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Nintendo: Head Of Team Ninja Urges Fans To Support Metroid

Yosuke Hayashi, the head of Team Ninja, has urged Metroid fans to get behind the critically acclaimed franchise to ensure the series becomes even more successful. Hayashi paid tribute to the Metroid series in an exclusive video made by Shinesparkers to celebrate the series 25th anniversary.

“Happy anniversary to the Metroid series. I am personally a Metroid fan as well. I hope all us Metroid fans can get together and really support Metroid to make it even more successful in the future.”



57 thoughts on “Nintendo: Head Of Team Ninja Urges Fans To Support Metroid”

  1. Super Metroid was, if not, the best platformer of all time (after that Castlevania: SOTN). I have a tat of Samus on my arm :) more Metroid please!!

    1. Agreed. Super Metroid just can’t be topped. The castlevania series are what keeps returning to nintendo’s handhelds, although none of them were better then SOTN. I’d love a 3d castlevania!

            1. And you know what? That wasn’t Team Ninja’s fault.

              With some minor hiccups in the gameplay that you could recognise as Team Ninja staples (which were VERY forgiveable) most of the issues with Other M can be placed squarely on Nintendo’s demands and, more importantly, Yoshio Sakamoto’s edicts.

              The plot? Sakamoto.

              The design? Sakamoto.

              The GAMEPLAY, including the First Person Missiles and pointless “Look around and scan for something that we could just put in a cut scene”? ALL came at the demand of Yoshio Sakamoto.

              If you want to hate Team Ninja, go ahead, there are plenty of reasons to. But at least hate them for the RIGHT reasons.

              1. I’m not going to argue that Sakamoto didn’t screw the pooch on the project as well, he most certainly did. But the whole game, every facet, was just all wrong. It had good core gameplay ideas that were botched with bad controls and stupid execution (the missile reloading was retarded). I just want the next game in the series to have nothing to do with what happened with Other M.

                As much as I don’t like Team Ninja for the DoA series, I do rather like Ninja Gaiden. So I’m not just some TN hater.

                1. Ok super spagehtti, fan boy is always the first automatic troll term that most of you faggots use. Try something new plz.

                  1. New as in praising a developer for a shit prodcut? Oh wait, that’s still what faggots like you are doing. Cry more “plz”.

                    1. And yours is suppose to be successful. Don’t fool yourself. Your supposed trolls are highly predictable

                  2. Following your trail of trolling, its clear that you are the one who’s the dumbass that’s got nothing better to do then be off topic, but I’m sure you’ll just comment with another fag remark.

          1. Because if you like Other M, you must be a fanboy. That’s how dumb you sound, Spaghetti. Anyway, I don’t know why so many people hate Other M. It’s a good game. Not the best in the series, obviously; but good nonetheless.

  2. Bravo. Speaking of Team Ninja and Metroid, I really don’t get all of the hate for Other M. It was great-looking, the gameplay worked really well, and the emphasis on story was intriguing and refreshing for a Nintendo game. I actually like it more than Super Metroid. Nothing against the 16-bit masterpiece, but Other M was just more like a natural progression of the series. People are clamoring for a new, strictly 2D Metroid, but I really hope the powers-to-be see how well the Other M style played. Maybe sections that are just 2D would work (a la Super Mario Galaxy 2). But I digress; Other M is my favorite Metroid game. I think I’ve played through it about ten times already! :D

    1. Thank you, somebody other than myself that enjoyed other m. It was stunning and it gave a background to samus. Gameplay was awesome, old classic with the new.

    2. I also loved it, more than either Prime 2 or Hunters, I think it’s just that people expected that it was going to be more like a Metroid game, whereas it was more of a story-driven thing. Because it was weird to most people to have that in a Metroid game, many couldn’t see past it and just have fun with it.

      1. That was the problem it was not fun. Classic metriod fun going around and exploring shot and killing stuff while surviving. Samus was annoying to listen to also. Why make her a brat now? Do brats lurk in underground cabins searching for scary metroids nope. Does the chic from alien sound like a better fit yep. Samus was our segorney weaver (sp) lol. Maybe we can have nail painting mini games in it too.

    3. I have the game, and yes I loved, it, tho what got me down was the voice acting for Samus, I wish they kept it in jap and let read the subs for it, or have a better voice actress, other than that the game was a lot of fun and i hope to see similar stuff in the future, maybe with a harder difficulty however.

    4. i never played other m so i cant realy judge it but metroid prime trilogy (skiped first one lol :P) i loved 2 and 3 for different reason like like the separation of beams on 2 i like having more weps lol (dark light reg annihilater) and the refinements they made for 3 cant wait to see another prime trilogy start on wii u its gonna look so beautiful in hd

    5. I just bought Other M and I love the presentation the most. Gameplay is different from MP1,2 and 3 but I still like it. I really liked the fact that it plays like a movie and has such great cutscenes. A bit melodramatic but it gives me a deeper look at the story. It is easier than other Metroid games but I like that. So far, no real complaints.

    6. The main thing ppl are crying about is her personality. They want her to be a master chief. A silent emotional drone that does nothing but kick ass and no background story. They fail to realize that she’s a woman and human and humans are not gonna be perfectly bad ass and have no mistakes or flaws. You mean to tell me your gonna be rock solid as you watch the only person you have left disappear. Ppl are just pathetic, now voice acting could have been better

    7. Finally someone with a taste and appreciation for good games (also some common sense and lack of judgmental bias based on other haters’ opinions). I commend you, sir!

  3. I don’t care if people hated Other M for it’s story, I really liked that game and the story exactly the same as I liked other metroid Games, I I can’t wait to play Metroid Fusion when I’ll get it from the ambassador programme

    1. you no Metriod Fusion will likely not be in 3D right? Or are you just saying that a Metriod game in 3D would be awesome if they made one…

  4. i’m still baffled as to why nintendo of america and japan never did anything for the 25th anniversary of metroid, as they did for zelda and mario. ok, it may not have sold as many copies as those 2 franchises, which i love also- but the game has spawned numerous critical praises, and admiration from metroid fans.

    i’m hoping that a follow up to other m, or be it fusion – as fusion follows right after other M, is released on say the 3DS or wii U although i personally would not want team ninja involved. and as for sakamoto, his characterisation of samus did divide fans throughout; i think it was good to give her a personality in other M, but they should’ve cut down on the monologing.

    like i said before, for the next game it should go back to the side scrolling platforming style of super metroid but like with the scanning and aiming elements of prime in first person incorporated.

    happy samus!! :-D

      1. Who says they won’t do anything. They haven’t announced anything. They may not announce anything at all, but Metroid is their baby! They’ll have to do something special for the 25th anniversary.

  5. It could be interesting to have Team Ninja make another Metroid if 1. They overhaul the missile targeting system, 2. let us get our ammo back the REAL way, not that concentration BS, and, perhaps most importantly, DON’T LET SAMUS TALK. I know I’ve always wanted Samus to have something to say, but when those words are about what’s essentially a schoolgirl Oedipus complex for her commander, then just don’t.

    1. I would love to see another Team Ninja developed Metroid.

      Aside from the issues you mentioned, the game was solid. I actually LIKED the Dodge mechanics (Though I would have preferred it on a slightly better control scheme.)

      Team Ninja can make some damn good games, as long as they aren’t being cock-blocked by idiot design decisions by people like Yoshio Sakamoto. I wouldn’t even be against having a PLOT based Metroid, so long as you got some good writers to do it, rather than that abysmal hack-job BY that abysmal Hack-job, Sakamoto.

  6. I actually like Metroid Other M. I don’t get why people are hating it. Oh well, to each his own I guess. Anyway, I hate to jump on the bandwagon but Super Metroid and Metroid Prime really are some of the best games ever made. Although I really enjoyed the other Prime games and Fusion. I hope that Retro will work on Metroid again, and I wouldn’t mind if Team Ninja worked on another Metroid game too.

  7. Wow…that video was…meh. a lot of people who have NOTHING to do with Metroid besides being fans. Not worth my time. As far as PRIME goes I see it as the low point in the franchise. They still are and always will be a spin off series. Super Metroid did everything the best, and Zero Mission and Fusion were good pertable editions. Metroid on NES and Metroid II on GB are classics that are often overlooked in this FPS crazed industry.

  8. Metroid other m is not a terrible game, is just that it lacked exciting exploration. The places to visit were not stunning, as for the story, I hope that if they get to make another game they make samus the serious character, still the game’s story is badly executed because they treat her like if it was her very first mission ever which it isn’t. She is already a bounty hunter and defeated mother brain. Another thing is that controls are uncomftable and the game is really short. And no its not because im thinking on prime because you can change things back to 2D and still make it great if not look at new super mario bros.

  9. Metroid: Other M was awesome, just as good as the previous games in my opinion. Showing Samus’ real person for the first time was great, and from time to time it brought tears to my eyes. I never thought a Metroid game could be this emotional and deep, but i’ve learnt otherwise. I love you, Team Ninja, And I really hope you are going to co-develop the next Metroid games with Nintendo as well.

  10. screw you team ninja I’ve never hated a game manufacturer more than you guys you totally messed up my favorite series with other m. I really hope retro studios gets the rights to make the next game because I fear you guys will make her annoyingly feeble if you get the rights again. Watch g4tv’s review of the game that’s exactly what I think of the game.

  11. Is it me or does that kid at 1:42 really say N****s? Congrats Metroid, on behalf of your 25th anniversary, I beat Other M today! :)

  12. it appears that fans distaste for other M is pretty much divided between team ninja and yoshio sakamoto. either way. i do think it is sad that the metroid franchise hasn’t been covered and talked about for years, as it has always been in the shadow of mario and zelda. super metroid, metroid prime- yet when a game such as other M gets released and gets negative feedback and reception, all the attention of metroid is focused at that one game. and thus, it’s image has been tainted slightly.

    let’s hope the mixed reception other M has had doesn’t deter nintendo from not making the next metroid game. i think either retro studios or nintendo themselves should develop it instead of team ninja.

    btw, i still loathe G4’s review of metroid: other M- i personally thought the person, who reviewed that game, though she made a few pointers about the gameplay, took too much of her time saying how the game and samus’s portrayal was sexist. as i woman, i don’t think it was sexist at all. there was nothing in that game that suggested to me it was being offensive to women. if it was a man in place of samus and the galatic federation were made up of women, would this reviewer be making the same remarks? i think not. besides, it is just a video game. she over-reacted in that aspect for practically nothing.

    1. *edit* let’s hope the mixed reception other M has had doesn’t deter nintendo from making the next metroid game.

  13. Ugh I dunno I think samus would have been better not talking like most games it can ruin the character image projected to the player

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