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Nintendo 3DS: Namco Delay Their Big Nintendo 3DS RPG In North America Till 2012

Tales of the Abyss, Namco’s big RPG remake for the Nintendo 3DS has been delayed until 2012 in North America. The highly anticipated game joins a worrying list of games currently being delayed due to below expected sales of the Nintendo 3DS. Looks as though those looking for a lengthy JRPG later this year will have to look elsewhere.

54 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Namco Delay Their Big Nintendo 3DS RPG In North America Till 2012”

  1. Rather irritating that the third party games that were supposed to be released in the early window are being shoved even father back because they missed their chance. Ah well, all in due time…

  2. Since sales have gone up and there’s a lot of quality system-selling games being released before Christmas, I’m sure the delayed games will be released. My friend said he’d buy a 3DS if Majora’s Mask was remade for the system like Ocarina of Time was.

      1. I really hope the Remake Trolls won’t take an issue with that if it happens. I mean, I can see their point- 2 Zelda games from the same era being remade… -But Majora’s mask was simply put, AWESOME. I personally would Love to see it remade. I played through it once when i was much younger and i didn’t understand ANY of the complex undertones in the game that I’ve read about since then. I’d really appreciate a chance to play through it again in glorious 3D!

        Earth Temple in 3D = Blown Mind )_(

        1. I bought my 3DS expecting Majora’s Mask 3D too! And I’m tired of those trolls, they are just whining and it’s getting tiresome to listen to. Majora’s Mask is a really logical remake because of how many models and mechanics it shares with Ocarina of Time–it’s practically remade now! If Nintendo doesn’t remake it, then they are turning their back a huge opportunity.

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  4. “Our games don’t sell because Nintendo games suck up all the oxygen.”

    -3rd party excuse #1, soon to be employed in the case of Tales of the Abyss, after being dumped into the post-Xmas wasteland.

  5. Noooooooooooooooooooo >=( was looking forward to this!! On the bright side it’s November release was a pain in the ass due to plenty of other games wanting my attention that month so probably best in the long run. Hope it doesn’t get cancelled altogether >_<

  6. You… DENSE MFERS.

    People WANT to have games to buy this year!

    On the other hand, Namco-Bandai has never ever done anything intelligent with regards to the Tales of series, so why should this be any different?

    Jiminey Christmas…

    1. If they pull that I’m not buying that game let them depend on PSV players who will be too busy playing mod nation racers or some other garbage to play it.

  7. Hey, I got an idea…

    Just.. just listen here…

    Instead of releasing our game in a window when people ware in a DEEP wanting for 3DS games… Lets delay our game untill MORE games come out, thatway our game doesnt stick out nearly as much.

    Brilliant, right?

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  9. Oh screw you, Namco. The below than expected sales is because of no damn games. That goes for any system. Then again, I don’t think that’s the issue since this is affecting NA at the moment. I wanted to play that game since I never played the original one. They’re going to miss the holidays. On the other hand, maybe they’re trying to get away from Nintendo games being released this year.

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  11. Nintendo got screw big time by putting their trust on the third party developers
    1st…Atlus now Namco and who is going to be next on the list…………..
    No more Mr. nice guy Nintendo…

    1. I never thought of it that way…

      Nintendo still fucked up the launch. HOWEVER, It does seem they were stewed by 3rd party developers as they gave them first dibs at making games for the 3DS…

      Third Party developers can’t have it both ways. Either they take a risk on the system, and develop and sell games before Nintendo drops their 1st party bombs, OR they Let nintendo go first, then try to sell their games after the system is Hot, and deal with competing with Nintendo.

      Nintendo gave them the first crack, and the third parties left nintendo to burn at the stake like Joan of Arc.

      My respect for Nintendo just went up.

  12. are developers retarded? games sell the system if you release a good game ppl will buy the dam system and the game i personally bought my 3ds with zelda if the system doesnt get any good software it wont sell… thank god nintendos got good games coming (mario, icarus, luigi)

  13. Third party developers are really fucking stupid. But on the other hand, I understand where they are coming from. They probably don’t want their game to get lost in the holiday games crowd.

  14. nintendo should have tape recorded all third party who complained that nintendo’s first party trumps their games then go to these developers that are pulling back their products play the tape then exit will sticking their middle fingers up

  15. It could be ‘cuz they’re scared to shit of Nintendo. They can’t compete with 1st party games coming out this holiday. They should have released it back before oot 3d or after (now), but making games takes time and they missed their chances.

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