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Nintendo Wii U: Resident Evil 6 To Be Announced At This Months Tokyo Gameshow?

The Official PlayStation Magazine have heard reports that Capcom will be showing off the long-awaited Resident Evil 6 at this months Tokyo Gameshow. Although it hasn’t been confirmed for Wii U it’s inevitable that it will appear on the console considering how close Capcom and Nintendo are these days. What would you like to see from Resident Evil 6?

47 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Resident Evil 6 To Be Announced At This Months Tokyo Gameshow?”

    1. i love resident evil 5, played the shit out of it, got all the treasures, upgrades and achievements, but it did lose alot of what made the game “resident evil”. it was an awesome game, but i hope the next will be more like resident evil 4 and the amazingly looking revelations.

  1. Kalandapandahormindatag shakalatamari

    Never played RE, But i think i’ll play the 3ds ones and this one also, And it’s likely i’ll watch all the movies to stay in the know.

    1. How about you don’t watch the atrocity that the movies are and instead either play or read up on the games, the movies will tell you nothing

      1. I loved the movies for their entertainment value… But I agree. To stay “in the know”, you HAVE to play the games.

      1. Totally agree. RE5 was terrible, as far as the series go. Las plagas aren’t scary. I want the zombies, I want to be scared to turn this corner, I want it to be all about survival again, not las plagas running up to your face and stopping. Dead Space has since taken this genre over very well, Capcom can take it back now, only by going back to its roots. Do not conform to other shooters again. That being said, RE2 is still the best!

        1. There aren’t too many “true” horror games out there. Dead Space is a good game, but it only managed to scare me once or twice, and only making me jump. What they need is a game that will play with your mind and make you hesitate or panic rather than having sudden short scares. It’s mostly because most horror games are pretty predictable because they never actually let your guard down, they try making the game scary all the way through, which doesn’t work as well as it seems.

          A HL2 mod called Underhell(If you have Half-Life 2 for the PC, check it out) managed to do this nicely if you were in the house at night. You would be chased by this grudge-themed woman crawling on the ground, she would be around every corner and there was no way out of the house at night. I was genuinely scared during the daytime and in the most open place in the house. It managed to do what most horror games don’t; it made me panic.

          That’s just my thoughts on horror games.

  2. At this point i don’t care about resident evil no more because of sony, shinji mikami left and its easy to see the quality drop in 5. If you were a true fan of biohazard you would go play what tango is currently working on which is his last game that he is producing.

      1. If you mean the tango game, it has yet to be fully revealed but there is some badass concept art which looks like a horror game.

  3. The thing people always say that Resident Evil felll of from what they were, did you never read what was in the game, files, etc. They were working to create stronger more reliable weapons so at one point they were going to leave from where they started at.

    1. Exactly, but people just showed that they wanted more of the same. I don’t care about leon, don’t need rebecca I just want a game that is scary to a degree and enjoyable to play. I liked 5 it was fun, i liked being able to mow down crowds of parasitic dudes with an AK-47 without worrying about running out of ammo. 5 was like wind waker, a new direction that worked out great but many fans rejected. If you didn’t play windwaker because it was cartoony you’re an idiot. If you haven’t played 5 because it lacked zombies and survival elements you missed out.

  4. I wouldn’t mind a RE 4 style, but I want the zombies back! Revelations seems to go back to its roots, but it looks like there are no zombies still.

    Bwt, even though the movies don’t follow the games, I still like them a lot. They are awesome action movies.

  5. What would I like to see in RE6? hmmmm there’s so many possibilities…… I think just ACTUAL ZOMBIES would be nice…

  6. If Capcom don’t release this for WiiU, they are basically putting a massive middle finger into every Nintendo fan’s face… But of course, Capcom has gotten used to doing that this year…

  7. my opinion the gameplay should be the same as 4 and 5 but the elements such as the enemies and the atmosphere should be like the original games .. i wouldn’t care if we see las plaga again cause I’m a good enough fan of the series to not care about the enemies , but they really need to make it more a “horror” game rather than an action game. I mean RE5 wasn’t even scary at all, same with RE4. (except for regeneraters, those enemies were actually the only “scary” part of the game)

  8. More survival, more puzzles, more cine-game atmosphere, and places where you just get stuck…. ANND I need the guy that asks… “What’cha buyin’?” I NEED HIM BACK. But yeah, just make it sweet so when I drop a week or two’s worth of pay on the Wii U + accesories that is worth it… Love resident Evil, movies suck though and so do the shootem up episodes in the catalogue… 5 seemed okay for xbox, but had some crappy qualities in terms of the co-op (how it was done) and the controls over all… RE4 Wii control type was/is the best

  9. is that alll anyone cares for now adays? zombies? i say fuck the zombies brng something new to the table, im tired of zombies in everything, either way though fuck you capcom, ima also be getting this game through gamestop :o

  10. It would be great if this comes to Wii U but lets not get are hopes up. We Nintendo fans get dissapointed most of the time. So take the news as it comes

  11. Simple make it like RE3. Completely nonlinear have bosses that keep coming back and our of nowhere when u least expect it actually make it creepy don’t make the story so damn obviouss make it so u have to explore and stuff to figure out where u need to go not just yay radio contact 24/7 and being told exactly where to go and always know where and what u are doing also make ammo scarce abc bring back the tiny inventory also make knife combat doable not retarded like RE5

  12. So sick of Chris, Jill, Leon, and Claire. They’re great characters, but we’ve already seen enough of them. Either bring back Billy and Rebecca, or introduce new characters.

    I’m really hoping that RE 6 is a lot more like REmake and RE Zero, because I don’t want to see another RE 5. Something like RE 3.5 would be interesting, too!

  13. I would love to see the old fixed camera angled again, they really added to the horror. then switch to over the shoulder only while aiming. fuck leon, looks like leonardo dicapprio and fuck the re movies. i want zombies, the original hunters, and to know what happened to sherry. 4 and 5 were alright but didnt deserve to be called resident evil. i want pure horror, i honestly despise shooters mostly cause the markets over saturated with them. re2 is only popular cause it was the easiest one of the older games, re1, zero, and code v were pry the toughest. re3 was in the middle somewhere, love’em all tho

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