Nintendo Wii: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Officially Coming To Wii

IGN news editor Jim Reilly has stated on Twitter that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is coming to the Wii. Whilst I’m not entirely sure whether or not he is trolling his followers Reilly has been known to break video gaming news on Twitter. Great news for Wii fans if it does indeed happen.

Modern Warfare 3 Headed to Wii

Update: It’s officially been confirmed for November 8th


    1. No, cause then people complain that they have to wait almost a year and they’ll call it a port!! How about the one that comes out next year for WiiU!

      1. No there won’t! The next one will be out same time next year that MW3 is this year and the WiiU will be out b4 then! So again why wait?

    1. As much as I don’t enjoy the Modern Warfare series…I agree with this.

      I would love to see a good shooter on the 3DS early on, and if anybody can do it…dare I say it…it is Call of Duty…

      They have the most streamlined FPS control scheme on consoles, IMO, so..I bet they could work wonders for the 3DS.

      1. They’ve done really impressive jobs on the DS, considering what it is capable of. A 3DS version would really show off its capabilities and attract customers

      1. 3DS needs new games and more recognition from third party developers. MW3 will make people take it more seriously. Plus, it’s a pretty good game, and a great way to show off the 3DS hardware capabilities. Also, they’ve made DS versions of the last 4 games, it’d make sense if they made this one for 3DS

  1. Modern Warfare Reflex was great, but I don’t think it’s a wise choice to skip MW2 and then just go for 3. Doesn’t make much sense.

  2. If they waited to release it for the Wii U, Nintendo users would be waiting over half a year longer than the PS360 gamers. I’m okay with them releasing it on the Wii on the same day as the PS360 versions

  3. Well, I hope it’s not a cheap little port like Black Ops was. Black Ops’ lifespan is almost over, and the Wii has no map packs. Compared to the other consoles, Black Ops was left in the dust on the Wii. :( Not being a fanboy, but EA/DICE has the right idea holding Battlefield 3 back till the WiiU. However, if they held MW3 back to the next year for the WiiU, the next CoD would be coming out anyways…

  4. And…this is why BF3 is automatically a better game. It cannot be ported down to the Wii’s level.

    Hurry up with the Wii U, Nintendo!

  5. The news has just been posted on IGN’s page, so yeah, I don’t think that this is a very late April Fool’s Joke.

  6. I, personally, hate Call of Duty with a passion, but I say Nintendo should get the crap on as many of it’s consoles as possible because it sells. Those who don’t care about interesting gameplay or story and just want to shoot stuff will buy this and your console if you have it. A 3DS version would be a good idea because it would drive sales because it’s the only mobile version available.

  7. I am not excited in the least. I played Black Ops, and Modern Warfare both on the Wii, and because of the Wii’s limitations, the games themselves looked horrible graphically-wise, and had barely a fraction of the features that the games had on other systems. I WOULD love that this 3rd party game is coming to the Wii, but in all honesty, I know it will be a “dumbed-down” version of the game on PS3 or 360.

      1. The graqphics isn’t the only thing I care about. Truth be told, 99% of the time, I prefer the gameplay of the Wii over the 360. My concern, is that when making the Wii port of almost any MW game, it feels like just a cheap copy with less features from the PS3 and 360.

  8. ……Eh

    Would rather have call of duty wiped off the earth, and play that new SSB game now (and not 1-2 years at least from now).

    Perfect world right there

  9. y do ppl care a lot to the graphics, better just play the game and forget about the graphics

  10. cod on any other console is extremly boreing,on the wii though it is at least imersive and fun with its controlls,but the hardware(wii) prevents certain things such as killstreaks,good graphics i will still get mw3 on the wii because it is unique on the wii and is fun,other consoles no thankyou,try cod 4 or black ops on the wii with a wii zapper,it is amazeing,i have an xbox 360 and i still would go with the wii version,excited for wii u call of duty,hopefully they dont abadon the wii zapper controlls

  11. I wouldn’t say great news at all. If it’s anything like the Black Ops situation, we’ll get half the online game modes, no DLC and extremely rare patches which, when released, make more glitches rather than fix old ones.

    1. No offense, but what I hope what your saying doesn’t happen. As Wii players, We have been denied a good, full Call Of Duty game for too long. And I hope that Activision recognizes that we are unhappy, and decides to give us the full experience.

  12. Here is my theory on why Black Ops was missing the map packs…

    As you may notice, in the first nessecary update for Black Ops on the Wii, one of the noticeable changes is that on the multiplayer screen, where you would connect to the internet, the name was changed from Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, to Black Ops Online. My thinking is that Nintendo must have been upset with Treyarch/Activision for including their online service in their game, possibly without permission. After this update, I think Treyarch must have been angry with Nintendo, so they pretty much gave up on the rest of the map packs, and gave up on the Wii and DS, in order to please the other systems (PS360, PC, etc) I sincerely hope that Activision chooses to release a full edition of Modern Warfare 3 for the Wii and include downloadable content (ie: map packs) In previous Activision games (ie: Guitar Hero) downloadable content was featured, in the ability to download new songs and other stuff, so we know that the Activision and the Wii are fully capable of supporting downloadable content.

    Ps: Please don’t troll if you disagree, just my theory :)

  13. Third Time is the charm Treyarch. Am giving this guys one last chance. They made a great port when they brought IW’s MW:R to the Wii. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite deliver with their own game as promised (Black Ops). Maybe Treyarch is only good for porting IW games for Wii users. I would really love to see the Wii get a limited/prestige edition for this game that has the story of MW2 as well as MW3 and 10 extra maps from previous games: 5 from MW and 5 from MW2. I would totally buy it just make the other edition $80 for extra content and am sold. I don’t think PS360 would complain, because it’s just the wii getting some extra content, that they’ve already seen, instead of the rival HD version or PC.


  14. Do you remember what hapenned with COD black ops? the wii version didnt have all the strages, even all of the killstreakes, just one stage for zombie mode, do you want it hapend again?

  15. Of course they are, many other CoD games have been made for the Wii already, though they are not by the same developer and sometimes are a completely different game.

  16. I play on the wii because it is a totally differant game there. Black ops was much better than MWR Only because it incorperated the Wii Headbanger headset and the Classic Controller/Pro. Even if you don’t have those two “Improvements” to your Wii version (Thats what I call them) it is still good. The Wii community doesn’t have as many trollers, doesn’t have as many no-life gamers who rage because you get a kill, and is just all around nicer. PS3/XBOX 360 people can rip on us Wii players as much as they want, but even if I get a PS3, I’ll still prefer the Wii community better.

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