Nintendo 3DS: Sega Believes PlayStation Vita Will Be Able To ‘Do Much More’ Than The Nintendo 3DS

Mike Hayes, Sega West’s CEO, recently spoke to VG247 about a range of topics concerning Sega. Interestingly enough Hayes believes that Sony’s PlayStation Vita is going to be able to do a lot more than the Nintendo 3DS from a hardcore gamers perspective, though he confesses that they are both ‘two completely different beasts’.

“We see the platforms as very different. 3DS, let’s be honest, the hardware didn’t sell as well as expected, so the price moved,” he said. “It’s just a very sensible market reaction I think for Nintendo to do and, obviously, we’re very pleased with that. I think Vita and 3DS are two completely different beasts in terms of what I think Vita is going to be able to do from a more core gaming point of view.


  1. 6 months ago they said that the 3DS was the best handheld ever and that is was going to change gaming and everything.

    Just businesstalk.

  2. lol awesome, we all know how good Sega was in terms of hardware. I’m really looking forward to their next sys……oh wait….

    1. Sega was amazing, the dreamcast was years ahead of the competition. You’re still full of envy from the Sega Nintendo wars?

      1. and Sega is ALSO responsible for games such as Sonic the Hedgehog (the 2000 something remake), Sonic:Unleashed, Sonic and the Black Knight, and Tails. Pretty much enough said.

  3. is he dumb! the only reason nintendo lowered the price because it didnt sell that much, so how does he expect psv to sell more the price of $250 and $300

        1. Games:

          All of PSN

          And that’s just confirmed so far. There’s still months time for more announcements.


          PS3-like graphics
          Multi-Touch pad (Capacitive)
          GPS, Wi-Fi location service support
          Live area, PS Suite, Android apps/games, NEAR Location app
          3G, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-FI (Infrastructure/Ad-hoc mode), Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
          NVG Media card
          Approximately 4-5 hour battery life (Rumored)

          Please, ask that again.

          1. Sorry, your information is wrong! Vita will have only 256 mbytes of ram. Thats all! not 512 mbytes. Sony said, that they`ll have to do that, cause of the high costs! 3DS has only 128mbyte. but 3ds ram is much faster than that of the sony vita!

            1. Yea Sony never said Vita will have 256MB RAM, they did not even specify the amount of RAM. A Sony developer at GDC said Vita has more RAM than PS3 which led people to believe it has 512MB RAM and there were speculations that the RAM was cut down to 256MB but still retains its 128MB VRAM making it a total of 384MB RAM but Sony has said several times that the RAM which is probably the cheapest component in the device has not been cut. Get your facts straight dumbass

          2. 3ds: resident evil revelations (huge system seller), splinter cell, metal gear solid, street fighter, zelda, smash brothers ( another system pusher), Ridge racer, madden, ghost recon, BEYOND THE LABRYNTH ( beautiful game check it out), dead or alive, final fantasy, kingdom hearts, eternal eden, heroes of ruin, ninja gaiden, shin megami persona, shin mehami devil survivor overclocked, tales of the abyss, tekken, and starfox. Notice how i wasnt a douche and spammed the enter button to make the list seem huge?

            1. PSV Confirmed games: Badman,BANG,Bioshock,BlazBlue,Broken,BuildnRace,Call of Duty,CastleStorm,Cricket,Disgea 3,Dragons Crown,Dungeon Defenders,Dust 514,Dynasty Warriors,F1 2011,Flying Hamster HD,Gravity Daze,Great Little War Game,Hot Shots Golf Next,Hustle Kings,KillZone,Lego Harry Potter: Years 5–7,Little Big Planet,Little Deviants,Little Busters,Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds,Michael Jackson: The Experience,ModNation Racers,Mortal Kombat,Mr Ink Jet,Oddworld: Munch’s Odyssee,Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath,Pub Games,Rayman Origins,Reality Fighters,Resistance (untitled),Ridge Racer,Robot Rescue Revolution,Rugby Challenge,Ruin,Shinobido 2: Tales of the Ninja,Silent Hill: Book of Memories,Smart As,Sound Shapes,Star Drone,Street Fighter X Tekken,Super Stardust Delta,Supremacy MMA,Top Darts,Treasures of Montezuma Blitz,Uncharted: Golden Abyss,Virtua Tennis 4,Voltron,Wipeout 2048,WWE 12,ZEN Pinball 2. Sega has 1 new IP in developement and 3 other games, And many other developers have not even showed off what they have planned for Vita Yet

              1. Listen guys, in terms of hardware, Vita certainly does take the cake. However, while 3DS won’t be nearly as powerful, it is going to have some equally great (if not greater) gaming opportunities because of its upcoming titles and system capabilities. I’m personally excited to see what happens to both of the systems in the coming years.

          3. Epic win is so freaking epic, my fingers fell off while typing this comment. I applaud you, Cory, for shining a light upon the deepest, darkest parts of this site where the likes of Anon reside. Well done Cory, well done.

          4. who the heck would want to pay that much though for basically a portable and much-downgraded version of a PS3, except with a 4-5 hour battery life?

              1. gee, what a big difference one hour makes. and given that everyone’s comparing it to a PS3, it basically is, except for it’s got 2 touchscreens.

  4. I’ve always favoured Ninties product, always so well made and fun. Unfortunately I think I’d have to agree with SEGA on this one! I hated the PSP, I really couldn’t stand it in fact (All the wasted games for it that could have been on PS3 instead?!) but yeah, I think that the Vita will be capable of much more and I’m hoping that it’ll get some nice games for it at launch.

    I’ll always keep my 3DS, but the bad start it’s had has defiantly persuaded me to purchase a PS Vita when it becomes available.

    1. Why does sales even matter I thought we all played games? It’s looking like vita will have an even worst launch. No games that hardcore would like and a high price with a monthly charge possible. Also you do realize it took the ds 1.5 years to become what it is now. Nintendo just got jumpy because of the markets.

      1. The PS VITA has 50 games announced, not to mention secret projects. Those games include Uncharted, Ninja Gaiden, Wipeout, Killzone, Resistance, Call of Duty, and more

        1. All those games that are basically ports of the main console. Why put all your main console games on a handheld.

          1. Um… Wasn’t the 3DS lineup nothing but ports? The games I’m playing right now are street fighter, zelda and resident evil…

            1. True, Zelda is a port but you can’t count street fighter being Wii didn’t have it. But on the other hand, this is remakes of games that were made decades ago. Not games that are being made now.

              1. PS3 and Xbox had Street Fighter so yes it is a port and I’m pretty sure (though I could be wrong) that game was made 2 years ago not ten. You can’t say it’s not a port because it wasn’t on Wii for example Tales of the Abyss will be an almost direct PS2 port.

                  1. Uh, yes you can. A port is when you take a game and slightly modify it for use on a different platform. For example Call of duty on ps3 is a port. The game was made for PC/360 (they are structured the same way) but they slightly edit the code to work on ps3.

                    1. “Call of duty on ps3 is a port” Technically no and yes It was created from scratch for those 3 systems not an after thought. It was created for PC first, then same PC assets were used to create for Xbox 360 and PS3.

                    2. Your not listening to what I’m saying. I clearly saying that every game that is on ps3 right now is being brought over to the handheld instead of new seperate titles. Who wants to play the same games as on the console. Please read what i was saying from the beginning.

          2. Yea mention 1 port that are main console games assuming you know what Port means, Uncharted is a new story, LBP is a new story, Modnation new tracks, Ruin new IP, Gravity Daze new IP, Top Darts new IP, Smart As is new, Reality Fighters is new IP, Sound Shapes new IP, Mr Ink Jet is new IP, Bioshock is new story for Vita, Call of suty new story, Kill Zone new story, Resistance is new story, Little Deviants new IP. Ports from consoles will be the same quality as is on consoles because Vita can handle those types of games so it is hardly a port.

            1. New story, same game. You don’t see Nintendo, ” oh no more heroes is great, port it over. Port over Mario galaxy too, and maybe kirby’s epic yarn we’ll give it a different story”. I don’t want to play the same games that’s on my console. Waste of time and money. That’s what you call milky the fat cow.

              1. What sony is doing is taking franchises and taking them to the handheld world with new experiences suited for handheld gaming only. It’s like what nintendo and every other company does, take the mario, zelda, and other series and take them to handhelds designed for the handheld.

            2. You can’t consider games that have no story or do not focus on story whatsoever (COD) to not be ports because they have a new “story” all of the games in that “series” are basically ports of each other with improved graphics in every “new” game.

          3. Do you know what port means?
            Uncharted, Bioshock, Wipeout, Killzone, Resistance, Call of Duty are new stories from respected old franchises. A port is when you take a game that already exist and put it on another platform exactly as it is. When you create an entirely new story from same franchise then it is not a port but an entirely new game.

        2. The 3DS also had many games announced when it was first shown, too bad there wasn’t enough of them at launch or even reasonably close to launch. I can see the same happening with the VITA being released in early 2012, but I can also see it as having a better launch when it comes out.

      2. Monthly charge? No buddy there is such a thing as a wifi version of the ps vita. Which will be cheaper than the 3G version which everyone seems to compare prices to everything nintendo. Do some research…

      3. you guys all know that most hardcore gamers just play games on their phones and wouldn’t want to spend an extra 300$ just to get a slightly upgraded version from the games on their phones except with alot less battery life

        1. But in all seriousness, even if you HATE sony you have to agree. Any self respecting gamer would not play games on his phone. Real gamers would still spend money for real games.

        2. I don’t know what you consider to be hard core, but it is not a person who plays games on their phones. A game on a phone is not as complete as a game designed for a gaming device

  5. Of course they are completely different and I think because of the price cut even more people will actually buy the 3DS because I don;t think Sega will do a major price cut as nintendo, Also nintendo has many loved series that they probably will put on the 3DS and I think that they might be more successful, Vita might be able to have better graphics, ect. But will they have better games than Nintendo will decide which console will be better. Good graphics don’t always mean good game.

  6. Hardcore Portable gaming is an oxymoron. Btw, the only reason 3DS sold so poorly is because there was no major 1st party title at launch and therefore no one had a reason to buy one yet.

    1. No it’s not. Every genre except shooters work on handhelds, and unless you consider FPS’s to be hardcore (you’re sad) then handhelds are hardcore. They’re the system of choice for RPG’s, arguably the most hardcore genre out there, and hard-as-ass 2D platformers are prevalent on handhelds. That of course depends on your definition of hardcore; usually I don’t believe in “hardcore” vs. “casual” as neither has much meaning, but in this case hardcore=incredibly deep/hard.

      1. I do agree that what hardcore really means is an in depth story, immensely hard gameplay, and good quality game that are intended for advanced players

  7. What makes them think the 3ds can’t have hardcore games either. We already have games like resident evil, street fighter, metal gear and were still not hardcore. Then wtf is hardcore. Just don’t make any Damn sense.

    1. I totally agree with you! If games where you beat the s*** out of stuff, or kill stuff, or re-kill zombies aren’t hard core, what is? I don’t like those kind of games (just not my thing), but that’s what Sega and Sony define it as. And if you take the other stance on hardcore as games that take skill, or are good games that you can play for hours, 1. Vita will have about 6 of those all-time, 2. 3DS already has a few and will soon have many more.

      1. I kno, they’re basically saying only games on Sony and microsoft are hardcore even if the same games are on Nintendo’s system too. Which basically means that hardcore is just some made up bias against Nintendo.

  8. Its hard to say how well the Vita will do yet. Im interested to see it, but its currently expected to cost $350 which was the original price point of the 3DS. Im still on the fence on how i think this console will handle. It will need some very strong titles at that price point.

  9. I think i will eventually own both systems, but… the fact of the matter is, you cant do a barrel-roll on the Vita.

      1. nor will you ever get to let slippy die in an aircraft explosion. seriously who wouldn’t want to pay 170 bucks to see that? heck, i’d pay $500.

  10. This guy makes a couple good points, and I agree that the 3DS and Vita are two different beasts.

  11. Does Sega opinion really matter?, They had to stop making consoles and they are the one making crappy Sonic games , most of them on NINTENDO consoles

    1. New sonic game sonic: generations makes any thing ever released on nintendo from sega look pathetic.

      Original sonic game completely remastered. Best game ever.

  12. Who is to trust Sega’s opinion? Their consoles and portables failed, and I can’t think of any good Sega games I have played lately.

    1. Those hardware failed because of sony idiot, and sega’s opinion does matter, they said it the PSV has more to offer they didn’t say it was better than the 3ds

  13. I wonder what much more means. What does hardcore mean anymore? I though the point of gaming was to play game? I wonder why chess boards don’t have coffee makers built in them.

    1. Disagree. Games like LBP and Little Deviants don’t seem hardcore to me. Many of the PSV games announced are ones you can just pick up and have some fun. It’s definitely an all-round console.

      Agreed with SEGA

      1. yes, but anyone who DOES buy the Vita WILL be a hardcore player. I don’t think any casual players would buy a $250+ portable just for a few good games rather than go for a much cheaper 3DS and get many games a casual player could dig into.

  14. yup here come the nintendo fanboys trying to defend nintendo. every time someone bashes them they just can’t accept the facts.

    1. What facts exactly? I’m not a nintendo fanboy, but i can say pretty strongly that the 3ds will blow the Vita out of the water.

    2. Ugh. This, so much. You would think that some of these people would at least do some research. But at least thet’re not as bad as the people at PSUniverse.

  15. I CAN SEE IT COMING: Vita kicking 3 goddamn D asses this gen. DAMN, NINTENDO!!!! DAMN1!!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR 3D THING? So many things to do and improve and you go to the 3D way of gaming… IT SUCKS!

        1. actually, the sad thing is, so many die-hard sony defendants are like this now, I can’t tell what’s sarcasm and what’s not. I’ve seen much worse than this from people being serious.

  16. Anyways Nintendo will always be on top. Everyone said the PSP would blow the DSlite out of the water… Never did.. Who bothers with PSP anyways? There are 8 new games coming out in the next year. That’s quite shocking. The vita will have no chance at Christmas seeing as Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 is being released around that period. I remember speaking about this to a game clerk and he said it will just be another Sony flop. And how are you going to be able to lay it on it’s back with it’s dual touchcreen? With out having damage on the screen. They are using technology from ages ago… Touchscreen… Nintendo already did that… Nintendo do everything before anyone else. That’s why they lead the gaming Market. Before all you fail fan boys say some crap about Nintendo. Look up the figures for xbox vs Wii vs ps3 then come back and say something. Even if you start looking back in time every Sony product was a flop apart from the PS1 why? People want something new, something fun. Sony doesn’t provide that all they rely on is graphics which makes the game a super fail because there is no gameplay to it. Before you troll me again sonyfailboys I have xbox360 ps3 will. 3DS and PSP and I would vote the Nintendo products are very very much more fun and have brilliant gameplay.

    1. Yes wii vs ps3 vs 360.

      What’s your consoles best selling game? The free one? Wii fit sells more than any GREAT nintendo franchise. Yea all those fat people who bought the wii sure are a great representation of gamers everywhere :-/

      Sorry to tell you the truth but most people got the wii just for wii sports.

      1. Dude you are dumb.. Nintendo Wii top ten games sold more then the ps3 and xbox360 top ten games by a large amount. And its ashame that black ops the best selling game on ps3 and xbox360..

        1. Because thats the only games people had to buy for wii. You think id games like uncharted, god of war etc were on Wii and same quality anyone would buy those crapwares?

      2. You do realise that Mario galaxy sold more than both uncharted games god of war and gt5 which is the best selling ps3 game and galaxy didn’t come with the system

    1. Because 3D isn’t a priority for gaming on a portable device but better screen, better control, better graphics, better games, better online, better software is. If they wanted to add 3D, they could just simply take those 3D OLED screens they already have and put it on Vita as simple as that.

        1. like he said “Because 3D isn’t a priority” doesnt really add much to the game but the wow facter for the first few minutes and then its back to meh.

  17. Well I do agree with Sega (two different beasts) I’m still gonna love my 3DS more. We play Nintendo games for the nostalgia. We want those games to take us back a few years!

    That being said, I’m still keeping my eye on Vita if it gets some good titles. The only reason I got my PSP was for Tactics Ogre. Tactics Ogre being a hardcore game. I believe a hardcore game isnt just shooting or fighting games. It’s pretty much any game that includes such an amount of depth that a “casual” gamer wouldn’t want to pick it up. It’s not Angry Birds (which I love by the way). And I’m using this definition loosely :) So hardcore would be: Fire Emblem, Tales games, Banjo Kazooie Nutz and Bolts, MvC3 and so on…

  18. Bla bla bla shut up. Ps3 can do more than wii but wii is a lot more succesfull . if you like 3ds but it , if you like bita buy it but shut up you guys are like religions trying to convince people yours is the better.

  19. defending a non nintendo system on this place is like telling your gf you have aids, Youll get fucked for fucking with them, now i understand why gametrailers and ign members hate each other so much lol, other than the retarded fanboys i like this place.

  20. Sega still has some of that rivalry going on.
    I think the 3DS is much better that the PSVita.
    The CEO of sony’s American branch got booed of the stage when he said that 3G covage was going to be with AT&T. I think the PSVita is just adding on to the PSP.
    On the other hand, the Nintendo 3DS is not just adding on the DS, it’s taking the consept of the DS a step forward. The reason that the 3DS didn’t sell is because people were skeptikle about glass-free-3d. I know I was a first. But when I got mine and I liked it, and it truly was amazing.
    Also, poeple are still playing thier ds because were still in the 7th generation. just wait until the Wii U is out and Microsoft and Sony are annoncing their 8th generation consles, then people will be buying the 3DS.

  21. I love how he gives no reasons whatsoever. He just states his opinion, and offers nothing. Wow. Thank you for saying that…it was just awesome bud.

        1. When taking a snippet from a full article, it leaves context behind. Like when you posted that quote about the IGN editor who wrote something along the lines of Mario and DK not evolving over time, which, when taken alone, caused a giant uproar on this site, but after I read the full article, I understood everything. Your readers here rarely ever read the source, and all they get is a short quote taken out of the context of the full article. As such, they get the wrong idea.

          But maybe that’s exactly what you WANTED to do, as flamebait makes for more clicks, eh? ;)

            1. I don’t. But I do expect a little less bias by maintaining “both sides of the story” so to speak. Posting a single small quote without the addition of their reasoning — how they came to that conclusion or opinion — is something yellow journalists do to slant the story in a specific direction. Just because the media does this frequently doesn’t mean it still isn’t looked down upon by intelligent people who can see through these tactics.

              [Insert company name here]-fanboys can never be reasoned with regardless, but I have seen those who are simply genuinely ignorant of a specific subject come away from this website with the wrong impression several times. Most of the time, someone else comes along who knows better and leaves a comment reply to that person. Unfortunately, the person being replied to doesn’t typically turn on WordPress Subscriptions, and never learns of this. Thankfully others who come along and read the thread will be edified, but still…it’s depressing to see someone believing a lie, and that may sway their decision to purchase a game or some such on the basis of such a lie. And it isn’t that you yourself are lying to them either, I’m not saying that, so please take no offense. It is simply the way in which the news is delivered sometimes. On the surface, there is nothing morally reprehensible about merely posting a quote, but do understand that sometimes this can lead people to believing false data.

              That has nothing to do with this particular article in which THIS thread resides, but I just wanted to bring your attention to what has happened on several other posts in the past. I just don’t like seeing people being lead astray by a single quotation out of context. I KNOW that if more people read that particular IGN article for themselves to see where that person was coming from, they would at the very least respect that editor’s opinion. They may agree with them, or they may not, but at least they would understand how they came to that conclusion/opinion. Even if it’s just ends in an “agree to disagree,” at least they got the full story.

              In an earlier example, look at your latest post about a company being quoted as to say that “people did not buy the 3DS at $250, so they will not buy the Vita at $300.” The responsible thing to for you to have done here is add at the bottom that only the 3G version is $300, and that the normal Wi-Fi only version is being released at the same price that the 3DS was, $249. But you didn’t, and what did this do? Several comments were posted containing the likes of “$300?! Screw that, Sony!” Sure, many people also commented that this was for the 3G only version, but OTHER PEOPLE shouldn’t HAVE to. YOU’RE the journalist here, and it’s YOUR job to make sure that people do not walk away from a post with “false facts,” so to speak.

              That’s all I’m saying. Try to be a little more considerate to people who don’t know any better. Not everyone who comes to this site are as well-read in the games industry as we are. :)

  22. the psvita i just a kind of copy of other systems:
    -the touch screen from the Nintendo DS
    -the multitouch from the IPAD/IPHONE
    -the main menu too
    -the camera from the DSi or anothter device with camera
    -the microphone from the DS / DSI too.
    and as always sony and its “innovation” in terms of graphics
    the only NEW thing in the VIDEOGAMES is the Touchpad.
    About the 3DS and leaving the 3D
    is the Spot and Street Pass
    and some functions of the camera, like the can take 3D photos or use it for make the mii and merge 2 persons.
    And if you don’t believe me you can go to a games shop a look the Sony rack……
    cof……cof….. cof…playstation move….cof…wiimote.
    cof……cof…..cof….playstation eye…..cof….kinect.

    1. The PS VITA was in development far before the 3DS was released, so sony designers couldn’t possibly have any idea what it would be like. and secondly, none of your points make any sense. If your points were valid then the DS was a copy of PDA’s (stylus screens), the 3DS copied 3D movies and tv’s with 3d, EVERY THING COPIED IPAD/IPHONE WITH TOUCH SCREENS, the DSi’s copied video camera’s with the camera, playstation eye was made YEARS BEFORE KINECT. But why am I feeding you troll? So in case somebody without knowledge reads your post and actually believes you. If your logic made any sense then the gamecube was a copy of the PS1 with the discs, the gamecube copied the PS1 with dual analogue sticks, everything copies everything.

  23. Vita is definitely more powerful. But I will not pay $250 for a portable platform. The 3DS will outsell the Vita, come holiday season, though. And let’s not forget, the PSP had some great advantages over the DS, but sales were awful, and many developers abandoned the PSP. Speculation is speculation, but facts are what matters, and as it stands, we know very little about the Vita’s capabilities.

  24. Omg are there really so many Sony fans posting on a site called mynintendonews?!? Isn’t there some Sony based iteration of this site or anything similar on the net?

    1. I’m a sony fan, I come here because I also like nintendo unlike some people on this site I can like more than one company. But sadly I have to defend sony because instead of reading nintendo news I get articles bashing sony.

      1. actually dude, most of these articles are of people bashing nintendo because sony is supposedly better, so that’s when the sony bashing starts. but how all these sony fans even find this website, unless they’re just looking to troll, is beyond me

  25. And they’re right, it probably can do much more than the 3DS. But I’ll be honest, I’m not going to buy a handheld with graphics that look like it big brother console. I would just buy a PS3. The 3DS is what I expect from a handheld. Fun in a small package.

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