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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Would Like To See Super Mario Sunshine Remade In 3D

Yoshiaki Koizumi, the director behind Super Mario 3D Land, has told the Official Nintendo Magazine that he would like to remake Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo 3DS. Koizumi also told the publication that he would love to see the majority of Zelda games remade as well as the Super Mario Galaxy series all in glorious 3D.

“I can say that I really would like to see a lot of those games that use 3D worlds on 2D display just so I could see what they look like in 3D and see what kind of different experiences people would have playing through them on a 3D display. So in that sense I would love to see Sunshine and both Galaxy games presented in 3D, and a lot of the Zelda [games] would be interesting too.”

182 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Would Like To See Super Mario Sunshine Remade In 3D”

    1. It’s interesting that someone as high up as Yoshiaki Koizumi would make such a statement. I guess I always figured the 3DS could handle at least Wii games; in that case, the game I want to see most, that no one is talking about, is Skyward Sword on the 3DS. You know they could do it.

      1. How could they make a Skyward Sword 3DS? The games revolves around Motion controls, and very precise ones at that. I don’t see how it could work without spoiling the one-to-one sword fighting experience.

        1. I had the same idea. What I mean is the programmers could sacrifice some of the one to one sword work for a scheme like what they have in OoT 3D (which works surprisingly well with the circle pad) only even more advanced, and re-tweak the enemy defense (maybe a bit slower to change defensive positions) in order to put it on the system. If Koizumi even hints at putting a game like Super Mario Galaxy (with it’s control scheme) on the 3DS; then I would think they could do Skyward Sword even more easily. But hey at least I can dream.

    1. Ever since I bought a 3DS and played the DS version of Super Mario 64 on it I have wanted Sunshine to be remastered on the 3DS. Hay if the DS can play 64 games, then the 3DS can play and GameCube games, and even Wii games. I really hope they at least do Sunshine it’s graphics and gameplay would perfectly fit the 3DS while it’s still in the early stage of it’s life.

  1. Despite having the Gamecube as my platform of choice during that generation, I never did play Sunshine. If they remade it, I would get a chance to experience it.

  2. Very very cool =D Luigis mansion was a great game an im so happy thier making a luigis mansion two an if they go as far as to make a mario galaxy on 3ds. I would def buy it. i just got wind waker on gamecube an id love to see that in 3d ! or any other of the zelda titles.

  3. Despite the Gamecube being my platform of choice during that generation, I never did get to play Sunshine. If they remade it, I would be able to experience the game for the first time.

    1. Upscaling a game to HD doesn’t change the graphics at all. It makes the image more clear, more sharp, but the graphics don’t magically upgrade. They would have to redo everything, which I doubt they will. That being said, I’d prefer Galaxy or Sunshine on a handheld in 3D. Especially they’re already on a console. Also, Nintendo isn’t doing 3D for the Wii U. At least not yet.

  4. NOOOOO!!! That would totally suck! I think it would be better do it for the Wii shop channel on the Wii u! But what I would really like is that nintendo would make a similar game to Sunshine for the Wii U, as same as difficult! That would be awesome! And with out purple coins or comet coins!

  5. A remake of one GameCube Mario game and one N64 Zelda is fine. TWO Wii games and more Zelda titles is just unacceptable.

    Providing the first game is good, a Super Mario 3D Land sequel would be nice in a year or two.


    1. It would be too soon for a Wii game like Galaxy. Not only would Sunshine be perfect for the 3DS, but it help increase the frequency of updates and eventually, the 3DS would be able to handle any Wii game. You must remember that it is still in the early stage of its life

  6. *pending excitement*

    I would love to see Mario Sunshine on the 3DS. I’ve always loved the Gamecube and the 3DS to me is like a handheld gamecube. Heck, I’d like to see a sequel for Sunshine, but a remake is just as good.

    1. Agreed. Mario Sunshine was my first Mario game, and it’s stuck with me for a while. I think that maybe they can also do with a remake of Pikmin for the 3DS as well, though…

      1. I think GameCube games being remastered on the 3DS will help make the handheld much more advanced. I’ve never played pikmin but it would be nice to play it in 3D

        1. Pretty sure the one he was talking about was OOT. Plus, mario 64 ds was made years ago, so I don’t see why you should count it as a 3ds remake. So there is only one other than OOT.

        2. Generic Internet User

          And the possibility of MM3D, and everyone knows there is going to be ruby and sapphire remakes in the future.

      1. OoT, StarFox 64 soon, possibly MM, and now maybe Sunshine, Galaxy, and more Zeldas. THE RATE OF REMAKES IS TOO DAMN HIGH! (I couldn’t resist saying that)

        1. I’d play Sunshine before saying something like that. I’m on my second 100% playthrough and it amazes me that it came out nearly 10 years ago. It doesn’t top the Galaxy series, but I hate how underrated it is.

  7. Bring Luigi as a second playable character, have a multiplayer battle mode (or coop mode, whatever) and then we could talk about making a 3D game of Super Mario Sunshine.
    i know this game was really underrated, and Nintendo’s strategy is really good. But I think there’re better underrated games to make, like, I dunno, a remake of FFVI?… in 3D!? It’s not only a opportunity for the 3DS, but also for Square-Enix, since it hasn’t been pretty good on it’s sales, according to NPDs and etc.

  8. I would love Sunshine to be remade too along with Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 Battle, Zelda Wind Waker, Major’s Mask, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire and Pokemon Colosseum but I also want Colosseum to be downloadable on the Wii U.

    1. ^This! I LOVED Sonic Adventure 2 Battle! I can’t say much for the 1st one since I haven’t played it… A Pokemon Gale of Darkness remake would be AWESOME too! I liked Gale of Darkness better than Coloseum. I loved Super Mario Sunshine! It’s my favorite Mario game! I loved how different it was.

      1. Sonic Adventure 2 remake would rock!

        Better graphics, improve the Chao Garden a bit and add some new things and it would be cool! Also, it hopefully would have the improved voice cast.

  9. i wouldnt like to see em, i mean, yes they’re all great games that would fit perfectly in 3DS, but i personally would rather see new content instead of so many remakes

  10. Super Mario Sunshine on the 3DS….. YESH YESH YESH YESH DO WANT DO WANT DO WANT. I don’t care if its a cash-in or remake just make it the same as the previous one with great controls, better textures, and if they fixed the glitches. Also add blue coins and shines that would up the replay value.

    1. Rather than remake Metroid Prime, they should make a new game

      If Nintendo realizes that they could just remake all of their old games, and people would buy them, we’d never see a new game ever again!

    2. Are just two games that would be awesome in 3D another is Majoras Mask.
      But please don’t forget that we (actually I’m not sure about you but I would) still want some original Zelda and Metroid games to come to this console.

  11. Personally, I think it is great that they are willing to remake games, but they REALLY need to make NEW games. currently, there are very few games that are out that grabbed my attention… like 2. It would be great if they can focus more on putting out new, fresh games instead of remaking games.

  12. Yes!! I would love to see mario sunshine on the 3Ds! My favorite mario game! It looked incredible on the game cube but I would love mario sunshine 2 be made on the wii u

  13. God, no thanks Nintendo. No more rereleases. Because that’s basically what Ocarina of Time was – A re-release. I’ll admit, better than MGS HD, God of War HD, etc but still it was the same game.

    1. I don’t understand everybody who thinks Nintendo is running out of ideas, and is just remaking games, what do you call Skyward Sword, Mario Party 9, SSB4, Mario Kart 3D, Mario Land 3D, etc.? They are all new!

  14. I would much rather see a sequel to Sunshine, fixing all of the bugs and programming it better (remember that darn Watermelon shine? I don’t want to…). Also, allow Yoshi to swim and put in Luigi as a playable character. And take out the whole concept of blue coins. And limit red coin missions to ONE per stage. And give Mario his long jump and backflip back.

      1. So wierd that Isle Delfino Yoshi’s can’t swim. Kind of like Wind Waker Link who can’t swim for long despite living on an island his whole life.

        So wierd.

      1. I don’t think they will. Right now ALL they are doing are milking their fattest cows, but all cows only have so much milk. Don’t get me wrong: I love Sunshine and the Zelda series, but they are overlooking one of their equally important series.

  15. WIN!
    I will definitely get a 3DS and get this game! :D
    I plan to get Ocarina of Time, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Super Mario Land 3D, Maybe Mario Kart, and I will certainly get Super Mario Sunshine! (Hopefully i can get the money for the system first- im a poor 16 year old xP)

  16. Don’t remake Super Mario Sunshine make a sequel. I don’t need a handheld experience of that exact game but a handheld experience of style of gameplay with the 3DS gyros would awesome. I also consider Sunshine to be the worst ‘Super Mario’ game but not the worst ‘Mario”‘ game. It’s not bad in-fact I’d call it good just not great. I also think it’s a little soon to be remaking Game Cube games. These are all personal reasons though and I’m sure I’m in a minority. Case and point I want a sequel not a remake.

  17. That would be cool, but how about a sequel or a brand new 3D game. One where you collect Stars/Shines, not a “jump on the flagpole” game like 3D Land. Bringing sequels/new games like that to the 3DS and Wii U will help Ninty recover from the bad 3DS launch.

  18. seems like a nice idea, but GC game should really be kept for the Wii U, stick to making brilliant brand new 3DS games, and also… REMAKE MAJORA’S MASK FOR 3DS!!

  19. Please take into consideration

    I Absolutely LOVEEE Super Mario Sunshine, but I hope you guys come put with a brand new video game very soon.. You’ve made two Mario Galaxies which were both amazing as usual, but I know us Mario fans are DYING to see something brand new and different. We’ve had the whole “space” thing for much too long now.

    Obviously Mario games never let people down, their always the best of the best. But hopfully soon something new comes out, with a GOOD story, and more of Mario talking in them.. He seriously like never talks anymore…


  20. Please take into consideration

    I Absolutely LOVEEE Super Mario Sunshine, but I hope you guys come out with a brand new video game very soon.. You’ve made two Mario Galaxies which were both amazing as usual, but I know us Mario fans are DYING to see something brand new and different. We’ve had the whole “space” thing for much too long now.

    Obviously Mario games never let people down, their always the best of the best. But hopefully soon something new comes out, with a GOOD story, and more of Mario talking in them.. He seriously like never talks anymore…


  21. Super Mario Sunshine is a great game, and I will never understand all the hate it gets. I’d love to see a portable version of it.

  22. But I didn’t like Sunshine :(
    Wind Waker would be much more interesting!

    But first; Majora’s Mask! Where is the confirmation for that one?

  23. That would be cool!! Make it like Super Mario 64 Ds where you could play as charcters other than Mario if you wanted, the Zelda games would be awesome remade in 3D as well! I am still rooting for Majora’s Mask!!!!

  24. stop planning to remake old games and create new ones why would i buy starfox 3d i own it on n64 and wii make a new star fox. the zelda was quality as for mario sun shine no dont wanna see it in 3d it was good looking on the gamecube……….starting to think nintendo are running out of ideas with so many remakes out on the wii and now 3ds so is the wii u gonna have aload of remakes of wii games?

    1. I hate to break it to you, but Nintendo isn’t running out of new ideas, they are releasing Skyward Sword which is new, Mario Party 9 which is new, SSB4 which is new, Mario Kart 3D-new, must I go on?

        1. nintendo will run out of ideas for mario the mario kart serise hopefully will go on for ever but apart from mario 64 the rest are pritty crap ie sunshine, galaxy1 and 2……mario party hasnt been great since mario party 2 and as for zelda great games dont get me wrong but skyward sword will be similar to the rest go to temple beat bosses collect items till eventually fight gannon/gannondorf save zelda the layout for the game has been the same for 25 years nintendo has a variety of characters at there disposal why always focus on mario and zelda besides in the since the gamecube luigis mansion is miles better than the mario games from then

  25. Gameboy Color/NES = Super Mario Bros.
    Gameboy Advance/SNES = Super Mario World.
    Nintendo DS/Nintendo 64 = Super Mario 64.
    Nintendo 3DS/Gamecube = Mario Sunshine.

    It only makes perfect sense :D

    1. I would doubt they will make Super Mario 64 again for 3D since they made it for regular DS, but it would be cool to see S. Mario Sunshine with new features and characters!

      1. Well, that’s what I meant, with every portable generation they remake the main Mario game of the previous console, so…
        Nintendo DS had Super Mario 64,
        and Nintendo 3DS will have Sunshine :D

  26. Mario Sunshine Remake? As much as I would love to see that, I would also like to see that game in my GameCube collection :(

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  28. Not a massive fan of Sunshine. Didn’t really feel like a Mario game. Other games would be good tough.

    However, I don’t think the 3DS should be used solely as a platform to release old games on. New games please.

  29. Remake Sunshine and Wind Waker! Think about it. Luigi’s mansion 2 along with Sunshine 2 and a Wind Waker style game.

    1. wind waker was proberly the worst zelda game ever invented and that’s bad did you ever play the second one on the nes its worse than that

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  32. I didn’t think it was possible for 3DS to pull of a game like Super Mario Galaxy and still run smoothly! But I hope I’m wrong. Because that would be stellar. Especially Sunshine! Oh did I love that game back in the day….

    1. Uhh… Skyward Sword isn’t new? How about Super Mario 3d Land? Kid Icarus Uprising? Mario Kart Seven? Paper Mario 3d? Animal Crossing 3d? Luigi’s Mansion 2? Resident Evil Revelations? Last time I checked, these are all new games. Am I wrong?

        1. And what’s wrong with sequels? Without them Nintendo wouldn’t have gotten past the SNES. Video Game sequels is what keeps games going. Plus, the 3ds just came out, you’re not going to have much new games until fall of 2012, be patient my friend. Don’t like the remake, don’t buy it. :p

  33. no more remakes… im fine with starfox 64 cause it adds a few features but SMS sucked and loz mm wasnt that good either… i want new zeldas for 3ds and not mm or ww

    1. I dont want Wind Waker but I do want Majoras Mask. Super Mario sunshine was the best 3D Mario game, IN MY OPINON. MY OPINION….If some one comments back to me all like “lol you totaly fail supr maro sunshin suked C**K”, with terible gammer and littered with spelling mistakes, I will be mad. WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN OPINIONS

  34. Oh. I’ll have to hold back re-playing though it, just in case. I hope this would be the second last remake made, Majoras Mask being last. Or other way around.

  35. First, I’d like to second this motion.

    As for the rest: I’d love to see more remakes. We’re getting The Legend of Zelda for Virtual Console, maybe Zelda II, we’re getting ALttP/Four Swords, Maybe MM, hearing this, sounds like WW and TP as well. I’d love to have a lot of Zelda games in my palms. Plus Nintendo doesn’t even HAVE to do the remakes, look at OoT, GREZZO did that. So, come on Nintendo, give me my Zelda!

  36. I don’t see why people are complaining over Nintendo’s remakes. Not everyone has played the original games and may not be able to get the original system that those were on. If you already played them, then don’t buy them. Nintendo still makes new games (Skyward Sword, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land), so I don’t know why people are asking for new games when they clearly make them.

    I, for one, would like to see more remakes, especially on the 3DS, since it has 3D. I didn’t care much for this game, but I still want to see more remakes, as well as new games.

    1. How about you shut up, and look. *Ahem* We have… Skyward Sword, Kirby Wii, Kirby Mass Attack, Super Mario 3d Land, Mario Kart 7,Kid Icarus Uprising, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Paper Mario 3d, Animal Crossing 3d, and Resident Evil Revelations. Plus by the time E3 comes around, we’ll get even more new games. Yeah, NEW games. Are you a game delvoper? I’m in college, making simple games. It takes me four months to create a decent working, five minute, FLASH game. It takes a lot of time to program, design, and debug. I bet Kid Icarus Uprising began in January of 2010, or even earlier. It takes a lot of time to make good games my friend. So remakes fill in those holes between great games.

  37. After they remake the game for the 3DS they should make a sequel because at the end of super Mario sunshine to you see that guy with the purple mask or something look at the brush or whatever it was.

  38. Yeeees!!! This will do soo good for the Nintendo 3DS! The Nintendo 3DS is already very strong but adding remakes games will make it even powerful.

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  40. Hey, remakes don’t hurt anything! Think about it. We usually get no more then 2 or 3 new games for each franchise per system anyway, and to have some remakes of the best games to add to what’s available is good! I want a system that has a ton of good games, and if they already have a game I see no reason why they can’t remake it to bring it to the new generation, I know I haven’t played every game that already exists, and I know games that I have played that I’d gladly replay. If you have played every old game out there then you could probably replay many of them and they’d feel new anyway. We will be and are getting new games, there’s no need to get worked up over a few remakes!

    To make me happy, though, all they have to do is remake Majora’s Mask for the 3DS, that’s all I could ever ask of them, then I don’t care how many remakes or new games or what they make, just to have a portable Majora’s Mask in 3D would be the best thing ever =D

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  42. I would like to see Super Mario Sunshine, but not galaxies. In all honesty Super Mario 64, but that’s just me.

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  44. If they remake SMS, upgrade fludd. Water gloves, pack on his back. A bonus for beating the game with 120 sprites. New game plus with the story after the purple guy gets the brush, and bring back the plumber squad from SM64DS but add waluigi! With Sm64 long jump.n backflip n more special jumps. That would make the game greater than it was. Also, Eternal Darkness 3D! DO IT NINTENDO!!!

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  47. im going to kill my self if the remake games maybe some metroid games or maybe zelda but first majoras mask 3d !!!!!!!!!!!!! and lots of mario

  48. i want mario sunshine! that would be amazing! and i heard somewhere than nintendo is coming down to 3 choices for zelda, majoras mask, a full 3d remake of a link to the past (make it look like oot or mm) or a brand new zelda title for 3ds, im okay with anyone! but mario sunshine has to happen! i agree galaxy is too soon, maybe for a third mario galaxy it can be for wii u and 3ds, super mario galaxy 3 and mario galaxy 3ds! i ould want either a new starfox adventur game or a remake

  49. i wish games would come out faster or i could freeze time two different subjects blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah

  50. I personally tink Super Mario Galaxy 3ds would give Ninitendo money and what-not, but Mario is very Small on the screen so I wonder if they could fix such things… if they can’t then bring me SMS 3ds, then you can TAKE MY MONEY!

  51. I asked Nintendo to make Zelda hard now it has that mode and asked them for Mario Sinshine and now this omg! Yes!
    Make it for both Wii U and 3DS!
    Make it old school and hard with no help! Just story and off you go.
    But also make a kids mode too with find gems local 4 player!

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