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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Will Make A Loss On Every Nintendo 3DS Sold Due To Price Cut

Bloomberg Japan has stated that due to the recently announced price cut Nintendo will make a loss on every Nintendo 3DS system they sell. The report doesn’t state exactly how much of a loss Nintendo will make on its handheld, but this will be one of the few times that Nintendo makes a loss on hardware sold. Still, the price cut is sure to incite a Nintendo 3DS purchasing frenzy across the world.


99 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Will Make A Loss On Every Nintendo 3DS Sold Due To Price Cut”

  1. Hopefully the games will generate enough of a profit for them. Though you think Mario Kart and Super Mario would.

    1. Nah, Nintendo wont be losing money. Knowing them, they probeley got Bloomberg to sat that, so more people will buy it before the price cut.

      Then they told Them not to tell us they told them to.

        1. People dont want to make Nintendo go Bankrupt, and being as “intelligible” (get it?) as they are they will think that. So to boost sales before the cut, they claim thell lose money. Its the whole New/Classic Coke ALL over again…. You posted twice, right after another. no way two people had the same thought at the same second.

          1. Also people will want all those goodies, so sales will be boosted furter. Some people can be quite stupid when it comes to marketing tricks towards them.

            1. Who the fuck would throw away money because they fear some random company will fail?! Seriously, what planet are you on?! I would never be such a brainless floor mat tool for any company – neither: Nintendo, Sony or Xbox.

              The 20 “free” shitty games (10 Gambeboy & 10 GBA) they’re offering for buying the 3DSi at full price only, are not worthty of paying more than $50 extra. I already own more than half of them which I play my DSlite or SP, anyways.

              But let’s say I did want them (again), I can find them way cheaper online for about $1.00 for GBA games & a penny for Gameboy.
              $1.00 x 10 = $10.00 for 10 GBA games ΙΙ
              1¢ x 10 = 10¢ for 10 GB games.

              So I’d spend $10.10 in total for those 10 GBA & 10 GB games. Compared to $50 for some downloadable crap that if the system breaks or memory fucks up, those games will be lost along in the process. [On top of that, for what they’re pricing it at, it doesn’t even come in a box or include a manual – not worth it.]

              I don’t live in a world where I can just brainlessly throw out hard earned cash to be some lap dog for company who couldn’t give two shits who I am. No company is worth that amount of stupidity. If it were, Sega would still be in business.

                1. I wanna Know too! Oh, and its NES, not “Gambeboy” a VERY commen mistake

                  I wish we had a sarcasm font here…

                  1. Me too! I also want to know! And btw, the cheapest Metroid Fusion I could find on the net (from my country) was 20€. That’s much more than $20.

              1. Uh huh. Nintendo is random. And No, prices arnt that low, and just because some one likes you but you dont like them, does not meen that they wont do anything for them. Ever herd of the Guilt trick?

                I live an Mars, BTW

      1. Don’t forget that technology CONSTANTLY gets cheaper. Sony was at a loss with every PS3 sold, in the beginning. Now, not only do they make a profit, the console is half the price it was at launch.

        Glassless 3D is still a fairly expensive piece of tech, but give it a bit. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they chose August 12th specifically to coincide with a drop in manufacturing costs.

      2. You haven’t considered that basically everyone who buys a handheld will buy at least one game too. That one game will probably give them the profit they need.

  2. Eh, it’s probably something small like $5 per console, and they can make that up easily with software sales.

    1. It’s (probably) the same as what Sony are doing with the Vita. They lose money on the console but they get their money back in software sales.

  3. Basically it costs more than £110 to make the console, which is what they are going to sell them at (in the UK). Therefor they lose a bit of money with each console sold.

    1. I dunno. I did some surfing. 1 site said $103.25 and most were similar in number so about £63.17 (UK resident as well). So if there selling at a loss, its probably by distribution costs which probably isn’t that much in loss. This could be made back by 1st party games.

    1. That was a bunch of people who estimated it. It wasn’t even vaguely official. No one from Nintendo said anything about how much it cost to make the system.

  4. Makes me wonder if Nintendo might follow suit with the WiiU; selling at less or at a slightly less than expected to entice buyers and making up the losses on software sales. Probably unlikely, and typically unlike Nintendo, but other companies have done similar things to boost sales. Still, a curious thought.

  5. Well I’m not complaining, means I don’t have to spend as much on a 3DS when I get one lol. But knowing Nintendo, they will more than likely depend on other sales, such as the Wii (and the upcoming Wii U), not to mention all the awesome games they publish all the time.

      1. Different companies developed those games.
        Mario’s Missing – The Software Toolworks, Radical Entertainment
        Zelda CDi – Animation Magic (Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon), Viridis (Zelda’s Adventure)

        I’m just saying, they weren’t really Nintendo developed games.

  6. I wish more people would’ve bought it before they decided to do this. Now look, they’re screwed. Games are getting shut down left and right and Nintendo’s “fans” STILL haven’t bought their new handheld. Thank you “fans” thank you. But to the REAL fans who support Nintendo and actually had bought or had intentions to buy it even with the high price point, I sincerely thank you.

    1. What’s that supposed to mean? Has it ever come across your mind that maybe, some fans don’t have the cash to buy a 3DS? I am quite a big Nintendo fan, but I’m not going to go all cash-out for every console they make. We aren’t being bad fans, just being smart.

      1. That’s not what I meant. I meant that if you had no intention to buy it ONLY BECAUSE of the price. Not if you wanted it but financially couldn’t.

    2. Agreed with what Tom said. You don’t need to be a real fan to be conscious of money, I am not judging Nintendo for this, but in this situation, it’s not Nintendo being smart, it’s us. I have been a Nintendo fan since the SNES days and I have never been lucky with funds, and for people like me, this is brilliant. Trust me, I would have bought the 3DS a long time ago if I could.

    3. There can still be a push, remember Nintendo promised 20 free games. People waiting on the 3DS for games or a reason like this will head out and get it wthin the next 2-3 weeks. 10 exclusive GBA games, people might want to get their hands on those.

    4. While I partially agree, I also partially disagree. Nintendo picked a rougher time to release a console. Summers have never been friendly to video games (consoles and software). They haven’t had a holiday season yet.

      I disagree it’s not the fan’s fault, it’s Nintendo’s strategy. They pushed major 1st party releases off of launch. I REALLY wanted one, but I did not go at launch since there wasn’t a game to play AND there was no eShop. I picked mine up 1 week before the eShop released, and OOT is my only game (outside of eShop purchases). It is hard to sell a console without games and supporting apps, so it’s not the fans fault for not purchasing. Many were waiting for a game(s) to purchase with the console, than those complaining about the price. The price will help, but without games to play, why upgrade?

    1. That’s the cost of raw materials. It does not consider manufacturing and shipping costs (the 3DS’s are built outside of Japan).

  7. Now that I think about it, Nintendo Is lacking creativity laitly. Adding a U to the end of Wii, a three infron of DS, New Mario games: Super Mario 3D Land Mario Kart 7…

    They will be making a loss? Here…take my money Nintendo! AND LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!!

    1. How is it lacking creativity? The Wii was creative and the DS was creative. The Wii U is creative. The 3DS is creative. Nintendo is leveraging its past success for its future success.

        1. Ew… That makes me sound like a Sony or Microsoft lover…

          But they are all kinda good, after all, they are The Big Three…

  8. SONYS DONE! this was a strategic plan to lure so in to selling the vita a loss. Sony expected to sell the vita at a loss for only 3years. Nintendo anticipated the vita to be competitively priced with the 3ds, so they decided that they would price high to make money and sold 3.61mil. consoles so far. Nintendo is going to be the better option come Xmas and the vitas debut is probably ruined. Plus to not give the people who bought the system at 250 something to look forward to, they are releasing 20 free VC games! Nintendos playing hardball!!

    1. That’s a very good point, chances are Nintendo have lowered the price to help in the competition with the vita.

    2. Didn’t even think of the Vita! Good point. Plus the games will be there during the Holiday Season so you’re definitely on to something there! It’ll be interesting to see how Sony responds…






  9. This price cut and 20 free game deal is very interesting. As a 3DS owner, I’m very pleased. The price cut will help to boost sales and will more than likely make up the difference of lost earnings for Nintendo. Hopefully it also means I’ll start getting more StressPass action besides my local Gamestop 8/. Besides, those of us who didn’t hold out on the system are being rewarding with 20 free virtual console games. Good stuff too, not shovelware. Even some 1st-party titles from Nintendo.

    The way I see it, even with the $80 price cut, that exclusive free content would have added up to at least $100, and that’s if they priced all 20 of them at $5 a pop. So Nintendo is more than making up for the difference for everyone who already has a 3DS.

  10. They had to cut down the 3DS by 32% of the origional cost. That’s a pretty solid chunck of change. No one wants Nintendo to lose money. But if they plan on making a significant profit on this, they better make sure that games are sold at a very high rate. This is gonna be be pretty hard to bounce back from. But hey, it’s Nintendo lol.

  11. Can’t say I’m surprised. But even if they do initially lose a slight profit, with a price that most people can afford, the gap between loss and unit sold will shrink dramatically as the price for glassless 3D technology drops, earning them a substantial profit in the long run.

  12. I hope this sees sales go up before the price cut. I for one am UNBELIEVABLY tempted to pick up a 3DS now to get the freebies when I was gonna wait until christmas, and I’m sure a lot of other people will too.

  13. I’ve only been holding out on buying one because the current game lineup wasn’t appealing to me (besides OOT, but I need more games than that). They could’ve kept the price and I still would’ve bought it, I just need games

  14. I don’t think they will lose that much profit since they have a great lineup of titles for the 3DS.

    1. Let’s just say it cost 200 bucks to make a 3DS. Just for the purpose of an example.
      Nintendo sells 3DS for $250 = Nintendo makes $50.
      Nintendo sells 3DS for $170 = Nintendo loses $30.

      *I don’t know how much a 3DS cost to make. It could cost $171 to make, or $249. I don’t know. The value of $200 was made purely for an example.

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  16. As tech gets cheaper, they will start making a profit on every system soon after. Remember that they’re still making money off the DS and the huge profits that they got from all these years on DS alone. I think this is not a desperate move but a move to help 3rd party developers. You see, the more 3DS’s out there, the more software it will receive. Plus, this flat out just kicks Sony in the balls with Vita. That’s why they made a an $80 price drop and not a $50 one. A powerful system at a cheaper price than what the DS XL launched for is something that will fly off the shelves. I wonder if they plan on selling the Wii U at a loss if it’s too expensive.

  17. The important thing is the 3DS is no longer being viewed on equal grounds to the Vita. That’s exactly what Nintendo and Sony don’t and do want, respectively.

  18. intergalactic potato

    What they didn’t say in the short summary on this website is that I am getting free games cause I already own one…so… AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW YYYYYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH

  19. Soon enough, there will be plenty of good games to help with that.

    Star Fox 64 3D, Kid Icarus, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Sonic Generations, and plenty more to be sure (hopefully Majora’s Mask 3D).

  20. Why would they even do this anway? Just cut it to $200, so it wouldnt be that be of a deal for profit. I already own one though.

  21. If you buy a 3DS, you need games. When you consider Nintendo’s holiday lineup, and possibly game packages (3DS + Starfox 3D), it’ll probable they won’t lose money.

  22. Most consoles are sold at a loss, the real profit comes from software; and with the upcoming 3DS releases, Nintendo won’t have to worry about losing money.

  23. This is a bummer, I don’t really think that the 3DS needed to be cut that much, but it’s just necessary in order for Nintendo to reach it’s targets I guess. The problem is that if there is not enough software to maintain 3DS sales through 2012 then there is no more room to cut. I really think that Nintendo needs to start focusing on ‘editions’ and bundles for many of the big titles coming out hereforth. By including extra items like must-have collectables, the consumers will seek out these products with more interest – and Nintendo can make more money by tacking on a little extra $ to help them through the year. The ‘Flare Red’ 3DS w/- Mario 3DS, the Ltd Ed Skyward Sword Gold Wii Bundle w/- Gold WiiMote & Nunchuck, and above all, The Last Story Wii Bundle (like Japan got) for Easter 2012 in EU AND US.

  24. Selling products at a loss is pretty common. This is the first time Nintendo’s done it so it seems weird, but it’s fine. Nintendo will gain money in the end.

  25. I dont believe this. Imagine if you own a company would you sell a product at loss? You are losing money each time someone buys a 3DS. And they say that they will gain money on games but people (atleast me) only buy 1 game for around 2 months

    1. Just because it’s sold at a loss, doesn’t mean it’s a big loss. You may only a buy a game every few months, but there are millions of other people who buy as frequent if not more frequently than you. Once a game is developed, it costs very little to put on a disc and distribute, giving each game a high profit margin.

  26. I’m 99% sure this isn’t true. I remember hearing/reading that Nintendo makes 3DS systems for 100 dollars.
    $170-$100= $70 profit.
    Dumb bloomberg =_=

    1. I am almost 99% certain Bloomberg, a giant….. no, A BIG FUCKING GIGANTIC company would take the time to research and shit before making statements like this. Sure, if you dissected your 3DS and valued the cost of the parts, it would only come up about 100 bucks. But it takes money to put the parts into a working system, software to make the system working, shipping and handling to get the 3DS to retail, marketing to encourage you to buy a 3DS, and loads of other factors.
      Bloomberg is in no way dumb, but you might be.

    2. As has been mentioned many times throughout this comment thread, there’s the money it costs for manufacture, labour, distribution and everyone who worked on the 3DS needs to be paid for it as well.

    3. I read it on They took apart the 3DS and they figured out all the parts together are worth $100

  27. im glad they lowered the price because 250$ is alot,like i can buy an xbox for that much,even though i have one,i though when they cut prices it would be 25$-50$ less,nintendo you are a bit risky ehh?,this will kill psp and burn vita,but vita will still be alive

  28. In other news – Cellphones that go for $1 are also sold at a loss.
    Still they manage to make money on them in the end…

    If anything, this signals that Nintendo FINALLY have taken online seriously and will make a huge bet on the eShop

  29. If you do the math…Sharp makes the LCD 3D Screens on the 3DS, and for the 2-3 inches of 3d screening, it would cost about $40-50 to manufacture. take the other mechanics like a gyroscope ($5), 3D camera ($15), Touch Screen ($20), and lastly the hardware($40). Add it all up, makes it about $130 at the most to manufacture a 3DS. so if they sell at $169.99, they would more than likely make a $30-$40 profit, which still isn’t a lot for a console. So this sudden price drop really won’t hurt them as much as people think, just a bit.

  30. wtf i will buy the 3ds after the price cut u bunch of dip wads . ur all not thinking about how cool it is and u guys coplain about money shut the **** up.u guys piss me off listen nitendo wont go out of bisness(it sounds wrong :) he he he ha cant stop gigglng) o.k. .

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