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Nintendo: Nintendo Is Being Told To Bring Their Key Franchises To iPhone

According to Bloomberg investors are clamouring for Nintendo to bring their hit franchises to the iPhone. The investors feel that Nintendo has lost touch with the current market and would be wise to bring Mario and company to Apples iPhone.

In “Super Mario 3DLand,” Nintendo Co. will make its iconic Italian plumber battle turtle-like Koopa Troopas on its 3-D player. The company instead should develop titles for Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone, investors say.

The rift highlights the dilemma President Satoru Iwata faces as consumers shun Nintendo devices to play games on iPhones, iPads and Facebook Inc.’s website. The flop of the 3DS debut prompted the company to slash prices 40 percent in Japan starting today, the first time the games developer has resorted to such a move within six months of a product’s debut.

Iwata, who’s said Nintendo will only make titles for its own products as long as he’s in charge, should scrap that strategy to avoid further alienating investors who’ve driven the stock to six-year lows, fund manager Masamitsu Ohki said. One option may be acquisitions as the past successes of the Wii and DS helped Nintendo, the world’s largest video-game maker, build a 1.05 trillion yen ($13.7 billion) war chest in cash, equivalents and short-term investments.

“Smartphones are the new battlefield for the gaming industry,” said Ohki, a fund manager at Tokyo-based Stats Investment Management Co. “Nintendo should try to either buy its way into this platform or develop something totally new.”

He declined to identify his holdings or to name any companies that Kyoto, Japan-based Nintendo should consider as acquisition targets. Yasuhiro Minagawa, a spokesman at Nintendo, declined to comment beyond statements made previously by Iwata.

Ohki isn’t alone in saying Iwata should reconsider his strategy. On July 6, Nintendo shares jumped the most in almost four months after Pokemon Co., a former unit, said it’s developing a game for the iPhone and handsets running on Mountain View, California-based Google Inc.’s Android software. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) sent a note to clients saying the move indicated Nintendo may begin making titles for products outside its proprietary hardware.

Hours later, Nintendo denied any change in strategy, and the shares surrendered gains.

“They just don’t get it,” MF Global FXA Securities Ltd. said in a sales note that day, referring to Nintendo. “Sell the stock, because a management once feted for creative out-of-box thinking have just shown how behind the times they are.”

Given the concerns over the outlook of Nintendo’s handheld and home-console business, which account for most of the company’s profit and sales, Nintendo should make better use of its more than $10 billion cash pile, investor Tetsuro Ii said.

“Nintendo should aggressively make acquisitions or increase returns to its shareholders,” said Ii, president of Tokyo-based Commons Asset Management Inc., which held 2,200 Nintendo shares as of February, according to the company’s website. “It’s management’s task to consider how to make use of the cash.”

138 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo Is Being Told To Bring Their Key Franchises To iPhone”

  1. The less Nintendo gives in to the corporate monopoly that is Apple, the better. That fucking company has enough money as it is.

    1. Yeah, that would only be a huge slap in the face to people who actually buy dedicated gaming handhelds from Nintendo. You think people were upset over the price drop wait until, their device has no first-party exclusives. I’m sure Nintendo is willing to forfeit it’s billion dollar handheld market to water down its games and put them on a device without the buttons to correctly control the game. Of course, Nintendo will never do this, thank god.

    1. That’s as close as Nintendo will go. Sony has the Xperia Play as a phone/console. I don’t know how successful that is but with a Nintendo App Store, you could claim a lot of casual gamers while keeping your IPs.

  2. You know what I find funny. People are clamoring for Nintendo to go to iPhone when Apple themselves are one of the most proprietary companies ever. Nintendo, I believe, can still make a huge impact in the market if they push forward with innovative products and a great software lineup. They also have to update their online strategy.

  3. I don’t see the point of doing this. IPhone games are mostly gimmicky things used to waste a minute or two here and there, not to sit and play for an hour like a real gaming console. Untill the iPhone grows buttons it will never be considered a serious gaming device.

    1. The point is it could earn Nintendo a bucket load of cash! And bring their share price back up… Also as a much more casual gamer, I play much more on my iPhone than my Wii and regularly play for more than an hour… Square Enix has old NES games in the App Store for around $10, Nintendo could easily do this and would sell many more than they do…

      1. Yeah, and while they’re raking in all the cash they can overlook the fact they would lose hundreds of $millions in proprietary handheld hardware and game sales. You know, the market they literally already have in the palm of their hand.

          1. Exactly, thats what they should do. They would make tons of cash from those things. Classic mario on an iPhone would work perfectly and people would buy that game instantly.

    1. never say die nintendo

      no, that will be the day that nintendo dies in our hearts and minds. then i will be jumping over to sony!

    1. Lets also add to your list explosive diarrhea. If anything bring games to the android platform… not that iOS iPhone crap.

  4. I agree with all the above posts, I have a droid not an iphone, but same basic idea. Most games are not really that fun to play on it and are gimmicky, really only a few I would consider decent. I was less than pleased when it was announced they were porting angry birds to the 3ds. I know some people love it but I can’t seem to figure out what’s so great about, basically a rehash of crush the castle et al.

  5. Seriously, why would nintendo do this just cuz the 3ds didnt do as well as they hoped, i am confident it was just the launch that made it suffer once more good first party games are made it will be selling a lot better than it currently is, i mean look at the huge boost in sales after ocarina of time came out, and that was just one game.

  6. Retarded people never ever playing games claiming smart phones are the future of gaming nonsense?! Seriously who hires these people?

    1. “Seriously who hires these people?” These are investors, not members of the company. However, because they ARE investors, they (combined) own over 51% of the company. As such, Iwata had better start to listen to them, because if Nintendo loses all their investors’ trust, and they decide to sell all their stock, Nintendo would go bankrupt and would disappear forever.

      And none of us want THAT to happen.

      So there’s a difficult choice to make here. If Nintendo wants to survive, they had better listen to the investors’ demands. They own enough of the company to bring it to its knees if the big N doesn’t start getting them returns on their investment.

    2. The share price went up, then quickly back down when Nintendo denied it. The market has changed. The evidence is there. People already have a smartphone and play games on it, why should they buy a 3DS? Sales for iPhones are more than triple for 3DS. Is it starting to make sense financially? I for one would play more Nintendo games if they started putting games on the App Store….

      1. FUCK THE INVESTORS. Yeah I said it and no I’m not trolling. If Nintendo is forced to listen to them “or else” then They better listen to US or else. Who knows the gaming industry better than, oh I dunno, ACUTAL GAMERS. We’re the ones who sell out the cash to put games on the map! This type of thing just irritates the mess outta me.

        Just ask yourself an honest question: Was your, (or anyone else’s for that matter), primary reason for buying a smartphone the games you can play on it or that you wanted a “cool” phone that would allow you to communicate (via phone, text, email, internet) with other people? I love Apple and have several of their products (I’m a graphic designer) but games on the iPhone SUCK. Like many have said, the Majority or these games, I’d say maybe close to 80-90% are just quickly made time wasters with overly simplistic or annoyingly repetitive concepts that some random developer made to try their luck and make a buck. I acknowledge that there are a few exceptions to this rule, but “few” is the keyword.

        Investors put it all together in their head and think, “Hmmm, millions of people have these phones. Just imagine how much MORE MONEY I could make if we did this.” What they don’t think about is everything Mr. Iwata said about the danger of lowering the expected price point for a quality video game experience. They’ve had some flops but I don’t even think Nintendo is capable of lowering themselves to selling Mario for $0.99 and the point is THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE TO. You don’t see Bentley’s being sold at Carmax… Think about it.

        1. I would buy Super Mario 3 for $5 for example. With that transaction Nintendo have made some money and it cost them very little to put it out there. Where’s the harm in that? The majority of the games on the iPhone are crap agreed, but that’s irrelevant. Old games could make some money for them and to be fair it’s what they do anyway for their DS consoles…

  7. nintendo never ever let there first party games go out to another console or whatever, and there definitly not going to port mario to the iphone. greedy-ass apple.

      1. And if you’re wrong, and they end up losing even MORE money? You can’t just assume things are going to be all sunshine and rainbows here. Investors don’t like taking risks. They put their money only on the surest bets. And right now, from an investment standpoint, Nintendo is becoming a huge liability. As such, investors are becoming evermore antsy as time goes on, and Nintendo’s stock continues to hit all-time lows. If it falters for too much longer, investors are going to get out while the gettin’ is good, and that will leave Nintendo in the red (the negative — OWING money), which would ultimately bankrupt them.

        There exists four possible outcomes to this problem:

        1) Nintendo doesn’t listen to demands, continues to do what it’s doing, and it succeeds in bringing investors returns and everyone involved is happy.

        2) Nintendo doesn’t listen to demands, continues to do what it’s doing, and it fails in making a big splash in the game industry with the Wii U, losing tons of R&D, manufacturing, distribution, and retail dollars, stocks plummet, and the investors all bail out before it’s too late, plunging the company into massive debt, in which Nintendo is forced to file for bankruptcy.

        3) Nintendo listens to demands and starts making its I.P.’s cross-platform, allowing the some of the likes of Zelda, Metroid, Starfox, and Mario to grace the Xbox 360, PS3, PC’s, and mobile devices, earning them TONS of revenue from the biggest install-base that Nintendo has EVER had in the history of the company, all gamers get to enjoy Nintendo games regardless of their consoles of choice, and investors are MORE than happy; Everyone Wins.

        4) Nintendo listens to demands but it doesn’t take off like they had hoped, failing to make a big splash in the gaming industry (not likely to happen if they DID do this, but the possibility still exists so I have to write this), and basically the same thing as Outcome #2 will happen.

        That’s it. This is everything that could happen. So, think about it, not from a gamer’s point of view, but from an investors point of view: which one of these four options is most likely to happen?

        1. Stop being overdramatic.
          Investors aren’t idiots who will sell their stocks at any sign of losing value. Nintendo isn’t a small new company without experience. Nintendo is longer in the gaming industry than Sony and MS together. They know what they are doing. And even the things they made bad were sold at least decent (excluding the Virtual Boy which was a total miss…).

          Also, bringing their key franchises to iPhone or any other phone/console would kill Nintendo. Why are people buying the Nintendo’s consoles? For they key franchises. If they can get Zelda and Mario on the iPhone, why would they even think about buying the 3DS?

          Yes, Nintendo will be losing on every sold unit of the 3DS once the price is reduced, but every sold unit is potential future profit. With just 2 games, Nintendo is back to 0, witch 3 games they make profit. Most 3DS owner will buy more than 5 games, so yeah, they will earn. Now imagine if I don’t have to buy the next console to play Zelda and Mario…. why should I even buy it? To play a third party title? No thanks. And I can assure you that the majority of console owners think this way. That means, even if Nintendo starts profiting from games on iPhone, they will lose a HUGE part of the profit from exclusive games.

          1st party titles are those who sell consoles. If you put your 1st party titles on other conosles, people don’t have any reason to buy your console. Less people buy your console, 3rd party developer won’t even think about making exclusives.
          Company committed suicide.

          Those investors saying this bullshit have no clue who they gaming world runs.

      2. The Wii U for all evidence appears to be a catch up console. It’s graphically the same (or slightly better, we don’t know) as two consoles made SIX years ago. That’s a lifetime in this business. Imagine Nintendo releasing the N64 to go up against features already on the Sega Genesis and that’s the timeline. Investors want some stability and innovation from Nintendo. Wii U doesn’t bring this on what they’ve shown us…

        1. For the love of Moses, graphics do not, I repeat, DO NOT, make a game. I wouldn’t even no where to start with the list of Horrible games with Beautiful graphics. Who cares what it’s capable of graphically? Don’t get me wrong, personally I’m very excited that Nintendo is deciding to incorporate more modern graphic standards into their console. I really hope the next Zelda looks like the one from the E3 demo. But there’s also a reason why games like Minecraft and Super Meat Boy are so popular, and it ain’t graphics…

          “Investors want some stability and innovation from Nintendo. Wii U doesn’t bring this on what they’ve shown us…”

          You guys must have been watching a different E3 than I was because unprecedented innovation was the only thing I saw 8|. Everyone should had known that the Wii U was a knew console, (not a handheld), in the first place so I’ve never understood the misconception about the whole thing being just a controller. If you actually watched the whole thing you could see the console in some of the videos at the end. Everything else aside, just the single concept of having access to a 2nd screen with the controller, given the multi-tasking nature of society today, is a HUGE innovation.

          1. It wasn’t a misconception it was bad info put out by payed off press. On top of this nintendo games are not based on touch controls only.

            This is like Sony putting uncharted on the old gameboys.

        2. We haven’t even seen half of what the Wii U can do. So brace yourself for next year dude, this show’s just getting started.

  8. This is all about money (as most things are) these investors just want to see their moneypile grow. They have no interest in gaming except for the promise of it making money for them without lifting a finger. These are the assholes that destroy our world, i really hope nintendo won’t give in to this crap.

  9. isn’t the ipod the 3ds competater currently? so wouldn’t that be like if Sony was forced to put their products on the Wii?

  10. The only fruit that comes near a Nintendo game should be the berries from Super Mario World and the only robot should be Samus Aran.
    Google and Apple have enough money as it is, and smart phones (with the exception of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play) are not built for platform gaming. The day Nintendo give in to Google and Apple is the day Pokémon are proven to be real. Never going to happen.

    1. Be cool if they were real though.

      Heh, kidding. I’ve played the Sony Xperia, and even that isn’t cut out for gaming. If companies like Apple want to become successful for the gaming side rather than the cool app side, they really need to up their game, because a couple of billion will do the Big N, who are not a greedy company, unlike apple who have to make more than enough. And I know that’s every franchises aim, but theses only so much they can do before that steady profit drops, which is when they get more greedy and upgrade again.

  11. hehe .. no way! Nintendo will stall this .. do something with the Wii U controller and 3DS and every shareholder will be happy again. Plus screw Apple .. maybe the shareholders much do something about flash player on there iphone first before whining about this ridiculous idea!

  12. To be fair, Nintendo would not survive without investors, as would most companies. However, making games for the Iphone would be stupid. It is not the future of gaming if it is about 20 years behind in the power of the games.

    1. Nah it’s only about 15 years behind and it’s making Apple become the biggest company in the world. Meanwhile Nintendo is losing value… So why deny it? How much has Rovio made from one game? Nintendo could have 10-15 on by Christmas…

    1. never say die nintendo

      not nearly as much as just having their own systems. besides, how the hell are we going to get full games if they don’t come in a cartridge. i for one feel that this would be exceptionally stupid because even if it were in their mindframe to do it, they would hafta realize, it would piss people off because now you’d hafta wait for the game to download, and then after x games, which i would think is 10 or less, you’d have no more room for games, so then it’s goodbye to one game, then another. Also, they would split the profits from everything that went onto the iphone and whatnot with apple, meaning they make less money.

      1. The largest Super NES game was 8 MB, a very small iPhone App. N64 games were 64 MB, about the average small game on the App Store. Depending on your internet these would download in a few minutes… You know the latest iPhones have minimum 16 Gb of memory. That’s 250 N64 games. And so your argument doesn’t weigh up, as you could carry them in your phone and not need to carry cartridges! N64 games are what Nintendo are releasing on the 3DS anyway!

        Yes you would split the profits with Apple but they would no doubt advertise very heavily Nintendo games on the iPhone and would handle distribution. They do work for that share of the sales. All Nintendo need to do is programme the game and send it to Apple…

    2. They wouldn’t benefit at all. Doing that would kill them as a gaming company. They make games for their hardware and theirs only. Nintendo has never put their games on another company’s hardware. That’s why the PlayStation was born.

    3. They re-release games for their handhelds, why not do it in a marketplace when their investors want them to? They would make money from every game sold, have a greater available fanbase, share price would go up and their investors would be happy. How wouldn’t Nintendo benefit off it?

  13. The 3DS “flopped” due to lack of software, not price, not a dying market. The price drop was to get more people on the system due to the lack of software. The software is coming, and by this time next year it should be a pretty successful device.

    1. ^This

      Finally someone who gets it. I’ve been saying that since launch 8/
      Collectively, people are pretty retarded.

  14. something like that will never ever happen … Nintendo won’t give away their franchises to any other company … Microsoft won’t do the same with, for example, Halo … or could you imagine a Halo on a PS3, Wii or iPhone/iPad? … well, there was a Halo in production for the DS, but they stopped it. maybe they’ve realised that it won’t be the same feeling as on a console

  15. I really want nintendo to say as it is and not make games for cell phones, nor make cell phones themselves, just focus on their own consoles

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  17. Oh jeex, these people have no idea what they’re talking about.

    If Nintendo ports all their ecxlusives to the iPhone, or some other market, they will no longer be “exclusive.” Furthering that, they will be nowhere near as playable with a weird touch-screen only control scheme.

    Essentially, Nintendo doing this would be the end of “Nintendo” as a hardware company, and it would end up in a situation much like Sega did.

  18. the only franchises that can translate to the iphone/ipad would be mario party and warioware.
    but apple would probably make them charge .99 per mini game.
    but I don’t see how that would help nintendo.

      1. the apple app market pricing trend would force them.

        im just saying that each mini-game would be angry birds quality
        since angry birds is just a mario party mini-game ripoff.
        *rolls eyes*
        *head explodes*

  19. Ah, investors. The stupidest people to listen to in any business, ever.

    You thought executive meddling was bad before? Just TRY pandering to the investors all the time, and just wait and see how quickly your profits fall in the toilet. And of course, the investors take no risk there. When things go bad, they just tsk, sell their stock, and move on.

    Furthermore, people who do investing really should start to identify trends when it’s actually USEFUL. A year ago? Nintendo might have made a little money doing this. Now? The market is oversaturated with crap, and iPhone gaming is slowing down in popularity and quite probably speeding towards a crash. If you’re not Angry Birds, good luck making any money.

    1. This is the best post on this thread. Investors are dumb, panicky, animals (see: the last few days in the market). They chase the short-term profit and completely neglect the long view, which is what you need when you’re starting from scratch (essentially) on a new hardware platform.

      Even more ridiculous is not giving the 3DS even one holiday season before kvetching about emasculating the company by sending their exclusive content to a competitor…talk about suicidal.

      For those that don’t get it–and a few of you don’t–people buy ‘x’ device for content. If you remove that incentive, then there’s no reason to buy that product. Imagine if Halo and Gears of War weren’t exclusive to the 360 and were also on PS3? The 360 would have long since been relegated to 3rd place because it had lost the primary reason for choosing the console over the PS3.

      If Nintendo does this, they will cut the throat of the 3DS, and management knows this because they aren’t fools.

      (And for those keeping score: their investors have been telling them to go 3rd party for at least a decade and the guys at the investment firms have been telling them to use their war chest to acquire other companies for at least as long, so this hardly a new idea. It’s just that the iDevices and Android are the flavor of the moment and, again, investors are dumb, panicky, animals.)

  20. And we all know how well a Nintendo franchise on a non nintendo machine would do.
    *cough*Zelda cd-i*cough*

      1. Yeah I know. Was gonna say “game” but then changed to “franchise” when I realised how it would sound. Of course I only really know what I’ve seen on Guru Larry’s Retro Corner. :)

  21. I’m glad nintendo refuses to develop for apple. Apple is a bunch of over-priced, over-rated devices that you can get for a lower price if you look around. Plus touch screen controls aren’t the best.

  22. This guy’s comments piss me off. He may be an investor but he clearly has no idea what a good or even “real” video game is. iphone games? lol – are you fucking kidding me?! If there is a single quality video game on the iphone that compares to a console game, well I’ll cut my own balls off right here and now. Well, maybe not, but you know what I mean. Mobile phone gaming is a cancer for the gaming world.

  23. This is bullshit. The same way Nintendo didn’t trust Sony enough to get into bed with them, that goes double for Apple. Nintendo needs to stick to it’s guns, and they’ll be back on top by this holiday situation.

    People are panicking with the state of the world economy right now, but I see no reason for Nintendo to go down that suggested path.

  24. Official Pokedex? Other reference guides? I’d be fine with that, and it would promote Nintendo. But a full fledged game would not work well.

  25. Bullshit, I have an android phone and I get tired of playing gimmicky touch after a couple days. It doesn’t have the same feel as a real gaming platform. Thats a market just for casuals. If anything Nintendo should market they’re own app games.

  26. To hell with that small screen crap ass iPhone… if anything bring it to android platform (the clear leader in smartphones and soon to be tablets). Why settle for second best. Google plus Nintendo partnership means epic success.

  27. You don’t want to put Nintendo Games Elsewhere…or the sales of the 3DS and Wii will decrease even more.
    The 3DS is selling sluggish as it is, don’t make the situation worse.

  28. The best smart phone games will NEVER be better than an above-average console game. Why? Because of the controls. I downloaded a free trial for Pacman Champisonship Edition to my Android the other day, and I can say that the controls are aboninable and awful. If Nintendo and Sony scrap handhelds and go into phone-game development (which they never will), they will loose billions in a matter of months. I guarantee it.

    Almost all of these investors have never played a video game, so they do not take into account the technical and control issues with smart phone games. Any respectible such as Super Mario 3DLand would never work with the limitations of a phone (remember the Resident Evil 4 iPhone game?)

  29. This is why business people should have no business deciding where art goes. I agree that Nintendo needs to stop making such a sludgy pace of releases and development, but they would have to sell their soul before jumping onto the conformist false god that is the iPhone. Of course, I would see why the investors would resort to saying this; they’re not seriously suggesting that Nintendo takes that route, they just want Nintendo to fucking do something. That’s apparently how desperate these guys have become.

  30. Yeah ikr I realized what I was reading and for a second I smiled then I got pissed nintendo can’t end up like sega did defeated by a competetor they will make it through I know it they survive the death of virtual boy and the 64DD so they will make it and end up making games for their own damn consoles NOT APPLE as a matter of fact I have an ipod touch and it sucks! So support nintendo people!

  31. I wouldn’t mind the Virtual Console and some DSiware games coming to the iPhone/Android. Not full games, of course.

  32. Noo!!! I love Apple and currently have the iPhone 4 but Nintendo putting their games in Apple is suicide. Wii and 3DS related sells will go down.

  33. If this ever happened, I would lose so much faith in Nintendo. They’ve survived through every major change in video game history. They’ll do it this time without bending to everybody’s ideas of how they should run their company. Keep on going Nintendo!

  34. You know…I wonder what would happen if Apple made an iPod Touch specifically for gamers, with a slide-out design with buttons, analogue sliders, and a D-pad… you know, thinking about it, that might actually be the final nail in the coffin for handheld games, because then you’d have the best of both worlds on a single device. O_O That’s an interesting yet scary thought…

    1. You realize that the smartphone gaming market is over-saturated with many cheap indie games that would still get boring after minutes of gameplay? Unless a bunch of key developers designed games for it then I don’t think that would work out. People with a 3ds and people that will have a Vita want full game experiences, not something to do while you wait for the subway or something.

      1. “Unless a bunch of key developers designed games for it then I don’t think that would work out.” THQ, Capcom, Square Enix, and more are already developing for the iOS. If Apple made a dedicated gaming device with physical controls like the Vita, while keeping it an open platform (from a developer’s perspective) like it already is, it would allow those companies to make games like they do with the DS/3DS and PSP/Vita! This also would be all it’ll take to get all the other third party publishers on board, and the indies can continue to develop for it all they want. This is a device that would be as powerful — if not MORE powerful (due to being newer) — than the PS Vita. With the same control scheme as traditional games with a slide-out design that also allowed for backwards compatibility with all the current iOS games, would make the greatest all-in-one device EVER.

  35. Fuck Apple.
    Nintendo games belong on Nintendo consoles, not to generate more money for a company whose sales are based entirely on materialism.

  36. iPhones and cell phones are not made for gaming. They have games, but it’s not their real purpose. Also, what would be the point in having their own systems if they made the games available on other devices? I may not be an investor, but I’m a consumer. They may want money, but if you just go out and degrade your product to the point of no return. I mean, they could make a port of Super Mario 3D Land for the iPhone, but would people on iPhones pay $30-$40 for a “phone game?” because, that’s basically what it would become no matter how good it is. That kind of game does not go through the same process of games like Angry Birds, and it’s not as cheap to make; I say this in behalf od PSP/Vita/DS games as well. Those are different from expendable games that sell for less than $10 on phones (no offense to any indi dev). People even complained when an old Final Fantasy game (don’t remember which one it was) got an iOS port and sold for $15! Seriously? Those games offer a lot more gameplay than those other phone games, and it was reprogrammed for the iPhone.

  37. Thats bullshit, nintendo doesnt need, and wont EVER need to develop for iOS

    besides i really doubt they wanna share 30% of they income to apple. And the software sold,will increase sell profits on iphone/ipod/ipad crap, so i dont believe Nintendo needs apple when they can sell they consoles(cheaper) than anything mentioned before.

  38. I shed physical tears the first time I played a Sonic game on anything but a Sega console. Do NOT make me do the same for Mario or Link or any other Nintendo character. The iPhone is not and will not completely conquer the gaming market. It simply tapped into a larger audience of potential players, players who won’t spend money on a Wii. It’s like Pac-Man fever back in the early 80s where a consumer did not have to spend a great deal of money to play a video game, enabling almost everybody in the entire country to play. I never hear anybody say “Gee, do I buy an iPhone or a 3DS?” I hear them say “Gee, do I buy a 3DS or a Vita?” An iPhone is a phone first and foremost, and it just happens to have the ability to do a thousand and one other things.

  39. Guaranteed success is what Nintendo will get if they approach this strategy. I mean, we all remember what happened last time Nintendo loaned out its IPs to another publisher for production on their own hardware! It resulted in only the most beloved Legend of Zelda games of all time!

    1. Exactly! Giving The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons to Capcom was the best thing they ever did with the franchise! Those games were FANTASTIC! =D

      1. these games were still EXCLUSIVE to NINTENDO GAME BOY COLOR i have both never could beat it too young i guess should give it another go.

  40. I think nintendo should market some of their old school titles to the iphone. Some of their other titles from the game cube to the ipad and keep making the new titles for their new gen nintendo devices. if you look out there on the internet people are already hacking their apple devices to play some of ninntendos titles as it is. People are almost stealing thes games and Nintendo is not makeing any money from it. There is alomost 60 million active apple devices ,if they break down and even sell one title for a 1$ the wold still make millions. Add that would only be one title alone. The money they could make from just selling titles that are all ready made could help drive down cost for there new devices that are coming out in the futur. That in turn would increase there fan base witch in turn would mean more profit for Nintendo. Nintendo saying that only making games for their devices is a bab move and missing out on a market already to accecpt nintendo on apple devices.

  41. I will never pick up a Nintendo system again if they put a game on one of those overpriced money-leeches they call iPads or iPhones, or whatever. I will never give up on Nintendo until that happens. I don’t care about your stupid Halo, I don’t care about graphics. And I certainly don’t care about Angry Birds. It’s retarded!

  42. I would shoot each of one of these idiots & have Nintendo being just MY company with my OWN money, fuck you haters. A Phone is for PHONE CALLS!!! I want to play my Nintendo 3DS IN PEACE while I can have my cellphone apart if someone calls me & don’t interrupt the game, unless I want. And all those Apple games are just entertainment for little time by doing the same thing over & over again, no depth, like Solitaire. It’s like saying that since I have Solitaire, I will not buy WoW or a Nintendo Wii, or because I have that snake on my phone I will not have Super Mario 3D Land on my 3DS, STUPID!

  43. Throw some old school games on the phones……like alot of the same stuff from the virtual console. Doing so might make a quick buck for Nintendo and shouldn’t compromise their own hardware. I mean I didn’t buy a Wii or 3ds for SNES games and tons of people just download them on PC for free anyways so might as well get what ya can for them. Nintendo makes a quick buck and it kinda calms their investors down.

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  45. People who support this idea aren’t thinking straight.

    If we allow the Android/etc. set to gain even MORE popularity then games will start to become degraded focusing on being casual fodder like a majority of Wii games. Casuals should not dictate how games work nor should it be the major market, if their view was we’d have unbalanced fighting games, fodderware, and other crap that NOBODY would play not even the casuals who would dictate such crap.

    This isn’t an argument against casuals from playing games nor again casuals in general but the view point they thing will benefit games. Literally, this is what kills genres, and groups.

    Yes, it may not be selling as well at the moment, but the major problem is app devices are major jokes when it comes to gaming, and most people who buy them have no interest in playing games. This was from a survey I did around my area and a major portion when I asked if the Vita worked like their Iphone and more with amazing gaming technology if they’d buy it, most gave me the response “Eh, well I only use it to call peopl and listen to music/etc.—> I prefer to play on a BIG SCREEN.”

    So the idea it’d make millions may be true but nowhere near as much as many people are making it out to be.

    Sure, I can make a device and sell millions, but if I’m not making the most potential cash, what is the exact point?

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  48. Here’s apple saying they are better than Nintendo and now they are crying to Nintendo asking them to join apple…PATHETIC

  49. If nintendo put mario games on the ipod/andoid they would lose money from their alredy made wiiu and 3ds which will kill nintendo killing mario and the numerous franchies and even kill sonic aswell meaning that some other fucking company will buy them and then the franchises that arnt bought will die and the ones that are will never be given the same life and will mostlikly rewin the franchieses for short time and longtime lovers of the game as a nintendo lover my self and a wiiu lover most people havent even played a wiiu or really seen one but they still say its crap and anyone who says that dont even know what its like and nintendo probably have the most experience in gaming than the likes of microsoft or apple even though apple just feeds off the people that hope that they will strike rich in the market spending hours haming a game to find out that they made 5$ oh wait half of that goes to apple 2.50 i think that i have made my perticually morbit point.
    Sorry about the spelling mistakes
    P.S. Nintendo if you read this dont listen to the investers dont sell your selves out you not a soal less corperation like apple or microsoft you have a heart you solved your differences with sega you let him into your team evidently saving him now its up to you to save your own.

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