Nintendo: More Zelda Information Revealed By Nintendo

Not all of this Zelda related information is new but there’s some bits and pieces that you’re unlikely to have heard before, so I figured I should post them. One interesting piece of information is that Ghirahim appears to be stalking Link at one point in the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Creepy. Here’s the list of information:

– Majora’s Mask was done in Japan before localization in the states started
– Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess both used simultaneous localization
– there were some finer details in the story that were changed in these projects
– Skyward Sword ties into Ocarina of Time
– Nintendo fears that if they put out an official timeline, they’ll be limited with future Zelda ideas
– There is a a master document for the Zelda timeline, but it’s kept under wraps
– it contains overall plans for the series
– Skyward Sword will be ‘tremendously expansive’
– Nintendo says there’s nothing else like it as far as motion control goes
– Looking at holiday release this year
– More details on Golden Wiimomte and other info later on
– More events and activities surrounding Zelda to come
– Skyward Sword blends overworld and dungeon elements
– more puzzle and exploration than before
– Bill Trinen hasn’t finished the game yet, but he believes it to be one of his favorite Zelda games ever
– the Wii U tech demo doesn’t necessarily show where Nintendo will go with Zelda on Wii U
– Skyward Sword starts off in Skyloft
– The game kicks off with a series of events that sets Link on an adventure below the clouds to save Zelda
– the game involves lots of mystery elements, including why you can’t quite catch up to Zelda when trying to rescue her
– Link’s female companion isn’t the sword exactly, but a spirit in the sword
– she guides Link on his adventure
– Ghirahim is following Link at one point, but Link isn’t aware of it
– The E3 battle with Ghirahim is the first time Link comes in contact with him
– You don’t know why he is going after Zelda
– there are a lot of new character races in Skyward Sword, more than what we’ve seen at E3
– you will visit familiar places in Skyward Sword, but they may or may not be part of Hyrule


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        1. You absolutely cannot have a Zelda movie! It would completely ruin the series and I would have to kill myself rather than sit idly by while it was made.

  1. – you will visit familiar places in Skyward Sword, but they may or may not be part of Hyrule…

    Where else could they be? =0

    1. Termina, Holodrum, Labrynna and so on… There are more places to Zelda than Hyrule.

      This is by far the most interesting piece of news for me!

      1. yes! I agree, that sounds amazing! I hope we get to see Termina!!, 3D Holodrum and Labrynna would be amazing too, i’m really excited now!

        1. I agree!!! I would love to see those places come to life in 3D! It would be even cooler if you could use the Rod of Seasons, Harp of Ages, etc, and MASSIVE exploration?!? should we be expecting a whole S***load of temples or what?!? i cant wait!

      2. I would love to see those classic places be put into an epic adventure like that! It would also be cool to have Kolohint island, but thats kinda impossible being that is was a dream :(

      1. Majora’s Mask iirc
        Termina field is the main zone outside the city I believe but i am a little tired, kinda late here.

    1. I’m a SERIOUS fan, completed ALL Zelda games (except CD-i… i mean, who would?) got loads of RARE Zelda merchandise… and oh yeah, I’m also looking online for info all the time… and I have NOT heard a lot of the info that has been given here, so yeah, stay where you are so I can knock u off ur high horse with my fairy bow

    2. if you were smart you would notice the words he had said. He said not all of it was new, but some was.

      1. Sorry, but he said “all this info.” He’s just trying to make all news sources that aren’t named “Zelda Universe” and all people who don’t read Zelda Universe every 5 minutes feel bad. We’ll all be playing the same game in the end, so who really cares? :P

      1. nope. her and link are childhood friends. so she lives in skyloft….at least before shes kidnapped… again…

  2. Oh this exact post has been discussed at great length over in the ZU forums. Apparently the “stalking” thing is really just a sense that Link is being watched as he travels the dungeon–an atmosphere thing. Of course I hope that’s wrong. I like the idea of a villain like Ghirahim taking a more active role in a Zelda game.

  3. My money is on Termina as a returning place. Considering Link walked off into the Sunset, there is a lot of untapped potential here that they could tie in with.

  4. Does that mean we might visit…TERMINA?????? Or maybe the mountains that would later become the islands of the Great Sea??!?? Hell. Yes.

  5. The only thing I didn’t know was that there was an official timeline document under wraps. Other than that, I knew all this. Mainly because of “Zelda Informer.”

    1. I didn’t know a lot of that info, but I knew about the timeline, but I hope they don’t release it soon, like they said, it would limit them to what they can do with the future stories, therefore, when/if the franchise finishes (in another 25 years hopefully!!) we can see the completed timeline, then, and then only

  6. aw, man! Now I want holiday to hurry up and get here, but…then I’d be asking finals to hurry up and get here, and I’d just as soon have summer last longer

  7. I’m excited either way, I can’t wait to play Skyward Sword, also if it has a connection to Ocarina of Time that probablly means it will be that Hyrule, but I think something with the Temple in Time will take part in the game

  8. That would mean that maybe we’d see parts of Termania right? So that means we get to meet Igos du Ikana before he is a Stalfos right? That means the dead kingdom of Ikana is alive, right? Maybe we get to visit Stone Tower again as well, leaving the Light Arrows there, hmm…….

    1. Just because Link explored Hyrule before he explored Termina doesn’t mean that Termina nevrer existed before that. In fact, it was there far before Link got there- evidence lies in Ikana. It was said that long ago it was an alive kingdom, but now it is the land of the dead.

  9. I don’t understand the whole “limited” projects part of it. They can insert a game wherever they want. Like right now we know Majora’s mask comes after OOT. They can still insert a game in between them. They can also insert one in between OOT and this title too, so I don’t understand how it is limiting.

    The only “limiting” part of it is that if they didn’t want to separate the titles, so that would be mean they are limiting themselves to the gaps in the timeline, so whether a title comes before the original LoZ game, or after Twilight Princess or whatever. So it seems like they have particular games in set places and don’t want to separate titles we know go together (i.e. MM and OOT, Zelda 1 and Zelda 2, etc)

  10. “- There is a a master document for the Zelda timeline, but it’s kept under wraps.”


  11. This game was supposed to be here in Q1, now it’s August & we don’t even have a fucking release date.

  12. Termina and Koholint? Termina would be pretty awesome! And maybe shrink into the Minish Cap world.

  13. :( Too bad there’s no way I’ll ever be able to get a wii or wii u….
    Why can’t they release a new zelda on 3ds. Or atleast MM remake. That would satisfy me. This sounds awesome. :( :( :(

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