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Nintendo Wii: Nintendo America Has No Plans To Release The New Revamped Wii Console

Nintendo of America has told Gamasutra that they currently have no plans to release the new Wii console in the United States. The current Wii console is currently being phased out in Europe to make way for the slimmer and smaller unit. The only downside to the console is that it lacks any form of Gamecube compatibility.

53 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Nintendo America Has No Plans To Release The New Revamped Wii Console”

  1. With no Gamecube compatibility, I’m quite sure no one would purchase it anyway.
    The original Wii has a decent enough design as it is.

        1. Not really, the original Wii was already compact and easy to place just about anywhere. The original 360 was large and clunky.

      1. It wouldv been cool to see gamecube games output 480p+ – 620p cuz of WiiU HDMI, so thats a downer :(….but its nintendo, and nintendo = zelda, so gotta have it

  2. and why should they!? Not only does everyone already have a wii, but it doesn’t have the wii’s greatest feature which is the fact that it plays gamecube games! No one would buy it.

    1. Well, obviously some people dont have a wii yet and its greatest feature is its motion controls and the fact it plays wii games.
      Are you thinking about the gamecube? Although not that many people had that either

  3. um who in the fuck would want a wii that doesn’t play gamecube games… how else am i supposed to get my wind waker and ocarina of time: master quest on????

  4. I have a feeling that the new design will fail in Europe anyway. Just about anyone who has ever wanted a Wii has already bought one after the last price drop (£99). And the WiiU is coming out in (hopefully) late June/July.

  5. Im sorry but im beginning to think Nintendo just doesnt care about North America at all… i mean so far no Xenoblade Chronicles. currently No Pandoras tower or The Last Story…. and NOW we dont get the new wii???? whats next? No Wii U for us?? i mean come on Nintendo.

    1. Why would you want a inferior version of a system? Besides, OR isn’t a complete failure as if Pandora’s Tower, Xenoblade, and The Last Story sell well in Europe, we might see them on our shores.

    2. All those games only Hardcore Gamers care about. We still get alot of the games that casual gamers like me care about; Super Mario, Kirby, DK, etc. There’s no real point to this new wii anyway. We will get Wii U ’cause it’s the next consle.

    3. 1: this is worse then the normal wii, and 2: Last Story has been rumored to be in development for a American release secretly, so…..

  6. Who cares? It pretty much the same wii EXEPT no gamecube! They probably just want money before the wii U. So they make this I don’t really care I’m just waiting for wii u

  7. i wouldn’t have bought the wii slim anyway, i still play GCN games and how the fuck am I supposed to play Brawl or melee without the gamecube controller? smh no thanks

  8. if they’re not going to permit Gamecube controllers on the new slimline, why not bring the Gamecube games to Virtual console now?
    They’re going to do it with Wii U, so why not now?

    1. Because GameCube games are WAY too big for the Wii console’s internal storage. Plus, you could have the biggest SD cards in the world in there, and it would still take AGES to download because of the way its network connections are configured. Wait for the Wii U, it’ll be worth it.

  9. I think this is good because were close to the Wii U System being launch and one of the reasons for making the Wii was to be backwards comoadable with the Gamecube.

  10. This is actually a good idea not to bring it to America, it’d be a waste of money to manufacture it since one its basically the same thing except a little bit of a redesign and two it doesn’t have GameCube compatibility. Keeping the normal Wii is just fine :)

  11. The Wii was already a tiny console, so a slimmer model just sounds silly to me. Honestly, how can you not have space to fit one? How much convenience is this supposed to bring?

  12. Nintendo has lost the plot. A new console, the wii u that is only as good as an xbox 360 or ps3 coming out this late is dumb. They should have made something to compete with the next generation ps4 and xbox720. Not bringing this new wii to north america is the only smart thing they have done lately. But knowing nintendo, I bet we can expect a micro 3ds system soon too.

    1. The Wii-U’s under-clocked dev kits were already 50% more powerful than the PS3. It’s actual power is a lot more than that so I bet it can compete with the PS4 or 720, if they release early enough. Ntm, I doubt Nintendo would make a micro after the GameBoy Micro failure. They don’t usually repeat mistakes like that.

  13. The lack of Gamecube CONTROLLER support is the worst for me. I don’t care too much about playing GC games seeing as I’ve beat them all a million times and if I really wanna play them I can just pick up a cheap Gamecube from eBay or something.

  14. why are all of you whinners who ARENT going to buy it complaing? Lol anyways, to bad my cousins been wanting one but since he doesnt work this wouldve been perfect for him, oh well, its a business decision by NoA so let it be

  15. If it doesn’t play gamecube games… I really don’t care. I play more gamecube games on my Wii than actual Wii games

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  17. Are you guys serious?
    The only reason they removed the gamecube support is because it would be cheaper for them.
    Same thing as the PS3 did.
    This redesign is for the casuals, who don’t care about gamecubes at all.
    I’m quite sure that 95% of the current wii owners don’t even know what a gamecube is.
    Almost all the people who want gamecube support already bought a wii anyway.
    This is just a smart move of Nintendo to make the wii cheaper for them to make and it wouldn’t be bad at all if America would also get it.

  18. But is there a chance that GC controllers work? SSBB with Wiimote is just silly and it’s the only multiplayer game that I still play. Still, I have a reason to buy this new Wii because the one I currently have don’t read discs well… Loading screen takes so long when playing Little King Story and Metroid Other M and I’m worried it might fail to play Skyward Sword and I certainly ain’t having that!

  19. I know that the new console doesn’t look that good and all but other people prefer to buy the wii cheap and no features that they won’t use. It’s called the “Wii Family Edition” mostly for the kids thats why no ports for GC.

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