good. Once again, I myself can’t say much on this, but it sounds like the products were unsuccessful. That’s about all I can think to say right now, :/

              1. Which were made by Konami and Clover Studios, respectively, and not Sony.

                If you want to get technical, though, Sony “took” Metal Gear from Nintendo, who in turn “took” it from the MSX2.

                1. Metal Gear on NES doesn’t count because that one was done without Hideo Kojima’s consent or involvement or any other who worked on the original MSX2 version. On top of that, Kojima was vocal about his disappointment at changes made in it and how altered it was from the original – the story & even Snake’s backstory were altered + more.

                  Metal Gear Solid on the other hand is even titled: “The Original Playstation Game” = Nintendo Gamecube remake/rehash copy.
                  Okami was also released on Playstation before Nintendon’t.

                  Crash Bandicoot, originally a Playstation exclusive = Nintendon’t taking the leftover scraps.
                  I have yet to see Sony taking Mario or Zelda.

                  1. 1. It was still a Metal Gear game. It’s not enjoyed by the creator of the series and he considers in non-canonical, but that doesn’t make the NES Metal Gear game stop existing or anything.

                    2. Nintendo didn’t make or publish the GameCube remake. Konami did.
                    I am fully aware that Okami first came out for the PS2, but once again Nintendo had nothing to do with it being published on the Wii. Capcom did that.

                    3. Once again, Nintendo neither developed nor published those titles, and I would like to add that there have also been Xbox versions of some Crash Bandicoot games as well. Did Microsoft “steal” it too?

                    1. Once again, Metal Gear was done without Kojimas consent on NES & none of the original team who made original Metal Gear on home computer were responsible of making it, so it still doesn’t count- Kojima himself doesn’t approve- so from a creator’s point of view it doesn’t even count as a Metal Gear trademark game. I choose to go with him, not some fanboy’s opinion. & If I set that example, it was because you brought up Sony “stealing” Metal Gear from Nintendon’t. If anything Nintendon’t stole Metal Gear from the MSX2 without permission.

                      Also, during the Gamecube & N64’s era, Miyamoto (your God) admitted he used/stole ideas from others. Are you going to deny Miyamoto himself? (If u don’t believe me & u think I’m making up shit like u, I can provide many reliable links (like 1-up, Kotaku, G4, ect.) where he said this in an interview and also says he regrets not trying as hard as Sony to make entertaining games, SMH.

                      Cry some more fanboy.

                  2. Sounds like somebody doesn’t understand what first party games are. Let me explain, 1st party games are games made by the same people who produced the console it is played on. So that means that games like Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong are property of Nintendo and can’t be used by other companies, unless they wanna get sued or pay HUGE licensing fees and profits to the property’s owner.

                    1. Also since you’re citing games that came to Playstation first and Nintendo. I have one for ya. Resident Evil 4, first released for the Gamecube best game in the series imo, then to the PS2 with extra content to justify charging full price for it, also Tales of Symphonia, same deal.

                      Sorry for the double post.

                    2. Wow, you must be pretty desperate to have brought out this account…

                      Sounds Like somebody doesn’t know how to read. By your definition then, how is it that Sony stole any Nintendo game, if Mario, Zelda ect. were never released for any Playstation system?

                    3. Tales of Symphonia I can agree. IMO it sucked though. Resident evil first made its debut on PS1 – and for Nitentards, whatever did it first is most important.

                      But please do explain, Mr sock, how DID Sony “steal” Nintendo games? Or are you planning to alter “stealing” to your convenience?

                      Sorry for double post – I just couldn’t fit two short paragraphs in one post for some reason, either.

          2. vectrex analog stick didn’t operate on the same principles as the known analogs, e.g. move the stick right and it stays there instead of going back to the middle. It was more like a joystick than a controller. PS1 didn’t have analog sticks till November 20, 1997. *ALMOST A YEAR AFTER THE N64*.

            Your right about the *Fail Atari2700 and *Fail* 2600 wireless joystick, (though its not really a controller now is it?) Nintendo were the first 1st party company to do it on a proper controller. (And it works)

            the rest of your comment was complete *FAIL*
            Now that you realize that you were the loser all a long go cry a corner

            1. “Who ever came out first”, that’s the rule for Nintentards, until they get proven wrong of course.
              Vectrex is still considered the first analog stick, regardless of your BS lies on how it handled. And as said above, Sony Dual Analog Flight stick was released April 1996, while N64 was released a little more than two whole months after: June 1996. Guess that would mean, by Nintentard logic, that Nintendon’t copied?

              BTW: Just because some butthurt, two-year-old baby comes and moans something is a fail because it made him cry doesn’t mean it is. Get a life, seriously, you’re pathetic – crying over toys.

              1. Since you seem to think that your opinion is both the correct and supreme one, I think you are pathetic. Having any sort of a console war is like fighting over who has the coolest toy – it’s some kind of kindergarden-level behavior.

                So yes, you are pathetic.

                Now everybody shut up and play what you choose to play.

                1. Really “opinions” is your next trump card?

                  Unlike you I can post credited links to back up my facts. I have yet to see you do the same.

                  Now stop crying over your childhood toys, grow up, study gamings’ REAL history instead of spouting fanboy/tard nonsense, and finally, get a life loser.

                  You’re just pissed that you’re the only retard who still wears Mario pajamas/diapers. Pathetic.

                  1. I don’t think you get that I am not arguing. I am asking, purely and simply, for both sides to shut up, realize it doesn’t matter who “copied” who, and PLAY THE GODDAMN GAMES IN PEACE. (I’d like to apologize for that language but I felt like getting it off my chest.)

                    You are the one who is crying over toys by constantly starting flame wars, as I said before. You are like a kindergardener, telling your classmates about how your toy is so much better than theirs. So are the others in this flame war, of course, but I feel less inclined to insult them as you have been the one launching the majority of the ad hominem attacks here.

                    So yes, “opinions” is my next (And only, since that was the only time I posted in this little playground dispute) “trump card”.

                    And I’d say that I do have a life, and I think that you should reevaluate your own – I don’t waste my time trolling Sony fansites.

                    So the same to you. Get a life and stop spewing fantard nonsense.

                    1. Good greif! now ur gonna say posting facts to contradict ur bullshit lies is “trolling”. SMDH.

                      You don’t like arguements, your not a fanboy of either system, and you have a “life”, yet constantly keep responding to my post because I can only assume your childhood fetish is being crushed.

                      Fucking LMAO! Loser.

                    2. This guy is so obviously mad. LOL! So now people who know their history on gaming are automatically Sony fanboys LOL. Does that mean you’re a Nintentard? IDK but you’re giving Nintendo gamers a bad name. I like Nintendo and all, but just because I do doesn’t mean I’m going to lie. If they didn’t invent or were first to do, then tough luck. Life goes on, I won’t get pissed and hide myself in lies just to sleep better, that’s just crazy & retarded.

              2. I did not type the words “Who ever came out first” so stop with the crap, your trying my patience.

                I already stated the principles of the analog sticks and I never vectrex was first

                I don’t know where your getting that release date from but dualshock was release 1997 for PS1 recheck your souces

                1. Playstation Analog Joystick (a.k.a. Flight Stick to some) released April 1996 -Wikipedia

                  N64 June 23, 1996 (two months after) and it can’t even be considered a ‘real’ analog stick on top of that, since real analog sticks use voltage to determine degree of movement, whereas N64 used light pulses and was digital. So by definition, Nintendo didn’t have a real analog until Gamecube.

                  “However Nintendo 64 wasn’t the first console to use analog thumbstick, the Vectrex was.” -Wikipedia

                  Kid, quit pulling shit outta your ass to defend a childs’ play thing. You’re a sad, pathetic crybaby. You’re not even worth taking serious, as all you do is keep making up lies and bullshit to defend your ‘precious’ toy.

                  Infact I have a feeling I’m arguing with a kid, not a gamer, so I think I’ll just leave you crying in your own little world of lies. I have better things to do than argue with a crybaby. Have a nice life, loser.

                  1. dude….. that is an analog JOYSTICK. Hardly what we’re talking about.

                    N64’s joystick was not digital.

                    I already explained about the vectrex, I never denied its existence so get your head out your ass.

                    “Kid, quit pulling shit outta your ass to defend a childs’ play thing. You’re a sad, pathetic crybaby. You’re not even worth taking serious, as all you do is keep making up lies and bullshit to defend your ‘precious’ toy.”

                    Yet your on here, on this site, using your free time doing the same thing but taking the opposite side of the argument about “a childs’ play thing”. yes yes I am the only sad person lol

                    “Infact I have a feeling I’m arguing with a kid, not a gamer, so I think I’ll just leave you crying in your own little world of lies. I have better things to do than argue with a crybaby. Have a nice life, loser.”

                    Troll harder dude.
                    I’m pretty old as it is, I hope your not that much older than me (If you are).

                    Sorry, maybe I should read a book on mental deficiency because I don’t know how to deal with retards like you.

                  2. I’ve realized something. You guys basically act like the following…
                    Exaggerated a lot but the idea is true.

        2. I think when anyone makes a statement about Nintendo’s awesome “innovation” I’ll just copypaste one of my earlier posts. In simplest terms, they really just take other people’s ideas and throw it into the mainstream.

          Nintendo copied CD’s from Sony (and failed at their first attempt with the N64 Disk Drive), stole handheld gaming from the Epoch Game Pocket Computer (I don’t count the Milton Bradley Microvision of 1979), took the light gun from the Magnavox Odessy Shooting Gallery, copied rumble from the first Japanese Dual Analog controllers from the PSone from 1996, The second sceen featured in the Wii U has its orgins in the Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo copied the analog stick from Sony’s Flightstick of April 1996, and took HD gaming from the PS3, and they also stole internet connectivity from the Sega Dreamcast. Get your facts straight and take a history lesson before you speak. ONE thing I’m pretty sure they innovated though was 3D in gaming with the Virtual Boy.

          1. What about the ds? 3d gaming without glasses? A targeting system?and the screen in dreamcasts controller wasn’t a touchscreen with a mic and a controller…there plenty of other things they did with software and hardware but your the type of person who doesn’t want to give them credit for anything because you obviously don’t like nintendo nit give credit where it is due and if your going to say things they copied you should also say the things they did same with Sony and all the other brands

            1. why are we fighting? what you can own a ps3 and a wii at the same time, GET A JOB. and if you have 1 save some to buy another console. enjoy the others company game, and boom, your status would be elevated from fanboy to gamer.period.

            2. Andrew, I do like nintendo, they’ve made a lot of strides in gaming and they have some of the best first party games. I’ve owned every system since the SNES. They are great systems. I just don’t like to see a bunch of people hail one company/system saying “nintendo has the best stuff evar and all other companies suck and ripped off everything. LOL Sony/Microsoft sucks” (Although Microsoft is innovative with about nothing except kinect and the only did that cause of Nintendo) Nintendo does deserve some credit but you can’t say everything they do is awesome and innovative. Btw, I know Dreamcast’s little like 2 inch screen is way different. I just like throwing it in there to see how people react. If you want to compare Wii U to anything compare it to an iPad. Even then some people get really upset about that…

              1. Not to be a fanboy, but Microsoft said they made the connect after Playstation’s Eye Toy, not Nintendo, so even saying that is giving them too much credit. And Microsoft was at #1 for innovation, not Nintendo.

                I owned a Wii and honestly I regret the purchase, lately they’ve been feeding off of peoples’ nostalgia & childhood, rather than making good original games, like they used to. Most third party developers abandon them, they’ve been aiming more a kids than hardcore fans, & the only few decent games they release, release like every year or two. (I’d rather just ask a friend to let me borrow his–or just rent it–than waste a lot of money for a console with 4 or 5 decent games, but that’s just me…) I honestly enjoyed playing NES & SNES best, N64 wasn’t bad, but personally I had more fun with PS1 & PS2.

                If that makes me a Nintendo hater, troll, fanboy, or whatever is said as a ‘supposed’ comeback, then I really don’t give a fuck. I’d rather be tagged as that than being a fantard living in a world of lies just to sleep better at night. If I don’t see a valuable improvement by Wii U, then I’m not buying it. I won’t make the same mistake as I did with the Wii, even if that piece of garbage is reduced in price, like the 3DS desperately was.

                1. You’re a pretty cool guy, but I’ll tell ya, you have to LOOK for Wii games that rock. Nintendo releases great games, but as you said it’s in wide timeframes. There’s great 3rd party content if you look past the “EA SPROTS YOGA HURR” and such. Just as a couple examples, No More Heroes, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, and Madworld. These are just a couple of great Wii titles. Not gonna lie, I enjoy Xbox more than Wii, but I still think Wii is a great system. But SNES is the best system. The SNES is just great. That’s my only fanboy quirk, though, I think. What I’m saying is… Wii’s library is like… I want to say a bag of shit with lots of diamonds in it… but that’s not a good analogy. Of course in that shitty analogy, the shit is all the EA fitness games and such.

          2. Guys all of the game industries have copied/borrowed yes borrowed some even work together to create things but release them at different times yes some people act like nintentards some freaks about microsoft or sony and have to defend their fave game company most of them are Dead wrong i like nintendo most of all but im not a nintentard

  4. Speaking from personal experience, I think it’s ANNOYING to wear the glasses. Especially since I already wear glasses to begin with. You know how hard it is to wear two pairs of glasses at once? Oy vey. I think they need to pull their heads out of their asses on this one. I believe they’re very wrong about this.

    1. I’m with you man, I hate 3D glasses. They piss me off so much, especially when people already look like faggots in 3D glasses, but having to wear them on top of other glasses? No. That’s not to say glasses in and of themselves look faggy, just 3D glasses.

  5. OK, the 3DS is awesome and tripping balls. Sorry if you are a dumbass and a sore loser, Sony.

    1. Well I’m pretty sure he’s mainly making the point that full 3D gaming is best presented on a 3D TV with glasses. A Tv with a screen a la the 3DS wouldn’t work cause everyone would need to be dead center. That will work with the 3DS but just about nothing else. Plus I know from experience that if I focus of the 3DS and back on it it loses a bit of that effect and it also hurts my eyes a bit. So it has its good and bad sides. 3DS is mainly good though! He’s just saying the best way to enjoy 3D gaming is in HD on a 3D TV and I’d have to say I’d agree. If I could get an HD Zelda game in 3D on a big screen, I’ll take that any day over a 3DS.

  6. What he said makes sense. I almost never use 3d on my 3ds because its too easy to break. But glasses dont.offer a good experience either. And if the software is compelling enough, it shouldnt need 3d and it probably detracts from the experience.

    1. Agree 100%

      Some people are so immature, like the guy who’s purposely throwing in Sony just to get a flamewar started and boost ratings.

      1. *and bad mouthing yet saying bad mouthing is wrong. lulz irony.

        Both companies have their good and bad. Nintendo bad mouthed Sony a few times, as well, yet the writer and fans never seem to recall that, mind you.

        E.g. “we are not another Sony” when someone tried hacking them unsuccessfully.

        1. Don’t forget about Nintendo saying: “We would be embarrassed to be another Microsoft or Sony”. :)

          I wonder why that was bad-mouthing news was overlooked. :/

          1. Oh wow, they said that? While that’s disappointing I find it hard to imagine they shit talk as much as Sony does. I am sad that they said that, but I did kinda find the ““we are not another Sony” when someone tried hacking them unsuccessfully.” funny.

  7. Some people complain that the 3DS gives them headaches, but isn’t that the 3D itself? 3D is not for everyone. The 3DS’s view angle might be a problem when you first pick it up, but once you get used to it, you’ll be on the viewing angle without realizing it.

    1. Sadly for some who never get “used to it”, they suffer permanent damages, like double vision. (Google)

      Nintendo even admits 3DSi may damage your eyes and doesn’t recommend children under six to use it at all–which ironically are about 89% of the fanbaseto begin with…

      Expert eye doctors recommend adults, even, to limit glasses-free 3D to less than 23 minutes a day. I can’t enjoy a game for only 23 minutes!

      I tried it out myself, inclusive, and my eyes felt horrible – as if they were full of hot water or melting away and the terrible migraine associated with it was just as gruesome.

      Screw that, I only have two eyes, for life. If I lose those, there’s no replacement.

      1. Sorry mate, none of those statistics have any scientific backing. Also, in what world is 89% of Nintendo’s fan base under six?

        1. Actually, there’s plenty of evidence. There’s even scientific evidence that over time 3D can make u lose your vision.

          Stop being a useless lazy fatass & do ur research u Nintytard.

  8. To me, Sony sounds like a grumpy kid sitting in the corner, shooting out mean remarks at the kids who won’t play with him because he makes fun of everyone.

  9. Here’s a good question. Why does My Nintendo News only talk about the bad things that Sony have to say about anything in general? Don’t get me wrong, Ocarina of Time on the 3DS is super fun, but it does have it’s ciertant blind spots for 3D visuals. And so do 3D TV’s. 3D isn’t a perfected technology yet. Neither Sony or Nintendo seem to understand that they don’t have it down perfectly. So, when both of these companies boast about their 3D capabilities, it’s really sad to hear.

    1. Obviously because it’s only right to trash talk Sony but not the other way around, SMDH.

      *joins in* -_-



  10. Sony’s mad cuz theyre not successful marketing they’re 3D gaming. I love it on 3DS, you can really see the difference most of the time. It still needs to be perfected though. Id be Damned if I have to wear stupid glasses everytime I wanna see something 3D. I went to see harry potter part 2 with 3D glasses and hardly saw any 3D at all. Oh and doesn’t Sony know that our 3D is portable…………I just noticed I’ve said 3D too many times lol

  11. See, Sony is like a boss in video games. Its strong until, somehow, someway, it screws up. Then the hero (Nintendo :D) defeats the boss and becomes the hero! Thanks Sony!

      1. I think that he is talking in videogame logic. Think how in OoT Ganondorf “screws up” by thinking that Link would not affect his plans at all. Then Link defeats Ganondorf and Ganon. Simple as pie!

  12. Both have their pro’s and cons. For one the 3D effects visually look the same IMO, the difference is situation cases. For instance the 3D Sony boast has a better range and doesn’t require a sweat spot like on the 3DS. While the 3DS is good for on the go and is perfect when you already wear a pair of glasses. Hell even the Evo 3D works well (in terms of picture quality and screen resolution it kicks the 3DS’ ass, but hey its like 600+ by itself so it makes sense.

  13. LMAO… So, Sony can’t play a 3DS without breaking the 3D? (I.E. They don’t have the coordination to hold it correctly most of the time?)

    And they are gamers? They really are hurting. I feel a little bad for them… Losing their touch.

    Of course, makes sense why they are pushing the glasses… If they can’t hold a console relatively still…


    I tried the 3DSi and absolutely hate it. The 3D is one-sided and it’s constantly problematic. I can’t even sit, relax, & enjoy a game because I have to regularly move on a certain uncomfortable position to get the 3D to work properly, if not it erases while I’m getting into awesum fun packed games like Nintendogs or Steeldiver. Also the batteries on it suck, I prefer traveling with my cheap MetroPCS phone at least THAT outdated cheap plastic garbage can sadly play YouTube videos and I don’t have to worry about it dying on me mid way.

    1. I’d take a few hours of gaming over waiting several minutes for a crappy youtube video to load any day…

    2. Am I the only one that doesn’t see a massive problem with the 3DS battery? Like, I just keep the brightness on 3 and turn on Power Saving Mode, and it lasts a good while longer. Also, my 3DS battery has never actually ran out on my before.

      1. My 3ds dies out on me all the time when i go camping or long trips i leave my 3ds at home cuz its not worth bringing. it doesn’t last me even less than half the trip.

        the only way it can last is if i just dont use it at all & that’s impossible cuz i need to reaserch things on the go or distract from long waits at stop lights etc.

        -personal experience and of my friends at school & familys too

        1. The only way mines even last is if i plug it in the wall 24/7 b/c its the only way i can play any game on it to my hearts content. though to be honest since theres not that many games 2 begin w/ mines is collecting dust.

          i think i’m going to sell it & wait for 3dslitexl by then they shuld FINALLY catch-up in the games department.

          till then i will play on my dslite or watch FULL movies on my longer lasting Ipad

        1. I had to give mine away becus the top screen was loose & when i called Nintendo they didn’t want to fix it or give my money back even though i told them it came like that when i opened it. i did nothing for it to break. i will not be buying another one.

  15. I seem to be the only human alive who gets headaches with the glasses, but not on the 3DS. Anyone else on the same boat?

  16. Alright Mike, lets play ‘State the Obvious’:
    The only way to be a true idiot is to buy Sony products.

  17. And once again I’m reminded as to why I hate Sony so damn much. They really need to just shut their mouths when it comes to the competition. They’re only embarrassing themselves.

  18. what happened to sony??? I loved the ps1 and ps2 along with, gcn, xbox… that nintendo is owning them in the market sony is acting like a sore loser…ever since the ps3 sony has been clogging the toilet

  19. Right now:
    Sony: ” It is impossible to enjoy 3D without the glasses. If you want to experience true 3D, buy one of our TVs”

    A few years from now:
    Sony: ” Our new portable console has the ability to play 3D games without 3D glasses!”

    1. I always thought they’d give in and just make a phone with crappy $1 games with no production value. Sell-outs

      1. You mean like Nintendo did when they dissed games on Andriod phones saying they’d never sink to the level of releasing cheap games on android phones only to later release Pokemon app game on ANDROID PHONE.


        1. They’re releasing it on iOS. It’s not a full pokemon game, just the card game. We don’t know how much it’ll cost. Nintendo only owns a portion of pokemon, for all we know it wasn’t their decision.

          And I can’t tell, are you defending Android, or just bashing Nintendo?

          1. No, sir, I’m just pointing out facts.

            Does that automatically make me an Android lover or Nintendo “basher/hater”? Maybe, by your retarded logic.

            Yes, it was Nintendo’s decision to release Pokemon app. game for Andriod phones and iPhones, according to valuable sources, such as Kotaku.

            I’m not interested in how much it costs, but I am interested in Nintendo bashing game/apps on phones saying they’d never lower themselves to cheap games on phones and then later releasing a Pokemon app. on Android for $$$money.

            That is the definition of $ellout.
            If you want to take pointing out facts as me hating Nintendo, then so be it, cry me a river.

    2. Nintentards: ” it’s not about graphics, it’s about games”
      A few years from now:
      *PS3 1080p*
      Nintentards:”Wii Us graphics will be better than Xbox and PS3!”

      Nintentards:”We don’t need third party games fuck that, we got Mario and Zelda that’s all the games we need”
      a few years from now:
      *Metal Gear Solid, Rayman, Okami, Rachet and Clank*
      Nintentards:”OMG can’t wait to buy!” ^_^

      Nintentards:” We don’t need analog sticks on DS, we’re just fine with d-pad”
      a few years from now:
      *3DS: now with just one nub/analog stick*
      Nintetards:”So epic! Nintendo is the first to create analog sticks in a portable!”
      Adult with a brain: “… No actually it was–”
      Adult with a brain: “Only children lie to make something appear better than it’s not. I won’t waste my time because you’ll probably just keep lying like the child you are to defend your toys anyways” *leaves*

      1. Sony fanboys: “haha motion controls is a gimmick” *ps move comes out* “what are you talking about this is the future”. “har har touchscreens are for fags who like mario” vita comes out: “the 3ds just uses gimmicks, we have a touchscreen on the back of our handheld”.

      2. Your a dick you know that. Sony copies everyone. Sonidiots: we don’t want to advance to the next level we just want to go back a step.

      3. “Nintentards: ” it’s not about graphics, it’s about games”
        A few years from now:
        *PS3 1080p*
        Nintentards:”Wii Us graphics will be better than Xbox and PS3!””

        It still is about games, not the graphics. But it’s not like HD graphics hurt or anything.

        Nintentards:”We don’t need third party games fuck that, we got Mario and Zelda that’s all the games we need”
        a few years from now:
        *Metal Gear Solid, Rayman, Okami, Rachet and Clank*
        Nintentards:”OMG can’t wait to buy!” ^_^”

        So we aren’t allowed to play any other games? Just because we like Mario and Zelda doesn’t mean we have to play nothing but.

        Nintentards:” We don’t need analog sticks on DS, we’re just fine with d-pad”
        a few years from now:
        *3DS: now with just one nub/analog stick*
        Nintetards:”So epic! Nintendo is the first to create analog sticks in a portable!”
        Adult with a brain: “… No actually it was–”
        Adult with a brain: “Only children lie to make something appear better than it’s not. I won’t waste my time because you’ll probably just keep lying like the child you are to defend your toys anyways” *leaves*

        Okay, now you’re just making crap up. Who said that?

        If you chose “Nobody” you are quite correct.

  20. I’m too busy lmao looking at those three space cadets wearing them hilarious looking specs. I can’t take anybodys words seriously while they wear those dorky things.

      1. I think that 3D glasses make people look like faggots, but wear glasses myself. Glasses people wear for their vision are alright, but 3D glasses look fucken stupid. In fact, I think that’s likely what this guy was going for.

      1. Omg, i am so sick of people saying Nintendo games are rehashed! Drop that argument, it doesn’t hold anything. Just because a game character has been around for 25 years, it does not mean it is a rehash. Infact, the reason why they have survived for so long, because every new addition has a significant difference.

  21. I really don’t understand the people who complain about the 3DS’s sweetspot. What, are you drunk or riding a horse or something? I don’t understand how else your head would shift that far. I can understand the eye problems, though.

    On the subject of 3D, I think the biggest drawback of autostereoscopic systems is that it’s like looking into a window, rather than the image popping out at you. But Sony must think their consumers own oil wells or something, with the price of 3D equipment for home use.

    1. My problem is that I can’t find a good angle in the first place. I love my 3DS but I hate the 3D.




  23. What’s really funny is that Nintentards never see that Nintendo has also copied many things from other consoles. Sure, Nintendo made the analog stick. But then, Sony came and made they’re design of the analog. Which turned out WAYYY better than Nintendo’s analog. But wait…….why does Nintendo now use the same analog design that Sony AND Xbox use? Why do you have to copy us? Why not go and make you’re own analog set-up? The Sega Dreamcast was the first to have online…….but why does Nintendo use online? I thought that everything Nintendo did was origional ALL THE TIME. Hell, the way I see it, if it weren’t for Dualshock 1’s, we wouldn’t even have FPS games at all. Because Sony was the FIRST to introduce the dual analog concept. But we don’t bitch at all. Because ALL consoles should have dual analogs. Just like all consoles should have internet gaming. The same goes for movement controls, 3D capabilty, amazing graphics, etc. Why bitch when a console takes an idea from another? That’s how they progress.

    1. You got your facts all screwed up u dumb on purpose troll. Nintendo didn’t create analog stick, Vectrex was & PS1 dual analog Flight was released before N64 beating it.

      First Motion Sensing controller = Le Stick for Atari2600 and commodore 64 =Wiiwii.

      First To use touchscreen on a controller was Dreancast = Wii U “innovation!”

      First to make CD popular Sony who also developed it = N64CD sad attempt at copy = fail. Also = no more cartrige console games.

      PS3HD = Wii(dissapoint)U catching up

    2. Who the hell said that everything that Nintendo did was “original all the time”? Hell. which company in the entire freaking world doesn’t use ideas from their competitors? What Nintendo does is bring something new everytime, and not milk the same style of play for 15 years.

      BTW the first FPS game on a console was Goldeneye 007 made by RARE which was then subsidary of Nintendo.

  24. Excuse me Sickr, but I don’t see where Sony is supposedly “bashing” the 3DS. He clearly said mobile devices not Nintendo 3DS, are you implying 3DS is the only device that has glasses-free 3D? Or, with the up most respect, are you just throwing that in to stir up drama and get higher ratings.

    I’m sorry if this seems offensive–that’s not my intention, but I’m a gamer and I do not hate either company. Nintendo has bad mouthed Sony and Xbox a few times and visa versa, I just do not see it here. I do not like this article in specific, but I did enjoy your other articles like Xbox720 or all your Zelda articles. Keep up the fantastic job.

    ~Loyal Reader

    1. I like these articles, it’s important to ‘know your enemy’.
      I also get why Sony fanboys come on here to smack-talk… the Sony sites never have any gaming news worth reading.

  25. I personally prefer it without the glasses. Though the 3D effect is about positioning into the sweet spot, it’s very easy to find on a handheld console. True it would be different with TV’s but with smaller devices it works very well.



    Guys please stop bashing him and Sony because he wasn’t bashing stereoscopic 3D or anything of the sort.(and he didn’t even mention 3DS heck he didn’t even mention video games) People were complaining about having to wear glasses and he was explaining why 3D TV’s require glasses. He explained that Stereoscopic 3D has limitations that would not work on a big TV. The reason he mentioned mobile phones is to explain that with stereoscopic screens you have to be in a certain spot or you lose the effect. He went on to explain that at technology’s current level it would take a while for glasses free to be available on a 3D TV because they would have to add extra sweet spots.(They’d need at least 32) Then he mentioned that it would work if they made a glasses free TV but it would only work for one person and you’d have to sit still and not shift angles. Which ia why he’s right(unless you’re incredibly rich) that “the only way [at the moment] to enjoy [full high definition] 3D is on TVs with the glasses”. By “good enough and compelling enough” I believe he means “You wouldn’t enjoy watching an incredible 3D movie if you were stuck in your seat unable to shift angles and with noone else being able to watch it with you”.(Which is why “There’s lots and lots of work going on on auto-stereoscopic screens”) This has nothing to do with Nintendo at all. Please edit(or delete) this article and give Sony an apology.

    Sorry if there were alot of typos or grammar/spelling mistakes in that it’s really late here and I’m tired.(Should be asleep right now…)

      1. I don’t care if you say that but don’t pretend he was bashing 3DS. It’s not fair to bash someone for bashing when they weren’t even bashing. At least bash them for something else.

        1. I’m almost certain sickr knows this lol. Unfortunately, it’s become a part of journalism to make your articles appear interesting and try to get hits, the biggest culprits are the writers at IGN lol. I don’t agree with this particular method, but sickr is a good journalist and this site is awesome. It’s ok to disagree with articles, though, so I’m not underminding what you’re doing here.

          1. Lousy propoganda, but ok I get what you’re saying. I just wish more people noticed that he was only defending his own product not bashing someone else’s.



      Next comment.

    2. I agree ppl need to stop bieng such butthurt fanboys. Don’t apologise for grammar errors, u’d have to be retarded with some sort of brain disease not to understand. even if i write backwards “emplaxe rof, siht ekil” someone who can’t read that should actually get their brain checked. grammar doesn’t validate as a comeback, facts do.

  27. I wouldn’t mind that if a pair of plastic shades didn’t cost a hundred sticks.

  28. don’t you love it when haters take the time out of their day to come to nintendo sites and call Nintendo fans fags. Makes me feel so important.

  29. I can see where he’s coming from, kinda, bit he’s still basically talking out of his arse.

  30. omg who gives a shyt who came out first!>! also, if you dont like 3ds then dont like 3ds, but come on. ‘the 3ds gives me headaches, back pain, diarrhea, stress, decrease in ball size, Loss of Sense of Taste, pregnancy, etc’… no it doesnt, my friend be on it all day and hes ok.

  31. I would almost agree with the Idea of having the 3D Glasses. The only reason I say this is because I tried the 3D on the 3DS and to be fair, it was not that great. In fact it really hurt my eyes each time I put it on. The only time I used it was during cut sceens. You also have to keep your head completly straight in order to get a clear image with the 3D on. That never happened with 3D glasses. To be fair. Putting on 3D glasses is not that mush of a hassel. Well that’s all just my opinion. One this is for sure. I don’t want to spend money on a new T.V. just for the 3D factor. If nintendo made the 3DS’s 3D work with 3D glasses as well as without them then that would be good. Atleast that would give you a choice.

  32. As much as Sony talks sh*t, I don’t see this as one of those cases. I think they’re just hyping their own products, which is expected from any company.

  33. Sony fanboys are always complaining about the 3ds that if you turn the 3d on for 4 seconds it makes you puke your guts out and praise their ps3 3d and vita (vita is better, 3ds uses gimmicks, we are graphics whores.) Their calling nintendo fans graphic whores because WiiU will have better graphics than their precious ps3 while they praise the vita because of having near ps3 graphics on a portable. Not to be a nintentard but I only have a Wii and 3ds and can’t afford a ps3 or vita because I’m saving up for the 8th generation (WiiU) and last generation I only owned a ps2.

    1. So just becuz someone complains abt. 3ds that automatically makes them a Sony fan? GTFO.

      I tried 3ds becuz i thought i should try it before criticizing. it was awful. the top screen is wobbly feels like the screen will come apart, the d-pad had a crack in it for no reason i opened it and it was like that. the 3d only works on one side, i liked playing games while i’m resting but i cant becuz the dumb 3d keeps vanishing, i can’t turn in racing games becuz i kerp crashing, which doesnt happen when i turn off the 3d plus when i shoot an enemy i either miss or shoot the wrong area, the battery doesnt last long so i can only play at home with the charger plugged at all times, the screen is too small just stick to DSIXL instead of going from big to small then big again.

      The browser is pretty slow too. and i was hoping to watch vids on it but i cant even do that.

      Plus i can only handle 10-15 mins of 3d before i have to turn it off. i paid $250 for a 3dsi not a dsi!

      Also its collecting dust becuz theirs no good games for it. i dnt like animal crossing, nintendogs, & definetaly not steeldiver. and i already played starfox, oot, mario kart, streetfighter. it take 4 ever for them to release just one decent game!

      I am waiting to try out kid icarus, and ssb though personally i prefer ssb on home console.

      after that i’m planing to sell cheap and buy a wii u which looks more promising.

      does that make me a sonyfanboy? no so STFU plz thnx. i just want nintendo to improve, if not they can count my money out.

      1. I was talking about Sony FANBOYS and not Fans. (I am a fan of some sony games on my ps2 and some games on ps3 or vita, for instance would love to play the uncharted series and maybe in 2 years I will buy a vita for that or a ps3) You seem to be really mad and because I was talking about FANBOYS and not FANS it makes is seem like your a Sony drone (I hope your not because if so, you don’t belong on myNINTENDOnews. If you don’t like the 3ds, thats fine but if you get raged about me talking about FANBOYS and you seem to get raged and say your a FAN then it seems strange. I also don’t think that everyone should love the 3ds because it does have some downs, for instance I bought a 3ds on release date and had no games for it till OOT3D. Also, 3ds in not just another dsi because for instance, the 3ds has a improved graphic that the dsi can’t handle, you have 3ds games and it’s backward compatible with the ds and dsi games.

  34. I’ve used the 3DS and the area you need to see the 3D isn’t as limited as people say. You should just try it out before you make a statement.

  35. That’s actually correct. You have to be in a specific position to the 3D effect to be there while not wearing glasses. Seeing as Sony is focusing on console and TV 3D that is for more people rather than portable devices just for 1 person, the best way to get 3D is with glasses, until there’s a way that we can see 3D being anywhere from the screen.

    Please, MyNintendoNews, stop the Sony hating. Seriously, it’s stupid. I know it’s a Nintendo site, but you don’t have to hate on others.

  36. Meh, they both have their faults but the 3DS is better. Obviously for a portable system, 3D glasses would be ridiculous, you wouldn’t want to wear them on transport or have to take them with you whenever you wanted to experience 3D. And with home gaming, the glasses themselves aren’t really a problem, but you have to buy a 3D TV, they aren’t widespread enough and are expensive so most consumers wouldn’t have them, and I doubt most consumers are willing to buy one to play games..
    Also, I guess without the glasses it’s a more immersive experience, as you don’t have the glasses separating you and the screen, creating the illusion. (Although you could also say the 3DS ruins the illusion whenever you move out of the sweet spot)

  37. When I play the 3DS I get absolutely no headaches at all, however when I use 3D Glasses headaches galore.

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