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Nintendo Wii: Here’s A List Of Nintendo’s Best Selling Wii Games Of All Time

Nintendo’s most recent annual report details the company’s best-selling Wii games since the system launched back in 2006. The list only comprises of Nintendo developed titles but it’s worth a look mainly due to the incredible sales numbers some of these software titles achieved. Can you spot your favourite Wii game on the list?


106 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Here’s A List Of Nintendo’s Best Selling Wii Games Of All Time”

    1. The awkward moment when NSMBWii sells more than Galaxy, Galaxy 2, TP, DKCR and tons of better games.

      Jeez laweez, i hate looking at Wii sales, heh. =P

      In a perfect world, the best game on the system would be the best selling one. (hint hint, that’s Mario Galaxy 1 or 2)

        1. I’ll agree with that. It’s definitely more of a challenge than NSMBDS, that’s for sure. I was expecting DKCR to at least place, though. Put it in place of MP8, perhaps.

    1. Um… Probably because Nintendo decided this time around they were going to focus on the casual crowd. Therefor, lots of families purchased the Wii to get Wii Sports. Then, mothers, concerned about the declining state of their bodies, see “Wii Fit” on the shelves and think, “This will make me thin!” when, in actuality it only “makes you aware of your body,” (Miyamoto’s words, not mine). Then comes along “Wii Fit Plus”. Already in the hole $90 for the original Wii Fit package think, oh, maybe the extra $20 disc is the secret to losing weight. Turns out, once again it isn’t. And that is the story of how Wii Fit sold so many copies. #snarkweek

    2. very simple. TP was a launch title for the Wii but it also came out on the gamecube. SInce many people did not want to buy a Wii to get the new Zelda some of us bought it for their gamecube which they already had. TP sold way more than 5.8 million copies since those are only the Wii numbers the Gamecube ones are arounfd 1.5 millions so all added up that makes 7.3 million copies sold which still leaves it after mario party 8 XD

    1. Well if you’re gonna say that then the Original Super Mario Bros. doesn’t count because it came with the NES

          1. Yes, but the ( ) is the year released, brawl did not come out till 2008 (according to wikipedia). So you couldn’t have sold any between 2006-2008, and those copies were 2008-2011. That number seems low.

    1. Think about it, the concept was new and it was exciting and cool, I mean, Mario in space? count me in!

      Then the 2nd game came out… It was hyped a bit also, but it still seems weird that Nintendo would drift from tradition of one Mario 3D Platformer per system!

      And besides, everyone figured they had already bought the first one, so they weren’t missing much. Personally, the game is boring, as I felt like I was playing a slightly different game than the one I had already played, feeling ripped off, cheated almost. To make matters worse, I heard there are 243 (or so) stars in total! Sure, If you include Luigi, there’s 241 (I think) in SMG, but whatever

      Basically: Not everyone is excited about sequels

      1. thats a bunch of bs, the sequel totally kicked the first ones ass. not only did it get the cloud mushroom, but it got the the spinn drill and rock mushroom. and best of all it introduce yoshi, with powerups.

      2. 242 Stars, No doubt the greatest game i’ve played.

        that final star takes forever to get. but is amoung the greatest experiances ever when you do. you get a letter from the mario team on the wii haha :)

  1. This actually scares me because if the list looks similar to this for the wii u, developers will think think their games won’t sell because of the audience and they’ll back off

    1. Let’s hope that Nintendo follows through with their commitment to the core gamers this time around. I don’t mind the whole merge between casual and core, I just hate that casual has been getting more attentin (with the exception ofthe FPS genre, which is too crowded as it is)

  2. galaxy 2 and twilight princess are most definitely going to go down in history as monumental achievements in gaming.

    1. Um… The other 11 games on the list? I can guarantee you most people who bought a Wii bought it for Wii Sports. Don’t make me sound like a Zelda hater. I am far from it. I for one, did purchase a Wii for Twilight Princess, but I’m looking at the demographics of the system.

    1. So you wouldn’t have purchased it? If it came bundled with a remote for $50, or sold for $20, I’m pretty sure that number would still be quite high. The Wii user base probably has a million some people that haven’t bought a game and only play Wii sports.

    1. thankfully someone else realizes this!! Melee was great folks but Brawl took everything Great from that and did it 100 fold.

      1. I think the best way to resolve the whole issue is to give players in Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS the option of playing with the mechanics/speed of Melee OR Brawl. That seems to be the major point of contention when it comes to the competitive community.

    2. mad no one caught this obvious Kayne vs Taylor Swift reference lol. Smash is one of the greatest series’ ever made though 8)

        1. Pretty much. I saw Wii Play and thought I would try it eventually. Than I saw it came with a wii remote so I bought it the day it came out.

    1. Yeah, I definitely got Wii Play because at the time it was originally released, Wii Remotes were almost as hard to find as the hardware itself, so I jumped at the opportunity to get a Wii Remote. Cool news though? I ended up selling Wii Play for $25 at Gamestop, therefor saving $15 on my Wii Remote.

      1. HA! What magical gamestop did you go to? $25 for Wii Play? You couldn’t get $25 for MW2 when it came out lol.

  3. I can’t believe twilight princess came last out of those games, but i suppose when you sell wii sports with wiis, it’s bound to be on top. Anyway, I though that twilight princess was way better than new super mario bros. i mean im not one of those people who comment on 2 games while only owning 1, i have both and twilight princess is definatly better.

  4. Seriously? wii sports shouldn’t count cuz it came with the wii… i seriously thought brawl was a lot higher on that list, whatever brawl is definatly the best wii game of all time, and i didn’t even think mario party 8 would be on this list at all….

  5. The Wii sports games do not count

    If we add the game cube versions of Twilight Princess, it will end up beating Galaxy 2 and close to Mario Party 8 total sales, however so glad to still see Mario & Zelda selling huge copies

    1. How does Wii Sports not count? Just because it was bundled with the Wii doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t count. And as Anonymous says:
      “Well if you’re gonna say that then the Original Super Mario Bros. doesn’t count because it came with the NES”

        1. Hey, WTF man?!?! I spent a while trying to get over 1000 in bowling and ping pong! Wii sports resort is a game! Not as good as SMBG2….. But still! I put time into WSR. Acronyms are fun.

        2. If your saying Wii Sports isn’t a game means that neither is Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus… Just because they aren’t aimed at the hardcore audience doesn’t mean that it’s not a game.

  6. I pretty much owned all of the games up there at one point. I love my Twilight Princess on the GCN however over the Wii. I owned both versions but I eventually traded in the wii one.

    I’m pretty gobsmacked on the Wii Fit sales, almost 40 million between them. Then again, everyone is in this fitness trend and it was a good money maker by anyone that added in that extra “You can be healthy and fit with a machine that cheaper then gym equipment.”

  7. I like to see that these are all Nintendo exclusives game, unlike ps360 best selling game is black ops Haha and there numbers don’t compare to Nintendo…

    1. You derp much? This is a list made by NINTENDO, FEATURING ONLY NINTENDO DEVELOPED TITLES. Thus, your argument is invaild fanboi-jerk. Who would have thought this site’s fan base would be so biased?

      1. he might be bias but hes not wrong, 360s biggest selling exclusive would be halo 3 and it didnt even reach 10mill, as for sonys exclusive, correct me if im wrong, but i belive was GT wich went a little over 6mill, shoot, even combined they dont sell anything close to any of nintendos top 5 exclusives… So i dont see why your derping would be relevant

  8. Isn’t it funny that Wii Sports is the #1 seller because the majority came with the Wii to begin with and it’s dated as 2008?

  9. Love Brawl, TP, Mario Kart Wii. but I thought Brawl would destroy this chart. also no Metrio Prime 3 Corruption makes me sad. that was freaking fun! Mario Party 8…. …. I just… don’t see why. New super Mario Bros is pretty cool too, idk why people don’t like it, for real, it’s fun, colorful, a great game. Galaxy was awesome, just awesome, yeah.

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  11. Mario galaxy 2 is still pretty new and it can beat mario party 8 but too bad for zelda :/ mario party 8 is not so bad is just that the first installments were much better and live through nostalgia.

  12. Is it bad I have 11/12 of the games? Just missing Wii Fit Plus.

    Mariokart > Galaxy 2 > Galaxy > NSMB > Smash > Mario Party 8.

    I’m surprised Mario Party 8 was that high, and they are just doing 9 now. 8 wasn’t nearly as good as 2, 4, 5 or 7. Wii play was for the remote, as I just got Wii play motion for the new remote (yes I already had 4, just wanted a plus one for the Wii U)

  13. I agree that Mario Party 8 wasn’t even that good, but it still sold.
    I wonder what the sales would be like for Twilight Princess if combined with Gamecube versions.
    Twilight Princess and Smash Bros, without a doubt, are amazing games.

      1. Personally I was highly dissapointed with MP8 And Mario Kart Wii. For me, they just reeked of casual gamer… MP8 was just too… nice. I downloaded MP2 too get back to that essence of the game that I feel has been disapearing with each new title… I did like ceratin aspects of Mario Kart Wii, but it seemed so much slower and less difficult then double dash… Am I the only one?

  14. Did you know that all those games appear at metroid prime 3 corruption (metroid prime trilogy) as stickers on samus’ ship? :P (Zelda, Mario Galaxy, Wii Sports, Mario Party 8, Smash bros and Retro Studios Logo)

    1. So are you saying you wouldn’t have bought Wii Sports if it DIDN’T come with the system?

      I’m pretty sure if they took $10-50 of the price of the Wii, just about everybody would have bought it (as long as it wasn’t $50, probably worth 20-30). I don’t know anyone that bought a Wii to NOT play Wii sports.

      1. allow me to be the first then as I brought the Wii in order to play the Super Mario games I’ve had my Wii now for 4/5 years and still have not touched the Wii Sports disk that came with it.

  15. I absolutely love the Super Smash Bros. series on any Nintendo system. The Wii was definitely an innovative system and swept the gaming world off its feet. Here’s hoping Nintendo can do it again with the Wii U. :)

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