Nintendo 3DS: The Nintendo 3DS Price Cut Puts PlayStation Vita In A Very Tough Position

Until today things were looking fairly optimistic for Sony’s PlayStation Vita with its lucrative price point and impressive graphical capabilities. All that has changed due to Nintendo announcing a price cut for the Nintendo 3DS which will see the handheld retail for an impressive $169.99. Here’s the analysts take on the situation:

“This price cut does put the Vita in a tough position.”

– Jesse Divnich of EEDAR

“It is very unlike Nintendo to be willing to take such a loss. I think what it says is that they really feel the heat from the Sony Vita.  Still, the price difference is tough.”

– David Cole of DFC Intelligence





    1. Nintendo fans are in no place to mock upgraded handhelds. The DS had 3 and none of them were as large an upgrade as the Vita is to the PSP. (Not saying I like the PSP or PSV, just saying)

      1. Those aren’t upgrades, more like different versions, so you can’t compare them to how much more upgraded the vita is compared to the psp.

        1. Yes you can, I don’t like sony at all, but I think you can’t really call the PSP Vita an upgraded psp. Most of the PSP revisions were ridiculous, I can’t even remember how many they made, and why they changed them. I’d say the DS revisions were all justified, except the DSi XL, which nintendo intended to sell alongside the regular DSi anyway. The DS Lite was because the original DS was too chunky and it made it more portable, whilst the DSi added so much functionality, and brought DSiware, it was a lot more than a remodel, so I think that was alright as well. Though saying that, they now have a problem because people will see the 3DS as just another DS revision. And sony doesn’t really have that problem with the vita, because they’re mostly selling to hardcore gamers who would see the difference more clearly.

          1. actually, i would say that the dsi xl was a great upgrade. i play civ revolution and on the regular dsi, it was hard to distinguish the different armies on the same spot at times. with the dsi xl, it makes things like that a lot more enjoyable for me. i also think that if nintendo were to move more into the kindle – type market applications, the dsi xl will be even better.

        2. LOL. As always the cowards feared competition & lowered the price of #3-DSi, because they already knew that a $250 DSi upgrade that only offered under developed one-sided 3D would fail, as proven on launch day and the months that followed.

          Now it’s lowered to an amount that, that garbage plastic upgrade should’ve been worth for starters, meaning for the idiots that paid full price, u won’t be getting ur money back, instead u’ll be getting a few worthless games u either: already played, already own, or can buy cheaper online or Gamestop for $1.00. HaHa!

          Oh well, I’m stil. not buying. My eyes & brain are more valuabe than some eye/brain damaging portable. BTW the portable, non-home console games are still worth $50 a peice, am I right? Yup.

          Meh. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind saving a few extra dollars for an iPod, Vita or a Wii U which is pretty much the same thing, or probably better. I won’t regret the fruits I reap, as I’ll be more entertained doing more than watching how my #3-DSi collects dust from lack of games.


            Dumbass trolls are Dumbasses

            1) Nintendo first company to actually reimburse people for paying full retail price, took Sony a system hack to do something akin
            2) Eye damage is funny because it never happened. Same problems you have with 3D on the console you’ll have in the movies. Not to mention console games are $60
            3) Why are you here? you don’t pay attention to any Nintendo news like the games announced and System features. Go play get ur knockoff PS3P er Vita

          2. “My eyes & brain are more valuabe than some eye/brain damaging portable.” Seeing the plethora of grammar mistakes, incomprehensible syntax structures, and misinformation about the price of goods… I’d say that your eyes and brain need all the help they can get. It’s good that you are saving some money, you could invest in some tutoring.

      2. those are revisions. The PSP also had revisions, though all of them were just the same with better battery and lighter.

      3. Im not mocking it, im saying the truth,everybody says Sony was amazing, and all mayor upgrades they did was upgraded graphics, added touch screens and touch pad (way to much touch v.v) and an extra analog stick. Wow that is so spectacularly new v.v (sarcasm)

        1. DS; DSlite; DSi; DSiXL can all play DS games, if anything I’d say DSi & XL were downgrades, since backward capabilities with GBA were removed.

          Personally, I’m glad the (3)DS was lowered in price–though I’d still say it’s worth less: $150 or 159. What this proves is (3)DS was underpowered, overpriced garbage to begin with & they knew that for what little it had to offer at a $250 pricetag, the majority of people would choose something with more value that has far more to offer. It also proves they test the waters by overpricing garbage to see how well it sells at first, and if it doesn’t do well, lower it to what the real intended price should’ve been to begin with.

          As a Nintendo fan, I’m proud to be disrespected in such manner – it makes me horny when I get treated like a brainless, moronic fantool.

              1. 6 Month price drops have happened before. (See most recently: The PS3.) This isn’t anything new. I got my PS3 $600 model 4 months after launch with it reduced down to $400 to phase them out.

      4. psp 1000,2000.3000.go do near enogh the same thing just the 3000 has a mic they dont even look mutch different they just made that same console threetime i made it lighter evey time.

    2. U sound stupid na matter what nintendo doez PSVITA is still going 2 b better and itz going 2 b a must buy so u sound stupid I have a 3DS and itz not even good it doeznt do anything butt play games everything elze iz 4 little kidz un like the PS itz ganna b amazing…

      1. rofl from all the comment the only one supporting the vita is of, ehem lesser intelligence as you can see from his grammar and his ignorant linear opinion, nintendo crowd = smarter oO

        1. I’d agree seeing as most that I’ve seen supporting the Vita have had the intelligence of a held back fourth-grader, but you are in no position to talk without the use of punctuation, misuse of words (linear opinion doesn’t make any sense, I think you meant narrow-mindedness), and the fact you misspelled “ahem.”

          Higher intelligence indeed.

  1. I don’t know. The Vita was predicted before it’s release to be about $350 to $400 hear in the US and was largely considered a shock when the price point was announced. I think the real disadvantage it has is the 3DS has what many consider to be a fair price point with the drop.

  2. I found 3DS superior to Vita. It will still be there and I wish them good sales and good luck too, however Nintendo 3DS it’s much more impressive, much more different, much more original and has much more potential than Sony’s Vita. I’m just trying to be as objective as possible, but this is indeed a hit to Sony’s face!!

    1. i absolutely love my 3ds. i have no idea where all this bad press is coming from, or why it hasn’t taken off; but to compare the 3ds to vita is apples to oranges. the vita is more of an ipod comparison discussion, i think. i do think that the 3ds is an incredible unit, but i also want a vita as well. lol. i collect the handhelds anyway, so, of course i want one.

    2. Loool are you a troll the 3ds is superior to the vita ,

      the 3ds is a psp with a 3d and ps vita is like a new handheld with near ps3 graphics power
      touch screen better than a stupid pen (WTF am i doing a homework or playing)
      rear touch screen dual analog stick crisp oled screen will make your eye popping when playing, so please dont compare a sky to land

      1. 1)Graphics = Nothing on a handheld.
        2)Capacitive Touchscreen is way more accurate than Resistive touchscreen.
        3)Dual analog, i guess that’s alright. But still, dont think you’ll be able to play any FPS game on a handheld, just won’t work. If you’ve ever been a handheld gamer, you’ll know this.
        4) OLED screen? Probably better for battery life.

      2. Whoa there, graphics is good and all that stuff, but better graphs means more disk space required, which means less content, which means fail games, take FFXIII as an example(it wasn’t that much of a fail, but yeah, it lacked a LOT).
        Besides, you don’t need a pen to play DS at all, I’m just curious about how the battery will handle all the stuff the PSV has to offer, specially if it uses 3G network.

  3. ill think sony comes out of this.
    im not a psp fan but a 3ds fan but companys like big n and sony are good at things like this.
    look at the 3ds and psp vita,big n sees the hot,burning floor under their feets and they cut the price+giving apps away.
    well thats that,i dont want to be hated,but just saying you all should be alerted and not go all yeee!,the 3ds will survive but for how long?
    it’s sony`s turn now and big N,just hold your eyes wideopen,allright?

    1. But now Sony is like “oh sh*t” we cant compete with that. And the 3ds sales will increase. Especially with all of these new games coming out every month and this holiday season coming up. I think if they stop selling Dsi then 3ds sales will also increase.

      1. are you with or against me now?!?XD
        INDEED,you are right but it’s all about making money right? without dsi,well,lets say big n would disagree with us.
        and i think sony is indeed sitting on this very moment with the hands in the hair!
        sorry if i am making the wrong spelling or so,but im dutch.

      2. They won’t stop selling the DSi for a while. It is still quite popular, maybe not up in the leagues with the 3DS, but enough for people to still want to buy it and enjoy it for a reasonable price.

      3. i certainly hope so because i want the whole world to see how great the 3ds is. it has worked flawlessly for me since i purchased it. in fact, i have all the psp versions and the wifi connectivity works way better on the 3ds. i was amazed at how good this unit works,

  4. This will allow Ninty to take valuable market shares from Sony, and also introduce them to the future world of Wii U, which will now come out as a more natural choice for those jumping on the 3DS train.

  5. The main disadvantage the Vita has is that it’s basically a portable PS3 with touchscreens, motion tracking, cameras, dual analog sticks, 3G, basically anything that you would expect a more powerful PSP to have, not something you would be surprised it has. I dunno, it seems like they really didn’t put much thought into the design; all they did was beef up the graphical power, add the dual analog that everyone wanted, and cram in every bit of technology that’s trending today like touchscreens, motion tracking, cameras, 3G, augmented reality, etc. It feels like they knew they couldn’t create a handheld that everyone would love as much as they did with the gameboy series or the DS handhelds, so they decided to say “Fuck it” and just overload the Vita and see where they go from there. I dunno, they can lower the price even further to fifty bucks, but with that kind of unbalanced and uncreative design, I wouldn’t be getting my money’s worth. It might seem dumb to dismiss something when its price is low, but no one should ever buy something just because the price is low; unfortunately Sony knows that people would buy things at low prices regardless, that’s why they made the price as low as it is in the first place, because the low price would fool people into thinking the Vita is a better deal.

    I think Nintendo deliberately overpriced the 3DS just so their competitors would try to compete at that price and make itself look weak and troubled (Nintendo’s financials haven’t been looking good as reported), but then just when the competitors’ products seem good to go (Vita is rumored to release in the fall), Nintendo goes and slashes the price down to what seems like a significantly lower price, but in reality it’s the 3DS’ real price all along. Yeah, the people who bought the 3DS at the 250 dollar price were casualties, but some sacrifices for gaining advantages over competitors would be necessary. It doesn’t matter if Nintendo slashed the price just to save their money; what matters is that the original 3DS price point could not have been the real value of the 3DS and that Nintendo just thew the 250 dollar price out there to kibitz their competitors into pricing it at that point. The main point is this: the 3DS’ price is worth a lot less than its original price, and the Vita’s price is worth much more than the price Sony gave, but why they priced their products the way they did is the important part.

    1. sorry,but i think you are OVERthinking it a little bit.
      you’re right about the vita and nothing surprising to have and im on the same frequency as you about the 3ds being superior but the pricing part…8]
      youre right as crazy,and yet…youre so good arguing and yet you are letting me think you are overthinking it too much!

      1. It kind of makes sense to me. Nintendo is could be tricky that way. If it is true, props to Nintendo. Especially since when the 3DS first came out some people took apart and compared the price of making one to the sale price of 250. It costs Nintendo just over a hundred bucks to make each one. Also does anyone know how these little symbol thingies are picked. Because mine has been the same all along.

    2. I highly doubt this price drop was planned at all. I can’t see how anyone could have thought this out, especially since no one knew what Sony would do with the Vita’s price. It seems like a very shaky plan that’s full of holes that a person with little to lose would risk; not something a huge company with millions of fans, shares, and billions in cash would do.

      1. i agree. all i have seen for weeks are reports of the “flop” that is the 3ds. i think that the price drop was and “addition by subtraction” attempt to give away a few razors so that the blades will start selling. ultimately, the games will drive the units; but they need to get them into players hands to sell them. if they don’t sell the units, the gamnes won’t sell and the developers will have no reason to want to develop for it.

  6. Oh well, I have nothing wrong with Sony (except Jack Tretton) and their products but I don’t understand what those Sony Fanboys have wrong with Nintendo.

    1. Lol, look at these comments. Sony gamers hate nintendo because nintendo fanboys are the worst. Look, every comment is a stupid attempt to put down a great company. I love nintendo, sony, and microsoft but this site is full of trolls

      1. If you’re going to put it that way then EVERY dedicated site is full of trolls 8|

        Read some of the discussion over at Game Informer if you want to see real trolls. That’s suppose to be a bias site. This is clearly a Nintendo favored site. What’d you expect?

        1. quite honestly, i think that what is wrong with the fans are why they look at nintendo in a less than positive way. everywhere you go in the gaming universe, nintendo isn’t taken seriously. if i had a nickel for every time i have seen the phrase “this generation of consoles is the ps3 and xbox because nintendo makes social games”, i would be filthy rich. nintendo does make a much larger number of social type games but they are designed to have fun. isn’t what that it’s all about? and on these sites, you aren’t considered a true gamer unless you play “insert your fave halo, cod, wow type game here”. it’s an elitist mindset. i am better than you. every system is good and bad for all the same reasons. it just depends on your perspective. in the sony or microsoft perspective, nintendo doesn’t count; but, who cares. btw… if i HAD to choose only one, i would choose sony; but you would have to pry my nintendo products from my dead hands to get ’em back! lol.

        2. So being in favor of one thing in specific while considering urself a gaming site & knowing theres more than just 1 console out there= not biased?

          i’m confizzled. .–.

      2. Yeah there’s so many Nintendo fanboys on a Nintendo site. How weird? Dude, Sony puts down Nintendo and Microsoft ALL THE TIME. Sony fanboys like you are hated even more because of how much you resemble Jack Trenton. Arrogant idiots. Lol.

              1. …are you serious? I cannot believe your arrogance and stupidity right now. I guess it’s expected from one who worships Jack Trentton. Me thinks you’re a troll who is most likely UNDER the age of 10. lol.

                1. Do you even understand what arrogance is? A Jack Trentton worshiper? Most likely under the age of 10?

                  1. These are all direct quotes from you-
                    “Sony gamers hate Nintendo fanboys”
                    “I hate Nintendo fanboys”
                    Then you say “I’m not a Sony gamer”
                    ….Wow fail.

                    1. Now you’re just pathetic. You can’t even come up with comebacks it’s just “You can’t read” or “You’re 10” Lol you’ve clearly lost this.

  7. The words ‘Sony’ and ‘PS_’ don’t even register with me anymore, I’m too busy anticipated Nintendo’s holiday season for Wii & 3DS.

  8. Problem- Having the 3DS considerably cheaper then the Vita implies to unwitting consumers that the 3DS is considerably inferior to the Vita, whereas WE all understand otherwise.

    1. “..WE..”

      Please don’t speak on my behalf.
      If Sony were to localize all the kick-ass PSP games from Japan then I would buy one in a second, and the 3000 is cheaper then the 3DS even after it’s price cut. Now if the Vita were to instantly localize all it’s titles from now on then I’d choose Vita as my preferred handheld, regardless of the Vitas cost. But as it stands, GOW and Uncharted alone mean nothing to me so 3DS all the way.

    1. What’s so great about it really? Sony in the long run will never be a huge threat to Nintendo. They both make millions. There’s really no need for competition, they’ll be successful either way.

      1. No, I was aware Sony is no threat. I’m just sick of the whole “we have stuff, and it’s better than your stuff so it doesn’t even compete” thing from Sony. Meanwhile they make a device at a price point to compete at a 2 to 3 hundred dollar price range, and their competition slashes there prices to 170, totally changing the playing field. I think this will either shut them up, or have them spit out some gibberish about why there console is better, and eat their words in the long run.

  9. The thing is that Sony is already selling the PSV for a loss (I’m guessing it’s a pretty big loss too since they are putting a lot into the thing) so they can’t lower their price even if they wanted to. I like Sony but I really think they are going to lose out on the handheld war once again…

  10. I’m glad Nintendo did this. Even though I already have a 3DS, I’m still getting my 20 free VC games. It’ll also encourages others that have the original DS to get a 3DS, so I might actually get some StreetPass.

  11. The 3DS isnt for everyone, nor will the PS Vita be. I’m gonna be getting the Vita, But not because I hate the 3DS. But because all of the games I love will be on the Vita. I love my Sony games. So, I should be hated for it? The Vita will capture it’s market, and Nintendo will do the same. Neither company is gonna lose, because both will be making a substantial amount of money. I’m addicted to Killzone, Uncharted, GOW, Resistance, inFAMOUS, etc. I LOVE my games. And you guys love yours. As long as both handhelds make their fanboy’s happy, they both win. As long as you’re happy with 3DS, and i’m happy with PS Vita, WE BOTH win. Stop the hate, lets just play our games =) Let’s just make sure that Xbox doesnt get into the handheld market. OH GOD NO, lol.

    1. You may say (^Whatever) is a dreamer, but he’s not the only one. I hope someday you all will join us, and the world will be as one.

  12. I think the Vita looks pretty sexy, but this 3DS price cut changes everything. I’m not a handheld gamer, but who can pass up $170 or 20 free game?!

    1. Um. The 20 “free” games are for the impatient, moronic idiots that brainlessly rushed & paid full price upon seeing a Nintendo seal slapped on.

      I already own those games, so meh. And if I didn’t, I could find it online for $1.00 or even a penny at times & fully functional.
      So together $170(soon to be current 3DSi price) + abt. $20($1.00 each online game)= $190 or even less if you bought the game/s for one cent.
      Still nowhere near $250.

      So for the idiots that rushed in & paid full price, I laugh & spit on them. They deserve getting ripped-off.

      LOL! HAHA!

      1. I still don’t feel ripped off by my 3DS really. I paid £200 for it with a game (Street Fighter) I’ve enjoyed that, Samurai Warriors, Ghost Recon and of course Zelda. Along with some of the others like Face Raiders, Link’s Awakening, Mario Picross and Excitebike.

        I already own nearly all of those games when they were released last time. But for free I can’t complain at all.

        I want to know where you are buying all of those games from tho. On ebay Metroid Fusion is costing £12.99 Yoshi’s Island is £8.99 (or if you want the SNES version it’s a bit more.

      2. I didn’t get ripped off. Also, e-shop games cost a little more than that. So we are getting a good deal. Plus, who knows? The ambassadors might get something else in the future (just guessing).

      3. First of all, 3DSi? Anyways, the 20 free games, if at 4-5 dollars a game, actually ads up to about the amount of the price cut.

    2. LOL dude exactly what I was thinking at this point it’s either one or the other for people, Heck i think the 3DS sales will go uo before AND after price b.c of news

  13. So they think Nintendo is doing the price cut because they’re scared of the vita……………………….ahhhhhh fuuuuiii

    1. Nope and Yes because not many people bought the 3ds so they were loosing money scared of the vita please its just a freakin Psp that has Ds stuff: touch-screen, motion senor and much more hmmm where ever did they get that from

    2. Nintendo needed to sell mores consoles, and doing this would not only boost sales, but it would put 150 dollars less than the competition. The price drop waas a no-brainer.

    3. I kno, these analysts are ridiculous with their claims. it’s obvious that the 3DS isn’t selling so drop the price, ppl buy. The Software is coming along now too, not to mention it’s a strategy against vita. it all plays in 2gether.

  14. Frankly I’m surprised about the price cut and I have also seen nothing but negative press from game sites about nintendo really ( about the time operation rainfall started and IGN seems to post the most negative comments ) the 3ds was launched in march while most game systems are launched around Xmas. So I’m not surprised sales have been slow since the average person isn’t prepared to fork over as much cash as they would at Xmas time. Oh well this doesn’t do anything but benefit us all as gamers. I’ll likely also pick up a vita this Xmas plus all my 3DS games we should be getting this Xmas.

    1. You can’t spell Ignorant with out IGN.

      But seriously. It seems to be the ‘in’ thing to hate on Nintendo.

  15. I’m waiting for the PSP Vita to get some decent games announced before I decide if I want one. Uncharted just doesn’t do it for me and I already own LBP on the PS3. They can put touch screens, 3G, Massagers, candy tasting buttons or whatever they like into the console but if they don’t have the games coming for it I won’t buy it. I made the mistake of buying a PSP about 6 years ago and I actually only properly been on it over the past few weeks once I found I can get the top games (amusingly mostly ports from PS1 games) for £4 each at a local shop.

    3DS I bought immediately because I believed the 6 month window from Nintendo. Of course the Earthquake happened and screwed everything up. (which a lot of people seem to forget about.) While I did kinda regret paying £200 for it on launch (albeit with a game.) I think Nintendo have been more than generous by giving us 20 free games. Even if I do already own most of them. (hey. Just means don’t have to hunt for cartridges and sort out/charge my SP) I know that other companies don’t do the same. (I got a PS3 just before the price drop announce and had to grin and bear it.)

    I think Nintendo need to do something like sandwich the Vita release. Super Mario 3D Land a week or two prior. Huge hype. Mario Kart 7 a week or two after. Hype again.

  16. Nintendo did the price drop because the 3ds isn’t selling as well as they wanted. Why would Nintendo be scared of the followup of a portable they kicked the crap out last generation? Sony is scared of the 3ds because they put the vita at 250 and with that Sony is also making a loss.

  17. Ha! everyone saying vita is in trouble now are stupid and bias to nintendo. Sales are so bad for the 3DS because people are either waiting for the vita…WHICH WAS THE SAME PRICE AS 3DS!!!

    the games are rubbish for 3DS or they didnt want to pay loads more money for a ds with 3D when they’ve already got a DS i XL.

    Nintendo lowered the price because they were scared of the low sles figures and the fact that vita was priced the same and they knew it was better quality ( e.g LED HD screen and the other expensive things in the Vita )

    Vita will crush the 3DS and we all know it, it’s just the Nintendo fan boys can’t except this because to them nintendo ALWAYS has to be #1

    Very tough position my *** !

    1. You know about how competition in market works, right? When companies compete with each other, prices tend to go down and quality tends to go up. This was a good decision that Nintendo made regarding to the price. Also, you know how the PSP vs DS thing turned out. Yeah, the PSP had better hardware than the DS. If that was the case, why did the PSP not do as well as people hoped? GAMES!!

  18. Sure is people who don’t know anything about the industry talking out their asses in here.

  19. The Fan-Boyism here is disgusting. Neither Sony nor Nintendo are better than the other. They both have great systems and excellent games. Both of them fear APPLE. Ultimately, the 3DS is failing. That’s not to say it could rise to something great later in the years, but as of now, it sucks. The 3D is a tacked on gimmick. We have first hand experience of that. But they haven’t released the Vita yet, so stop making snide remarks on a Sony system that hasn’t been released to make yourself feel better for buying a Nintendo system that’s failing.

  20. I’m not a fanboy. I own a 3ds and I will probably buy a vita at some point. But I think it’s a little obvious that nintendo was worried about vita. When they’re both at the same price, and vita offers alot more, what do you think most gamers will buy? So nintendo puts 3ds(or 3dsi as that one troll calls it lol) at $170 along with good games coming up and BOOM problem solved. Bit still they were definitely worried

        1. Don’t worry! I understand what you are trying to say. They might be a little bit worried. Who wouldn’t be about their competition. It seems normal. That is a prime reason: price. Not everyone can pay $249.99 for a handheld. Well, unless if the Vita lowers its price, the 3ds will be seen as the less expensive alternative (and you see how it was 6 or so years ago with their “ancestors”). If Vita does lower its price, then Sony would probably either A. Lower some aspect of the system [like how some say that the RAM was
          halved beforehand] or B. Suffer through the loss of profit EVEN MORE (thus either having games increase to make up for more or have some other way to get more revenue). Tight position in my opinion (for Sony [and maybe a little for Nintendo for overall as a company]), but time will tell.

  21. I love both nintendo and sony (dont care for xbox) and I will be getting both of these systems this year. I know for a fact im going to like the Vita better then nintendo because of its features that I PERSONALY like more. The only real true reason why I get nintendo handhelds is because of Pokemon. They are the only games I have for my DSi and I know the main story games are going to be on the 3DS eventually. I like all the other games PSP/Vita have, much more of a selection as to what I like. I really only get video game handhelds/consoles for their exclusive titles. Now that 3DS has gotten a price drop, that means I can afford more stuff for it like accesories and afford getting a PS Vita too in December =D thank you nintendo.

  22. i hate how people thing 3ds sucks cuz tthe 3d sucks (never seen 3d or a 3ds through my own eyes before) i just like how the graphics have improved vita’s are better but not so mutch better.
    its like they cant see the graphics and just looking for 3d just cuz its callled 3ds. and i dont understand how this will put vita a though postion it will be like ps3 every one will be like wth no way i not paying that but look now every 1 has one
    i gess smash bros will boost the sales by the time it comes

  23. Dear Sony gamers,
    Quality ≠ Hardware. Just as FPS ≠ good game. Thank you.

    1. THANK YOU!! FPS’s are not my ideal favorite games (though I don’t hate them [I just think that hearing only about CoD or Halo in my school gets a little bit annoying after a while]). Metroid games are an exception because you get to EXPLORE and HAVE AN ACTUAL ADVENTURE in them! Software is what helps gaming systems get purchased and continued on playing, not hardware!

  24. The 3ds sh be more worried about the psp then the vita the psp is outselling the 3ds at the moment so the vita does not have any competition from that side if you ask me.

  25. Sorry to say guys, Ps Vita has so many new features…But does Nintendo 3DS consumes so much power because of it’s 3D graphics?…Anyway, I love Wii and last 5 years, I loved my GB advance :))

  26. Funny how people base the comment of a few people to the reputation of a whole coporation or handheld video game system. Please guys, if you have nothing intelligent to say, then just leave. To be honest I like the PSP Vita. It has 3G for one, which kind of …ROCKS! Second it has a high resolution OLED, which is an upgrade from the LED, OLED doesn’t use a backscreen light as the LCD AND LED do, so less battery power and richer colors. The Vita also has some very nice games coming out, the 3DS however doesn’t. The game I really only think is good is Legend of Zelda. In truth, the 3DS is designed for the younger kids, the PSP Vita is directed towards teenagers and adults. I apologize if I make any punctuation, or spelling errors, as they can happen, and humans are not perfect, well escept for James Cameron, he made Avatar ;)

  27. By the way, the PSP Vita has Wireless-N, 3DS has Wireless-G, hence the PSP Vita is significantly faster online, you would have to have an N-Router though to take full advantage of PSP’s N-Wifi. One more thing, I find it funny that before the price cut people where fine with the Vita’s price, but suddenly whent he 3DS goes down in price everyone starts complaining like little kids. The Vita, with all that’s packed into it, $250/$300-3G, is a perfect price.

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