Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Still Doesn’t Own WiiU.Com

Uh-oh, it appears as though Nintendo still doesn’t own Thankfully the company has enough money to purchase this domain and then some, but still you would have thought they would have gained control of the URL quite some time ago. Apparently traffic to was over 3,000 in June, but prior to that it received next to no traffic at all. At least Nintendo has finally filed the trademark application for Wii U in the US.


  1. Maybe they themselves weren’t so committed to the name Wii u, which could explain the delay.

    1. thats good! at least it means it’s not 2013… it is VERY unlikely to be out in 2011 lol… they only just announced it and they still have a tonne of stuff to do, as well as make software for it, we don’t want the Wii U with no games, like the 3DS….
      so I’ll be very pleased if it comes out mid-late 2012

  2. When I first saw this, I was hoping I could trademark it before them so they would get a better name…

  3. The Wii U. The one reason I wish I had a time machine.

    (except for wanting to look at next week’s EuroMillions Numbers)

    1. Because its not the Revolution which was awesome and I’m sick of “Wii” jokes now I’m gonna have to listen to “hey wanna play with my Wii, U!?”
      But besides that if they released Super Mario Sunshine 2 and Resident Evil 6 on it they could call it Wii Wii for all I care and I’ll love it.

  4. Haha I could only imagine Sony buying the domain first and then selling it to Nintendo for some serious money. Nah I don’t think they would but still lol

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