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Nintendo Wii U: ID Software Talk Wii U Development

ID Software studio president Todd Hollenshead has told IGN that the company currently has no plans to develop for Wii U, but they are impressed by the machine. Hollenshead said he would have to talk to ID co-founder John Carmack about it. Do you think that games such as Doom and Rage would be a good fit for the Wii U?

“I haven’t really had a chance to sit down with [John] Carmack about it, because it’s his opinion that matters. From what Nintendo is saying, [the Wii U] looks interesting, but it still remains to be seen how it fits within how id Tech 5 would run on it, is the audience right for us to develop games on that platform.”


14 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: ID Software Talk Wii U Development”

    1. See id you have to change that attitude right there! You need to make new fans or your legend will die off. Remember there wasn’t a fps fanbase before you made it silly.

      Some one get John a damn system so we can get some rage on a real hd console!

  1. id kicks ass, would be great to see some of their games on Wii U. Regardless though, I’ll be playing all of their games on PC.

  2. id Software is a very important studio,because we shouldn’t forget that they invented the whole FPS genre. If it wasn’t id,there wouldn’t be Wolfenstein,Doom,Quake,Halo,Half Life,Crysis,Goldeneye,Call of Duty…
    John Carmack (owner and tech designer of id) is a tech genius.
    FPS games wasn’t his only invention,he also discovered new ways of doing things better in the technology department,such as “mega-textures”.
    He is creating new industry standards every while.
    Considering his passion for games and tech,I would like him to make games for the Wii U,since he is a very dedicated person on his work.
    Building Rage took him 6 years because he took in consideration all the available features of the 3 different platforms to create 3 versions of the game highly optimized.
    If he get interested in creating games for the Wii U,we might got some of the games that uses most of its features from id software,comparable to the quality of Nintendo’s first party games,and maybe even better.
    His thinking is “we will make it the best possible no matter how much time it takes”,without falling in 3D Realm’s Duke Nukem Forever loop,something I like.

    1. what about No More Heroes? MadWorld? All of the Call of Duty games? Resident Evil 4? Splinter Cell? There are plenty of M-rated games on Wii, so Nintendo obviously isn’t against them.

  3. Anyone remember how it all started? John Carmack and Romero whipped together a full-scale carbon copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 for the PC, hoping to license it to Nintendo. Obviously Nintendo turned it down in a heart beat, but it just goes to show you how talented John and his team is, perfectly replicating a game like that, especially in the 90s.

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