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Nintendo: So, Who Exactly Plays Mario Kart?

UK trade publication MCV has conducted a survey to find out who exactly who plays Mario Kart. The results are interesting as out of the 6,835 people surveyed 56 per cent of players are male, and 44 per cent are female. Here’s a few of the reasons why people play Mario Kart:

“It makes me laugh or feel happy”

“I can play it for short periods of time”.

52 thoughts on “Nintendo: So, Who Exactly Plays Mario Kart?”

  1. It’s fun, frustrating and a great party game for you and your friends. It’s something guys and play with their girlfriends or girls can play with their boyfriends. It’s easy to understand, especially since the Wii version came out with FOUR ways of controlling the game. The online multiplayer is pretty good too, especially for a Wii Game, but hopefully the WIiU and 3DS versions will have even better with a potential ability to download new DLC tracks, just so long as Nintendo don’t skimp out on the content, which they never have done.

    1. Nintendo already pointed out they won’t do paid dlc. Only third parties will. It would be if they did and it was free instead.

  2. I love playing Mario Kart, I’ve played all games from Mario Kart 64 onwards and love them all, double dash was brilliant but I think I prefer Wii mainly for the tracks and characters.

  3. I’ve been playing Mario Kart since n64 and my dad was the one who bought me the game randomly which goes to show how popular it is. It’s a fun, competitive, social game.

  4. i love mario kart because there,s a lot of depth in the gameplay mechanics, and it’s simple enough for anyone new to the serie to pick up and play.

  5. We play the junk out of it! We love it. My wife is a lot better at it than I am. We are in our mid 30’s. I wish there were more characters (we have them all unlocked) and vehicles, AND circuits that were available to be downloaded to expand the game.

  6. I love Mario Kart! I play Wii all the time and double dash now and then. The new one kinda looks a little dumb but we’ll see!

  7. My guess is a lot of the people who play Mario Kart are a lot of the same people who play either A. Mario games or B. fun online games

  8. “It makes me laugh or feel happy.” WTF! That statement made me laugh and feel sad.

    …anyways, I play it hardcore – been doing so since the original. I’m very competitive on it. And the Blue Shell is the devil.

    1. I bet it was a 2 year old who said that “It makes me laugh or feel happy” part.I certainly doubt it was a grown man.I’m not saying only 2 year olds play Mario Kart because it’s not just them,Mario Kart is for all ages.I play Mario Kart and I’m 15.

  9. I like Mario Kart because I tried playing a friend’s Need for Speed game on the PS3 and felt like the car was fighting me the whole race but he can race circles around even the toughest AI. He said you have to develop a knack for it. Screw that, I pick up any Nintendo controller on any Mario Kart and I can control any kart just fine but there’s still a great deal of strategy to learn from the tracks, drivers, specific vehicles, and the best use of a particular item at certain times.

  10. Mario Kart is awesome. I own Mario Kart 64, Double Dash. and Mario Kart DS. I used to own Mario Kart Wii, but I sold it, and now I am getting Snes and Super Mario Kart next month, Mario Kart Super Circuit through the Ambassador Program, and Mario Kart 7 when it comes out.

  11. Mario Kart is only game that is guaranteed playable by any person. All of my non-video game playing girlfriends enjoyed playing Mario Kart. I think it’s because it’s immediately recognizable and understandable. It’s driving cars. This is the reason the Wii was so popular with non-gamers, it brought real life games to the console world.

    I’ve loved Mario Kart since version 1, I still remember when my cousin came to visit and we drove to Toys “Я” Us just to look around, and saw this Mario racing game…

  12. mario kart is a good game to just chill out relax and have fun playing if i still had my 64 id occassionally pick it up and play every now and then.

    1. Generic Internet User

      You should when you get the chance. It is rally fun on wi-fi. also, Wii is really easy with the gamecube controller.

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