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Nintendo Wii: Operation Rainfall Begins Phase Two

Operation Rainfall, the US group that are petitioning to get Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story released in America, have started Phase Two of their campaign.

Phase Two involves getting as many people as possible to download Final Fantasy (NES) on the Wii Virtual Console on August 19th (to coincide with the Xenoblade Chronicles European launch date) European Wii owners can also help by purchasing the amazing Xenoblade Chronicles on August 19th.

“. . .as part of Phase Two we want to encourage everyone to make a single Virtual Console purchase on your Wii system. We specifically ask that as many as possible download “Final Fantasy (NES)” on the date of August 19, 2011 (to coincide with the Xenoblade Chronicles’ European launch date). Final Fantasy costs 500 Nintendo points and is published by Nintendo.”

49 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Operation Rainfall Begins Phase Two”

    1. That’s the problem with the “phase”. I would hope they would have done a poll or something to see which Nintendo published title had the least purchases. Picking a popular title like this I’m sure many already have.

    1. dont click on link – most likely a scam/virus
      (i know its obvious but needs saying)
      i’ll be buyin all of the titles involved in operation rainfall once they are released in europe, and i hope those in the US can get these great games :)

        1. ah ok – i never trust shortened links unless they are from a creditable source
          not to mention it was someone anonymous

  1. This phase is really stupid imo. Everyone who likes RPG’s already has this game and the people who don’t are not going to buy it I think.

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  3. What’s Final Fantasy got to do with Xenoblade? Half the problem with other JRPGs is because people don’t buy them because they’re Final Fantasy. Is Xenoblade even made by Square?

    I already own Final Fantasy twice anyways. Once on the PS1, Once on the GBA. Maybe if they did it on the 3DS e-shop I’d be tempted to buy it.

    1. It doesn’t have anything to do with Xenoblade.
      It does have a lot to do with The Last Story. The director of the game, Sakaguchi, is the creator of the Final Fantasy series.

          1. ░░░░▄▄▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▄

      1. If they really wanted to support Sakaguchi, they should buy Blue Dragon instead. Or Lost Odyssey. I mean, if we’re going to do this right, we should at least send our money to the right company.

  4. Phase Two? Man that sounds pretentious. And how in the world is buying a completely unrelated game going to help bring those games over? Do they not realize that all three of those games have nothing to do with Square-Enix? What an empty gesture. This is just a way to get attention to the cause, rather than to the actual solution of the problem. I hate so-called revolutionary groups…in the end their causes only fuel themselves rather than take care of anything.

  5. If you have already purchased FF on the VC, Operation Rainfall asks that you either gift the game to another Wii owner or donate to the child’s play foundation through the link on the OpRainfall blog. Then mention this action in your letter to NOA as a sign of commitment.
    Please support Operation Rainfall! :)

  6. Are these guys serious? I mean, really? Its like “Great, we got a bunch of whiny little shits in one spot, now we will tell them all to go buy Final Fantasy.”
    I dont support Operation Rainfall. Its bogus, these guys think that the moderators on Nintendo’s Fbook page are going to read every comment and go “It seems 8,000 people are complaining about a game”.
    I hope they know that no high ranking Nintendo employees, or anyone with a distinct level of authority is spending their days reading all the comments on Nintendo’s Fbook page.
    And I hope they know that they arent gonna be taken seriously with a name like that.
    What a bunch of pathetic dumbshits.

  7. It seems that a lot of people like to assume about other people without finding out more about said people. It also seems that a lot of people like to assume about what other people are doing without researching why they’re doing it.

    And so the world continues to go on in ignorance.
    (Btw: this is in support of Project Rainfall)
    (and yes, I am sounding pretentious by not even mentioning any evidence to prove them wrong otherwise due to the fact that I’d actually like it if they did a little research before just insulting someone: it’s called respect, learn it)

  8. I would help by downloading Final Fantasy even though I am from Europe, but i’m on holiday that day :(, still gonna buy Xenobalde though as soon as I can :)

  9. Maybe a form of protest that doesn’t involve Nintendo getting money should be considered.

    ‘Hey Nintendo, give us those really cool JRPGs.’
    ‘Fine then. We’re just gonna have to give you money in a exchange for a game we really don’t want that much. That’ll show you.’
    ‘Aw no. Jesus. Well I guess now we kinda have to give you those games, don’t we.’

    No, this wasn’t an actual conversation that took place. It was in fact a piece of dialogue I made up to show how unrealistic the expectations attached to this project are.

  10. I’m for Operation Rainfall in any way, but the way I see it, I was already going to download that game anyway- why not do it on August 19th? I don’t think it’ll help, but there’s no reason not to do it if you were going to get it already.

  11. This is what I think Rainfall is expecting to happen:

    /nintendo checks Shop Channel sales on 19th

    “Hey, look, Final Fantasy sales are up pretty high. Wonder why? Oh wait, that’s Operation Rainfall again! Ha! Maybe we SHOULD release that game here!”

    ….although that isn’t going to happen.

  12. You’ve probably all heard this theory, but here it is again. Nintendo knows they need strong games for the launch of the Wii U. Nintendo knows American gamers love their RPGs to have HD graphics. What they are probably doing, in my opinion, is remastering these three games for HD, maybe adding on a few extras, and getting ready to release them on launch day for the Wii U.

    If they aren’t doing that, then they definitely should start, because seeing the massive support for these games, they would be remiss if they didn’t ensure every American who will get these games gets the Wii U also, and only releasing them here for the Wii U would do that.

    Therefore people won’t complain when they see Nintendo re-releasing several months old games for the Wii U, because they would be brand new for Americans.

    That’s how I see it. I think it would be a great business decision, and although it would suck for fans who don’t want to buy a new console to play these games, a business is still a business, and some of the fans being upset probably won’t stop Nintendo from making more money.

    1. The reasoning behind purchasing FF1 specifically is that it’s the first Final Fantasy game Sakaguchi made and the one game he made that he felt was the last one he would make for Square, much like how he worked on The Last Story as if it were the last game he was working on (which it’s not). The more Final Fantasies you go down the line, the less affiliated Sakaguchi gets with them, so it’s best to stick with the first one.

  13. Seems to me the better option would be to get as many people as possible to import the game, even if it isn’t NTSC (or otherwise) ;)

  14. Why not pool money together and buy a chunck of Nintendo stock, then we’d have a larger influence on Nintendo’s decisions. Almost like a fan-run game company.

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