Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Reveal New Super Mario 3D Land Logo

Nintendo America has revealed the brand new logo for the sublime Super Mario 3D Land on the Nintendo 3DS. The game is expected to be released November 13th. Who’s going to be picking this beauty up?



              1. Way to be an asshole, sorry everyone not is obsessively stalking Nintendo news like you. Get a life much?

                1. Hey stop trollin’. I just saw this 3 days ago. That doesn’t mean I’m a no-lifer.
                  I just said it’s old news. Not a big deal.

                    1. Yeah, Nice one! Deleting my post of an 12th August Nintendolife tweet about this logo, but keeping all this stupid junk on the page, well done sickr.

                1. Ugh! This Dutch post got it from some other post which was definetely not Dutch! Dutch feeds are like all others, but then Dutch! I understand not anybody follows them but I just told this news is old!
                  AND NOW FUCKING STOP ABOUT IT.

              1. Get some grammar lessons. Your is very different from you’re.

                And I am not a troll. I am defending myself.
                Who are you defending? Sickr? No need to defend; he even thanked me for my post. If you wanna correct me or something, say it the nice way. Or go to IGN or something.

                And can’t you read? I said ”stop fucking about it” and GTFO.

                1. Fair enough about what you’ve said, and I’m sure you were just stating the fact that the picture had been released/leaked 3 days again, however you don’t need to make it sound like mynintendonews was behind the times since they are always up to date and very handy for Nintendo information….. and you didn’t need to act like a total asshole, maybe not a troll, but defo an asshole…

      1. lol it is taking items, maybe level ideas and some similar aspects from SMB3 but it is not a remake, it is a totaly new 3D game and will be brilliant

  1. I can’t w8 for this game. Like a week ago, I had ALREADY got the preorder in. Then, time to preorder Mario Kart 7 and finnally Luigis Mansion 2, the sequel to my most favorite yet shortest game of all time.

  2. Nintendo America? Don’t you mean Nintendo Australia? Sorry, I hate when someone points something like this out but I thought it was Nintendo of America until I read the source.

  3. Deffo picking this up – The only 3DS games I have are Dead or Alive and Ocarina of Time, both of which have entertained me to their fullest extent now.

    I own 24 original DS games, 18 of which are 1st party titles. I really hope that by the end of next year we’ll see a LOT more games from Nintendo. :(

  4. This was posted on the Nintendo3DS blog about 3 days ago, but I like to see it again I guess.

    1. As I said, it was only posted on Aussie Nintendo today. Clearly there’s some news that gets skipped over and this is one of them.

  5. The logo looks like it is a physical 3d object of which a picture is taken, like toy letters.
    Besides that, I hope this game doesn’t fall in a gap between two awesome styles of games, but becomes epic on it’s own…I’m sure it will be cool.

  6. Sickr you posted that image about 2-3 weeks ago if not, 2 months ago during E3.
    Not with the same background but with the same writing. I figured that was the logo when you posted it the first time O.o
    I jumped the gun on that one :D

  7. this’ll be my first super mario game past the 2day era besides sunshine so i hope its good cause i hated sunshine

  8. Is it made of clay? Anyway, I can’t be the only one who thinks that logo looks kinda delicious…

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