Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Leads The Way For 3D Gaming Sales

According to Industry Gamers the Nintendo 3DS is currently leading the way for 3D purchasing intent. Whilst 3D may not be as big as some companies had originally anticipated it to be, Nintendo will undoubtedly be in a dominant position in the 3D space once the officially announced price cut begins to take place throughout the world.



  1. I am not surprised by this at all; When the price is low for 3D AND it also has a vast amount of hardware capabilities and high-quality software releases, the 3DS is bound to be successful.

  2. Well it should lead the way, though my only worry for nintendo is that they release the same old games over and over get some originality folks

    1. The Rolling Western is a new IP from NIntendo =3

      And it’s not like other companies aren’t doing the same. Fifa/Madden Call of Duty, Halo, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Smackdown, God Of War for example.

        1. Its a third person adventure game like Zelda, which you move similarily to Goron Link or Rock-Suit Mario. It is coming out on the e-Shop hopefully soon for 3DSWare.

  3. Does it make me a bad person to buy the 3DS at Walmart for the reduced price before the 12th?

        1. Then the answer is a mix of both as well XD

          I wouldn’t call call it cheating, just opportunistic. Frankly, it doesn’t really cost Nintendo anything extra either way.

    1. Its just a rumor, and yes it does. But everyones gonna do it anyway(if it is true), so you might as well. (Im gonna be pissed if it is.)

    2. Its just a rumor, and yes it does. But everyones gonna do it anyway(if it is true), so you might as well. (Im gonna be pissed if it is.)

        1. No, there was a rumor that walmart was going to sell the 3ds at 170 before the main price drop which would open the opportunity to get the games and the lower price.

  4. When 3D tv and gaming was announced, I wasn’t really that excited, and now that it’s here, I still don’t really care about it; but i do love my 3DS. In this format, i really am enjoying 3D.

  5. How do you know 3D gaming won’t become huge and mainstream? The 3DS is still very new, a fledgling. Give it time. It’ll catch on soon, I predict. Namely after the price drop and a good variety of games are released.

  6. I’m pretty sure Nintendo 3DS will be much better than PSVita, But we have to wait and see when it comes out. If Nintendo added some more apps EVERYONE would want and more features. It would definitely be more than a must have!

    1. Yep. Vita has trophies, a full messaging system, and even party chat. 3ds’s 10 letter status update just can’t match that.

  7. The 3DS is a long term investment, so give it time and it will show you it’s true potential.

  8. The 3ds is still being perfected much like the first DS. It’ll be great in time………so anybody heard anything about battlefield 3 on 3DS??? Kinda excited

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