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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Announce New 3D Virtual Console Remake For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has announced that TwinBee is the next 3D classic game for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. The game was originally released by Konami and is another vertical shooter, similar to Xevious. TwinBee will be released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on August 10th for 600 yen ($7.75).




      1. That’s a shame. I wouldn’t have paid more than £4 for the Snes version and certainly wouldn’t pay more than £3 for an obscure Nes version


    1. Somehow I doubt that they will put Pokemon Emerald up considering the RSE remakes are right around the corner if the trend continues.


  1. I am hoping for classic Sonic games in 3D (no new games, but old Megadrive games that use the 3DS’s 3D feature, like Excitebike did)

    And also Bomber Raid, from the Sega Master System.
    I loved that game, it’s hard, challenging, and fun! :D


    1. There’s a reason Nintendo slashed the price of the 3DS and the President (impressively) took a 1/2 pay cut.

      They need to start listening to our complaints, or the 3DS is fucked.
      #newgames #newgames #newgames

      We’ve been complaining about content for 4 damn months, and Nintendo acts like it’s a revelation that they need more games.

      3D classics are awesome. Ashame they are not the classics we really want. Zelda (Original, part 2, etc…), Metroid, Mario…

      They’re pushing out more 3D Classics because they don’t have new games, REAL 3D games ready. It’s talk talk promises promises.

      I own every N system, and have never been this disappointed in how Nintendo has grossly neglected such an amazing piece of hardware.

      Ocarina saved their ass, but it won’t float their ship forever…


      1. Nintendo does listen to us fans but you sit here and act as if Nintendo is suppose to follow every command a fan makes. It doesn’t work like that. Things take time, so if you complain so much how about you jump into the gaming industry yourself and see wat its like. You guyz forget that its still a business and it needs to make money to run. Yea your complaints might sound like a good idea to follow but what if they did follow it and it costs the company millions. You guys need to think


      2. Asking them to launch with a better software lineup is NOT the same as asking for every little thing.

        Re-read my post.


  2. Well I was planing to go to gamestop for a 20 card because my mom won’t use her credit card for the 3ds. Wanted to buy links awakening and xevious which is 12 dollars and this is 8 bucks so it works out for me


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