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Nintendo: Check Out These Sweet Pokemon Christmas Decorations And Toys

This years Pokemon Center Christmas promotion sees some adorable Christmas themed plushies of Pikachu, Oshawott, Cubchoo and Audino for 1480 Yen each along with a Christmas themed clear file for 210 Yen and Christmas themed decorations for 720 Yen. The merchandise goes on sale on October 29th at Pokemon Center stores across Japan. Who wants some?

33 thoughts on “Nintendo: Check Out These Sweet Pokemon Christmas Decorations And Toys”

    1. A proper Pokemon game at that. I want Nintendo to put a game from every region out on the 3DS so that we can finally have a system with games that can trade with each other.

  1. D’aaaaaaaawe, how ADORABLE!!! They all got wittle tiny Santa Hats on! So cute, would be nice to get my hands on these one of these days. …Along with many, many other Nintendo Christmas products…

    1. It’s not just old starters though, its a whole row of Hoenn Pokemon. I’d like to think that gives credence to the idea of a 3DS 3rd Gen remake, obviously its proof of nothing though.

    2. I think the Hoenn starters at the bottom is a big hint that they’re definitely working on a Ruby/Sapphire remake.

      I mean if you compare this to all the hints about HG/SS being made its pretty obvious.

  2. d’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

    Man, why does The Pokemon Company treat Americans and Europeans like crap. JAPANESE AREN’T THE ONLY POKEMON FANS, YOU KNOW.

  3. I’ve been wanting them to bring merchandise of ANY sort to the use aside from the plastic toys they sell occasionally.

    I’m sure there’s probably a lot more at the Nintendo Store in the New York, but that doesn’t do us west-coasters any good.

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