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Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Looking At New Franchises Based On Wii U

Katsuya Eguchi, the designer behind established Nintendo games such as Animal Crossing and Yoshi’s Story has told Edge that the company will introduce new franchises with Wii U. In the same way Wii Sports was built around the Wii Eguchi hopes that Nintendo will deliver fresh experiences that are based around the Wii U’s unique controller.

Do you expect the first round of Wii U games to be based on new IP or established characters and series?
Of course, with those fan-favourite IPs, we’ll continue to offer games based on those characters, in those worlds, with the Wii U. but if there are opportunities for us to come up with new iPs that work well with this new system we’ll jump on those as well.

51 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Looking At New Franchises Based On Wii U”

  1. Please think of hardcore gamers Nintendo. Make Mii related content for the Wii. Keep the Wii U for new franchises that are as good as or exceed Zelda, Mario, Metroid etc.

  2. Give me a StarFox as good as N64’s, a F-Zero as good as GameCube’s, a Smash Bros as good as Wii’s and a Mario Kart with all the tracks ever made. I’ll be forever happy.

      1. Where you can use the touchscreen to draw the track, like ModNation Racers on the Vita.

        Can’t remember if it has been decidd but does anyone know is the Controller charge or battery?


        Thank you! Nobody ever considers homemade tracks it would be ridiculously simple with the touchscreen. Plus i want to seriously customize my car, not radically change the game but let you unlock parts that improve capabilities and style, like 12 different body styles allowing you to draw decals and paint every inch of your car! Its not to much to ask of a racing game i’ve been playing since i was 4 in 1998.

  3. They should create several new franchises, and pay more attention to ones they haven’t done much with, such as Pikmin (pikmin 3 please!), Ice climbers, Earthbound, Kid Icarus, ect.

  4. add a new icon for the nintendo franchise would be great like a mix between zelda and metroid also i don’t know if i am the only one but i would like a mario sunshine 2

  5. Personally I takink thay should start off with known Series like Zelda, Mario, Pikmin ect. But I would gladly see some new franchises

  6. 1- bring earthbound, the legendary starfy, captain rainbow and other nintendo games that didn’t get released in the west

    2. in terms of new I.Ps this sounds really promising. nintendo have conquered almost every genre. how’s about a devil may cry, bayonetta style shooter? the one type of game i’d love to see nintendo develop and try to tackle is the fighting game. make a street fighter, tekken, virtua fighter-style fighter with new characters, moves, combos.

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  8. i wish they would make a sweet custom robo for the wii U i mean you could cutomize everything easy on the controller and with amazing graphics it would look so epic. Custom robo is so ignored by so many gamers but its an amazing game with pretty darn good story line.

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