Nintendo Wii U: Square Enix Believe New Hardware Will Compare More Closely To Pixar Movies

Square Enix are undoubtedly excited about what the next generation has to offer with regards to visuals. Square Enix worldwide technology director Julien Merceron believes that the next hardware from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will be that one step closer to achieving Pixar style visuals. Whether the Wii U be able to achieve this is something that remains to be seen, but here’s hoping…

“I think that we’re still going to see a big leap in graphics,” he said. “In terms of technology I think we’ll see developers taking advantage of physically-based rendering, physically-based lighting. I think people will take advantage of global illumination, or at least some form approximation of global illumination, so that could have a significant impact on graphics quality.”

If you take most of the Pixar movies from the last five to six years… do you see a big difference between one that was released five years ago, and one that was released last year? I’m actually not sure we see a huge difference,” he explained.

“But if you take a film like Avatar, there’s a huge leap in the graphics techniques that are being used and the level of realism. The conclusion I would draw from that is we might end up seeing the difference way more in realistic-looking games, rather than those trying to achieve a cartoony look.”



  1. I don’t think that’s what he is saying. He is saying that the games that try to look realistic (vs cartoony) will have a bigger boost in graphical quality.

  2. I really don’t see there being a big leap in graphics. They say Xbox 720 will feature Avatar quality graphics… we’ll see

    1. Yeah only hardcore gamers have an import wii. It’s just like the snes! I got mine! And a eu one with the adaptor!

  3. Remeber, the graphics quality is only as good as the game designers make them.
    it doesn’t matter if the console can produce Pixar-level graphics, if the game’s designed lazily, it won’t matter.

  4. Its all well and good having graphic cards that can produce Pixar like animation but the problem is alot of companys simply don’t have the money to be able to make that sort of animation! Avatar is the most expensive film ever made and it was so for a reason!xar like animation but the problem is alot of companys simply don’t have the money to be able to make that sort of animation! Avatar is the most expensive film ever made and it was so for a reason!

  5. I don’t expect that WiiU will incorporate ultra-realistic visuals, nor do I mind either way. Anything above PS3 or XBox graffics is purely an added bonus but not really required until a few more years yet when the next gen is financially feasible.

  6. I do think games will look like CG (computer generated; I got a lot of s**t last time I used those letter) in the next gen starting with Wii U. Something like Resident Evil Degeneration and Pixar movies. However, for ultra realistic graphics like Avatar, we’re in for a crazy ride. Why? Because those games would be crazy expensive to make and the hardware would be expensive too. Imagine games costing $70 or more. Also, not every company would take advantage of the visuals even as multiplatform games, yet they would still charge a full price for those games like they are doing right now. If games start to cost $70, then that’s it for me. I love games, but a large portion of them are not worth that much, specially with how they lame and simple they are becoming. I’ll just focus on anime and movies after that.

    1. I agree that CG(don’t know why people would give you hell for using simple letters, but ok) level graphics will happen one day, but not this coming gen. It would push games price beyond $70. Developmental costs would be ridiculous! The cost to make a game would probably double or even triple! game developers would close down studios from budgeting issues. Game budgets would rival that of movies! that would be insane! Not to mention how much longer it would take to ACTUALLY develop those GAMES!! maybe when costs to produce those graphics go down and its easier to do we’ll see CG quality games.

  7. They really don’t get it. Square your movies suck and we don’t want movie games make a ff7 like game or a 3D chrono trigger or secret of mana!

  8. Herein lies Square’s problem: they care too much about graphics. Sure, visuals are nice and you’d be remiss to say they don’t matter at all. But Square has made graphics/visual their main focus in the last decade or so. The result? Boring, linear games that are basically B-movies with the occasional “push A button now” event thrown in the middle.

    Final Fantasy hasn’t been really good since IX or X. At least with X, it had the hook of being the first truly 3d world, and the first FF game to do voice acting. It had a decent story, too, mind you, but the lack of world map was a sign of bad things to come. True, FFX pulled it off without a world map, but with the removal of that came the subsequent removal of a lot of other things, “fun” not being the least of which.

    1. What got me with final fantasy on the ps2 was that the cut scenes were not what the game looked like at all! It got me because i was so young and the commercials made it look awesome. I regret buying final fantasy all those years ago to this day!

  9. Well Square. That’s all well and good but it makes me recall Final Fantasy XIII. Graphics on that were great. Yet it wasn’t too good gameplay wise

    However if you are suggesting a HD Dragon Quest X/XI and/or a new Nier with better graphics and the same great storywriting. Then all is well.

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