Nintendo 3DS: Download The Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Certificate

Nintendo America has announced it’s put up a Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Certificate. The certificate is a video which allows Ambassadors to receive updates regarding the Ambassador Program. By tapping the ‘receive’ button in the video you’ll automatically be updated with all the information you need about the Ambassador Program.

The Ambassador Certificate is a downloadable video available to Ambassadors.

By tapping the receive button on the Touch Screen when viewing this video, Ambassadors will receive updates regarding the Ambassador Program, such as when new titles are available to download. As soon as details for the 10 Game Boy Advance Virtual Console titles are available, we will send an update to those who have opted in using the Ambassador Certificate.

Ambassadors will be able to download 10 Game Boy Advance Virtual Console titles for free before the end of the year.

Edit: The Ambassador Certificate will be available to download tomorrow.


  1. Now the question is; where the heck can you download this thing? I looked at the site and the eShop around an hour ago and nothing was there. Going to check now.

    1. I also have no idea where to download it, I looked on the Nintendo Video App as well just to make sure and it isn’t there either.

      1. Dude you reply to every comment with that link and let me tell you something; that link doesn’t tell us crap. Not to mention I saw that hours ago.

        1. “The Ambassador Certificate is a downloadable video available to Ambassadors starting on Sept. 1”

          1. What a shame
            This app became avaiable 2 weeks ago here in Brazil,I wonder if I will receive this damm ambassador video or not

    1. No, it’s not through Nintendo Video… Nintendo Video is for the public, however if it’s an exclusive to Ambassadors it must be downloaded via the eShop.

          1. it does, it says “The Ambassador Certificate is a ***downloadable video available to Ambassadors starting on Sept. 1***”

      1. That’s because it’s not available not even in America yet, Sickr! It’s just that they decided to go ahead and put its FAQ beforehand. Pretty sure it’ll be up on Thursday along with the 10 NES games.

  2. People said its on Nintendo video. I got a new video but it has nothing to do with the Ambassador program. Its called Moving still?
    Sickr Where do we get it!!!

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    1. yeah yours is good as mine cause that would be a good spot since it seem reserved for nintendo

    1. It’s not available anywhere yet. I’m in the States and have yet to receive it andI can’t find it.

  3. Damn .. here in the Netherlands got nothin!
    And Nintendo Europe aint fast .. dont even know if I’m a ambassador cause the app/program is still not online! Damn them! I should move to Japan …

  4. I think Nintendo put out the announcement to early. I can only get to the source through the link.

    1. Sheesh! I got the video, just open it up and it’ll download for you! I live in Washington state btw

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          1. I think that’s because they want to test our intelligence or smartness and love for Nintendo,just guessing.

        1. Hey man, I didn’t insult you at all… Relax, I am sure that the app will be uploaded to all 3ds’, I am sure it is just a little delayed… you all are overacting.

    1. The thing is you’re most likely right… in source there’s no place that says it was available right now… People just jumped the gun. Also… IT’S NOT GOING TO APPEAR IN NINTENDO VIDEO.

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  5. Trolls are in full swing tonight; good to know that not even this (supposed-to-be) family-safe, Nintendo related website is free from the evil of angry, small-dicked, anonymous interweb abusers.


    I’ve checked other blogs like this and confirmed what they said. The app comes out on or after sept.1

  7. a lot of the comments making my brain hurt, not used to seeing this on this site.
    I’m from Massachusetts…I haven’t tried to download it…just wanted to write where I’m from….its cold up here tonight…

  8. I remember back in the day when this site was for Nintendo fans and news. I miss those days…. On a side note, I hope it isn’t December 31 when the GBA games are released. How about September 30? Its later in the year!

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