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Nintendo 3DS: If You Want Another Star Fox Game Then Purchase Star Fox 64 3D

This weeks Iwata Asks segment is all about the fantastic Star Fox 64 3D. There’s a huge amount of fan related trivia to be gained from reading this article. One of the key pieces of information is that Nintendo are relying on sales of Star Fox 64 3D to gauge whether or not to create a new game in the series. This means that if you want another Star Fox game then you need to purchase this game!

“If first-time players like this game, Star Fox will be reborn!” That’s how much I’m counting on this one game!

“So if there’s anyone out there who wants to look at the future, please play this!”


36 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: If You Want Another Star Fox Game Then Purchase Star Fox 64 3D”

  1. Well I know I’m getting it now. With so many titles coming this year for 3ds and the WiiU around the corner I’ve had to think about which games I can afford and I thought since Starfox 64 3d was just another remake I might pass, but this news has definitely changed my mind.

  2. As long as Nintendo don’t pull a Capcom then I’m game. I wasn’t really tempted to get it due to owning Lylat Wars on both the 64 and the Wii but I will now.

      1. Saying they’ll only release MegaMan Legends 3 after enough people get their demo then cancelling it with no demo due to lack of interest from the fans

    1. It’s not like there hasn’t been a new Zelda game on a regular basis. You didn’t have to buy OoT3D to get a new one

      1. There’s a new Zelda game called skyward sword. And any body who likes the legend of Zelda is awsome. If a legend of Zelda fan punched me in the face I would have to resist the strong erge not to thank them. Not literaly, but you get my point.

  3. I’ll buy it. I still have my copy for the n64 but this game was too awesome so nintendo will be getting my money when it comes out lol

  4. This cant be true even star fox addventures sold almost 2 million copies! Star fox Command did not do well because it wasnt that good either. Star fox assault did a million as well. Im getting tired of this stupid gaming industry. There is aleays a stupid excuse for not giving us what we want. I feel if gaming continues like this, it will fall in a few years soon.

    1. ya beyond good and evil made an hd remake for xbla and psn dont know if it sold well but i would love to see bg&e 2 come out o and of course im buying starfox 64 3d

  5. They should have made a new Star Fox game to begin with imo. I would like to play a new Star Fox game, but so far all we’ve got is remakes of games I played a decade ago. I’m not going to buy a remake just to “cast my vote” for a new game.

  6. StarFox on Wii U would probably be awesome. TV screen shows traditional view (behind the Arwing), controller screen shows view from the cockpit.

  7. I always wanted a Star Fox on Wii. That has always been number one on my E3 wish list of announcements but it never happens. The reason why I want it on Wii is because that way it would make the Wii have almost all of the best 1st party titles. (still waiting on Yoshi, Kid Icaras, F-Zero, etc).

  8. Stupid Nintendo always has neglected Starfox. Who cares if it does good or not, there are a LOT of people who want a new Starfox.

  9. I don’t like this. I would like a new StarFox game. A New one. I don’t want to buy the remake, no matter how good it may be, in order to help assure that a new game is made, thats like paying double the money. I might just put my faith in other people buying it.

  10. Now I feel like I have to buy it. I’ve already bought this game twice (original on N64 and the virtual console version). I love this game to death, but I’ve also played it to death. The reason I bought the OoT 3DS remake was because I hadn’t played through it completely since the N64 original. I can beat Starfox 64 in about 40 minutes, so I don’t think it will be worth buying all over again, full price, without it even having wi-fi multiplayer. I don’t have any friends with 3DS’s, so I won’t even be able to use the multiplayer feature at all.

  11. For people, this should be common sense. If the game sells well, they will make sequels thanks to sales.

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