Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Will Announce Wii U Price And Release Date Next Year

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata confirmed to investors that the company will announce the pricing and the release date for the Wii U next year. We already know the system won’t launch until after April 2012 but it sounds as if we’ve got a while to wait to find out the actual release date and pricing for the console.

“Since the Wii U we showed you at the E3 show in June was still in the development phase without very specific proposals on the software titles, we are going to announce the release date and the price next year when we are able to explain the specific proposals.”






    1. Nope no Blu-Ray. My guess is that it will cost $349.99 (US). Don’t count on it being less than $250, and I really hope it wouldn’t be more than $400, or there could be a 6 month price drop.


      1. I’d rather it be $300, but if the Wii was 250 with 480p graphics and a Wii remote, I see with a controller screen and HD adding more than $50. I know the Wii doesn’t cost 250 now, but it was priced there based their cost and making some profit.


    2. the wii u wont have Blu-ray, iwata said it about 2-3 weeks ago, so i guess you should look for a job for a Blu-ray player. most of them come at like $100 but i guess you should already now that.


      1. Not Sony but the collection of companies. Sony only gets a small pie of the money. It is own by the Blu ray disc association:
        Apple Computer, Inc.
        Dell Inc.
        Hewlett Packard Company
        Hitachi, Ltd.
        LG Electronics Inc.
        Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
        Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
        Pioneer Corporation
        Royal Philips Electronics
        Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
        Sharp Corporation
        Sony Corporation
        Sun Microsystems, Inc.
        TDK Corporation
        Thomson Multimedia
        Twentieth Century Fox
        Walt Disney Pictures
        Warner Bros. Entertainment


  1. Figured as much. I know everyone is saying it will be out in April, but I doubted that from the start.

    My guess it the annoucement in Feb/March with release in Oct.


  2. This is a smart move. Nintendo will wait and build support for the system in the background, so they can offer a stellar launch line up from the start with the Wii U. They won’t make the same mistake they made with the 3DS launch again.

    It most likely will cost $350.


  3. It’s good that they’re taking their time, but I would love to see some games for it. I hope it’s under $400. Any more than that and I’ll wait because of the fear of a price drop. I also hope it releases sometime in the Summer of before that. Many games for it will be released this year like Battlefield, Batman, etc.


  4. if there’s no hard drive or blu-ray, don’t expect fail (like the PS3), i’m feeling $300 MINIMUM and $400 MAXIMUM.

    of course, if they fuck up and use region lock on the thing… I WON’T BUY IT.


    1. it has flash memory and can support any usb device.. so you could have 2 tb if you want.. and blue ray doesnt even matter. digital streaming is where its at


  5. Nintendo will probably announce the release date and price at the C. E. S. and then delay the release date a few months later in typical Nintendo fashion. I would guess the release date to be around September to November 2012 with the M. S. R. P. being between $300 and $400 just as others have already said.


  6. I will buy if it is under $400. I have enough saved up now. For some reason I want this released as early as possible like April 2012. Would that be such a bad thing? I mean that way Wii U owners that get Darksiders II, Batman: Arkham City, and Battlefield 3 won’t be that far behind 360 and PS3 owners.


  7. This is good strategy. People should use common sense and save money for the Wii-U so that you don’t start bitching when they announce the price.


  8. idk why ppl are saying it will be released after summer if Iwata-san said from april- at most the end of summer (september) Plz be under $400 and it better have then best launch line-up


  9. I don’t care about the price, the more money, the better the quality. My biggest concern is the release date. I don’t want it rushed but I don’t want a Nov-Dec 2012 release. I’m just afraid of another Wii type lauch episode where if you don’t get it on launch day you gotta wait 6 months.


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