Nintendo 3DS: The Nintendo Ambassador Certificate Will Be Available For Download Tomorrow

Yesterday I posted that Nintendo Ambassador Certificate was available to download. It turns out that whilst Nintendo America announced the certificate it isn’t actually available to download until tomorrow. Apologies to those that were frantically searching for the video yesterday evening. Be sure to download the certificate and your free NES games tomorrow!


  1. What is the “certificate” anyway? If I am able to download the games tomorrow and the certificate; is it necessary to download the games? I mean, what is it? Maybe it’s some cool ambassador emblem we can show our friends, but what’s the point?

  2. I wonder if the four swords comes out tomorrow that would be a bonus to keep us going before the gba games

  3. I’d just like to say that I’ve downloaded my Ambassador Certificate as well as my 10 NES titles already. I live in Illinois, and they’re all up already!

        1. Japan actually gets four swords dsiware a week early. The games will be availible at 12:00 Am thursday on everytime zone. And no it doesn’t work if you change your time zone. Actually dont change your time zone or else you might not get these!!! :0

  4. Ambassador games are now available in North America. I live in the midwest central time zone and it’s 7:00am here. Access the eShop, scroll all the way to the left and open “Settings/Other”, click “your downloads” scroll down to what games you want and download. I’ve already got Super Mario Bros. and it’s working fine. Just thought everyone would want to know.

  5. Some people in America are already getting the games if you go to the Eshop go to settings/other then go to your downloads thats where they can be found. Not sure if its available to everyone in the US or if its slowly rolling out.

  6. Dear anonymous and Ryan, thanks for the heads up. Just checked eshop, and I’m downloading. Seeing as I haven’t played most of the titles (ex. LOZ), this is a real treat! Finally some games. Now if next week will hurry up and get here…ready for STAR FOX!

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