Nintendo 3DS: You Can Download Your Ten Free NES Games Now Ambassadors!

Apparently Nintendo has already put the ten free NES games for the Nintendo 3DS. All you need to do to claim your ten free NES games is scroll to your ‘Settings/Other” and then click “Titles You’ve Downloaded”. The ten free NES games will be included in that list. Let me know in the comments if it has worked for you!


    1. In North America: access the eShop, scroll all the way to the left and open “Settings/Other”, click “your downloads” scroll down to what games you want and download. I’ve already the 10 games and the certificate. and it’s working fine. Just thought everyone would want to know.

      1. What really sucks is after you download one you get booted back to the start and have to go through menus screens again to get another one. It’s time consuming.

        1. Yeah that is kind of a pain. But, I was able to download everything in less than 15 minutes. Considering I’m back to college this week, I have a lot more on my plate to complain about than this; and we’re getting them a day earlier and other regions aren’t, I can’t say the literal extra minute it took me is that big of a deal.

          1. To YOU, it’s not, to me, and many other people including a few I know personally, it is.

            You have every right to not complain and worry about it, just as I have every right TO complain.

            1. My apologies if I offended you. It’s just that a lot of posts have implied that it’s taking a long time because of the three extra buttons you have to push per game download. What I mean is most regions don’t even have the ability to download them yet, hence the reason why I said, why would anyone complain about that, when everyone worldwide would have to do the same thing. Only they don’t get it today like us. I feel fortunate.

            2. Plus, how does someone have the time to play video games if they don’t have the time to download them? It’s like if someone had an extra 10 hours a week to play games, but they didn’t have the time to go to the store to buy them. I guess that logic doesn’t make sense to me.

  1. I first noticed when someone stated it in you’re last post, I and was going to call them out, but it worked. Worked

    1. in the u.s….its your downloads…but i dont see anything free just the few things i already had on there

  2. Not there for me yet. I expect it’s region based. You North Americans might be getting them now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Japanese have them too, but here in Australia we’re still waiting.

    1. i have been waiting for ages. why do japanese and north american people get the cool things first. surely that’s not fair at ALL!!!!

  3. That’s correct I live in the Midwest and I’ve got my games and my Ambassador certificate set to receive. It’s kind of like opening Christmas presents a day early. You got this one right Nintendo.

    1. However, I do have to say the button mapping for Super Mario Bros. is horrendous. They made the (B) button dash and the (A) button jump, just like in the original. However, the (B) button is lower than the (A) button on the 3DS, meaning you have to contort your thumb at an extremely weird angle just to play. Most of the finesse of playing that game comes from the dash button, so if it feels unnatural, it renders the game almost impossible to play. Is it really that hard to map dash to (Y) and jump to (B)? C’mon Nintendo.

      1. Nintendo has had the A And B buttons on a diagonal axis atleast since the first Gameboy. It’s a nice fit. Plus the controls are way better than trying to play Super Mario World on Wii’s Virtual Console with a Gamecube Controller.

        1. Mario world is more enjoyable with the Classic (pro) controller.

          I found Wii remote for NES, Classic for Super, and Gamecube for N64 works best.

  4. I first noticed when someone said so in you’re other post, and I was going to call them out. But when I checked, it worked, so yeah, it worked for me

  5. Okay, I’m confused here. Is this My Nintendo News UK? Or does it cover Nintendo worldwide? I was always under the impression it was just UK news.

    1. you went to settings then other settings your supposed to go to nintendo eshop then slide left and click ”settings/other”

  6. It’s not working yet in the UK. I don’t think Nintendo of Europe is really dealing with the Ambassador Programme as well as NoA. I haven’t recieved any notification om my 3DS about the programme yet, and they are not offering barcode checks like NoA are doing…

    And before any idiots come along, yes I did connect to the e-Shop before August 12th. (June 6th to be precise).

    1. Same here, I’ve been checking the website every day to see if the eligibility tool is on there yet. Kinda dissapointed really as I’ve always been a loyal fan to Nintendo, and I got the 3ds at released. I connected to the eShop many times before august 12th so I’m fairly certain that I’m eligible, but it’s nice to have that extra security.

    2. There was definitely a video to watch about being an ambassador. I figured that that was confirmation enough.

      1. Still haven’t got the video, and apparently America isn’t gonna get it till tomorrow, so I’m doubtful Europe will get it today.

  7. I don’t have a “your downloads” tab. The closest I have is a “titles you’ve downloaded” one which doesn’t have any of the NES titles. I’m from Europe though

  8. Yay it’s working! Thanks for the heads up. I’m glad the games are at a really small file size.

  9. This has not worked for me, I registered on the eShop on the 11th August, and when I view my downloads the folder is empty. Not happy, Nintendo!

  10. Australia’s doesn’t seem to be doing it yet.
    That’s alright, I know I’m in the program thanks to the barcode check.

  11. Nothing for me either… Like a little saddo with my 3DS out on my desk frantic to get games… Now I must put it away all upset…

  12. Anyone got them in Europe yet? I logged on to my 3DS in excitement… but I can not find anything under “Titles You’ve Downloaded”. :(

  13. It worked here too!! I’m in Canada, FYI.

    Games included are Super Mario Bros, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Wrecking Crew, NES Open Tournament Golf,Donkey Kong Jr.,Baloon Fight,Ice Climber, Zelda II: The Adventures of Link and Yoshi. Also, there’s a certificate for the Ambassador to be downloaded. I Still don’t know what its uses are.


      1. Settings/Others is on the very left of the menu in the eShop. Your Downloads is in the Settings/Others in the eShop, so go to the very left, hit it, then go to Your Downloads and there you go… the games.

  14. For Europe..should be available tomorrow.. :D – On the European 3DS site “Delivery scheduled to begin on September 1st” (I am from the UK :D )

  15. No luck here either- From the UK.

    There still isn’t a tool available in Europe to check if you’re an ambassador yet! It’s supposed to be: but nothing. LOL. Shambles Nintendo of Europe.

  16. Oh my goodness! Thank you for posting this (although I was having some degree of fun counting down the hours)! I was half convinced this whole ambassador thing was going to fall through!
    Now back to bed because I’m sick. :)

  17. Im in the USA Puerto Rico and I Cant Seem to be Able to Download the 10NES Games and The Cetificate Until 9/1 Tomorrow :(

  18. WAHOO! They’re here in the U.S.! :D Although, I still never found the certificate, not sure how to do that….

  19. I’m not surprised it is not in UK, I just hope it will at least somewhere near midnight so I still could play them today

  20. Please can someone just clarify- Am I eligible if I’ve connected to the eShop before August 11th, or was it connect to the eShop with a certain update before Aug 11th? I’m in the UK so I know I don’t have it yet, but I just want clarification.

      1. Just a wild guess, but a stab at NoA for not releasing those Operation rainfall games yet. I’m not a supporter and won’t buy them. Just a guess.

  21. I Don’t Think You Have To Capitalize All The First Letters Of Each Word.

    it doesn’t look right.

  22. Anyone know if it’s out in Canada yet? I’m at my dorm but there’s no wifi here so gotta check it when I get home later today.

    1. Wrecking crew went slower, but I think it was when around this article posted. My other 4 and the cert went super fast.

    1. No, it was a tool to see if you wanted confirmation that you qualified for the games. Lots of people were worried that they didn’t see anything confirming their status, so Nintendo made that tool to gave people validation.

      1. ….it wasn’t that hard to tell if u were eligible or not….no offense…no ppl irritate me…

        1. There’s always a panic when “FREE” is used. Everyone wants the free things. I did it since I didn’t bother to read the notifications as I don’t really like them.

          1. What’s irritating the most is that the same post is getting posted by different ppl. READ POSTS!

            1. Easier said then done, some people could have blocked it in the news feed (as they complained about it), so people could be missing it. Some of us aren’t on facebook 24/7 and news feeds can bury posts depending on your number of friends as well. As for the double comments, it looks like the person forgot to log in, then some reason logs in and still reposts it. Also, if 2 people access it at the same time and one person comments, then person 2 decides to make a same/similar comment, they don’t see person 1’s comment until they refresh, or add their comment.

  23. How do you get to be an ambassador? I am purchasing my 3DS today and I would like to get the games.

      1. He could be a new follower (didn’t see previous posts). It’s not like Nintendo makes this information easily available, you have to go through support (which he might not have done as he’s a potential new owner). It depends when he heard of the program or how. A friend could have mislead him to believe he could still get the titles, we don’t know the whole story. Can’t just make simple assumptions everyone follows every single Nintendo Post, and is a know-it-all. This could be his first Nintendo system. People research by posting on forums like this.

    1. The whole point of why people are getting the games is because they got there 3ds before the price drop.DUHHH!!!!

    2. The Free games are for people who purchased a Nintendo 3DS (and who logged on to the Nintendo 3DS eShop or did a system update) before the date of August 12th.

    1. some Americans are greedy but not really, I know people outside of America thats quite greedy. I’m going on my 3DS and I’m under large anticipation for these games! BTW I’m in Europe still looking at Eshop and waiting for some games :O

  24. Not in Scotland either maybe 2moz it will work, hopefully (lol btw i’m sending this on my 3DS :P)

  25. I love Mario bros….the games download pretty fast so I’m not complaining you have to go back to the menu to dl the next game.

  26. When you download the Ambassador games, they come with a nice jingle on the 3DS home screen. I thought that was a nice touch.

  27. Worked for me! In the U.S.

    I have ’em all downloaded.
    Thankfully they don’t take that much space. The Ambassador certificate was 5 times the files size of one of the NES games xD

  28. i thought the save feature and the home button features werent supposed to work yet cause in loz they work fine

    1. Since I don’t have it yet I can’t see what you’re talking about but I think now it just has a suspend feature so you can close the game and return at the same point, unlike with other VC games where you can create a restore point, continue playing the game, and then return to that restore point.
      Also the home button is supposed to work.

  29. so many of the whiners got to NoA so they
    ustved been working their ass off to pull it off a day earlier, thank you nintendo, (im american by the way) dont worry PAL regions youll get em on the 1st

  30. Yeah it worked for me. My question is why does my 3DS freeze up all the time? Yesterday I was on the Nintendo video channel trying to get the certificate and it froze up trying to load the channel. I couldn’t shut the 3DS off either and just let the battery die. Why does this keep happening?

    1. I think your 3DS is faulty. But this is very arkward, cause if you send it back, you loose your 20 free games…

    2. It happens to me VERY infrequently, and usually it’s when I have another app open and I’m trying to quick navigate the internet channel. If you hold the power button and then let go an re-hold it, the system should shut off. This may take a few tries but it never took more than 2 minutes for me.

      1. @Tyler and Tobais

        That’s not supposed to happen, but you should be fine. Maybe you can send the 3DS off to Nintendo for repairs, because they don’t erase your data while they fix it, and it is still be in 12 month Nintendo-given guarantee.

        I wouldn’t send it off and just deal with it if it only happens rarely, but it’s up to you. Probably just some loose internal wire connection or something.

  31. Working for me in North America, only I left my 3DS on all night and the battery died. The eShop says I can’t download until I have a fair battery backup in reserve even though the adapter is already plugged in. Boo. Well I do have things to do before I can sit down and play without harassment. Charge quickly!

  32. It’s not arrived here in England :(. I’ve been waiting since this news came out. It’s not fair Japan and NOA gets things before Europe! When is it due to arrive in Europe?

    I just can’t wait so much longer, Is it available 00:00AM GMT tonight?

    And in other things to say has anyone in Australia got it yet and anyone at anywhere in Europe got the games yet?

    1. Well at least Europe has the Rainfall games. Canaidians, Mexicans, and Americans (how Vain is it that they name ther self after our Continent? I mean, Canada IS bigger… But It would not work otherwise…) dont.

    2. Another thing to say about what said NOA and japan gets Eshop games first, they got internet first, and mainly everything for internet like netflex (NOA only).

      Europe is really getting some shop games first and we are lucky that we get some games only Japan and NOA.

      Next year rumors are saying that Europe is getting the wii u before NOA So…

      1. I hope its a world launch! I don’t like that i had to watch a Japanese videos of the 3ds is agony for that period. NoA better get us it within a few days, I really hope we don’t get it a month later! I wouldn’t mind like a week later but i don’t want to watch other people happily playing it for a month while i wait, pissed.

    3. I’m in London and nothing for me yet I’m personally checking e shop every hour and various gaming websites for news I’m not confident we’ll even have them tomorrow

      1. I’m sure we will have them tomorrow, NoE isn’t very good with news I think, which means they haven’t consistently made articles or put up the eligibility checker, so it looks like nothing will happen, but I think it’ll come as expected.

    4. You can’t complain about this, it’s planned to come tomorrow but NOA and Nintendo of Japan simply decided to make them available today

    5. Luckily 4 u, u don’t live in south america :/ we get things the latest and it REALLY sucks :C btw, no games here :C

    1. Remember you still have your GBA games coming out later this year :D!
      Im still waiting here in Europe for the first games <:(

    1. I got a notification a while back about the ambassador programme? I’m in the UK but it’s still Nintendo Europe so it should be the same…

  33. Still no games or anything here in Europe. Nintendo of EU just give my new games I’ve been waiting for, you’ve already done Japan and america! I’ve been checking E shop every half an hour and still not even one game or notification.

    I’ve done the NOA ambassador check on my european 3DS and I am confirmed an ambassador!

    I must be over exited as i have a count down to the midnight 1st september for e shop i started earlier this month and i have a count down for a rumored Wii u release date i predicted on June 29th 2012 for Europe.

    You can reply to this message if you have the games yet or not if your ether Australian or European. Lets give updates on when E shop is out in Eu and Australia!

  34. It better be at 00:00am in U.K, because i can’t wait any longer, (i could just download does game via emulator)… but oh well.

  35. What no Eshop for Europe yet?! It’s almost 30 minutes till midnight. I hope its coming out by 00:00!

    Has any ware in europe that has passed midnight got the games yet, and has australia got any yet. I presume when Australia gets it europe gets it the same time.

    I hate waiting for things I’ve been waiting for a long time for… but it makes sense its 1st september for games but it was really 1st of september for NOA so why they got it first, I don’t know they are lucky.

  36. The games are great. Old times. Ha. Better than an emulator, I like good old fashion button controls, and the 3DS saves your spot when you quit.

    Europe, you’re probably looking at several more hours. What time is 9am EST for Europe? – that’s the “official” time I think they get released…. Don’t quote me.

    1. Sweet! But you have to keep beating legend of Zelda until you meet “Error” … Remember?! – that’s my goal!

  37. I’m awake now just checked my Titles You’ve Downloaded in UK… They are now there :) DL them now

  38. Hey i bought in on launch day goot e shop frew days after it got launched im in uk i can see it but it wont download.

  39. your very uggly you guys this thing does not even work so why are you telling people to use this crab you mother fucking bitches


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